Walking the Nile



Walking the NileIt's the last 900 miles of Lev's trip. Trekking through Egypt, he passes the Muslim Brotherhood opposition group's heartlands, and enjoys the hospitality of farmers and villagers. (Ep4/4) [AD,S]Tue, Feb 28, 1:00 AMChannel 455 mins
Walking the NileLevison Wood's trek along the Nile reaches Sudan. He tackles the Sahara desert, experiences spectacular sights that few outsiders have seen, and crosses the Bayuda volcanic field. (Ep3/4) [AD,S]Thu, Feb 23, 12:25 AMChannel 455 mins
Walking the NileExplorer Levison Wood sets out on a nine-month walk along the length of the River Nile, starting in Rwanda's rainforest then trekking through lawless parts of Tanzania, into Uganda. (Ep1/4) [AD,S]Thu, Feb 9, 12:35 AMChannel 455 mins