WitnessesWed, Aug 26, 10:00 PMChannel 480 mins
WitnessesSandra deduces that Kaz Gorbier cannot be acting alone, but if he isn't digging up the bodies, then who is? Meanwhile, Paul is completely at the mercy of Gorbier. In French/subs. (Ep5/6) [S]Wed, Aug 19, 10:00 PMChannel 460 mins
WitnessesWed, Aug 12, 10:00 PMChannel 465 mins
WitnessesSandra and Paul find more carefully arranged corpses at a new show home location. Clues place Paul's family in danger and the race is on to track down Kaz Gorbier. In French/subs. (Ep3/6) [S]Wed, Aug 5, 10:00 PMChannel 470 mins
WitnessesAfter the shooting, Paul and Sandra refocus attention on the area around the funicular railway as the investigation uncovers further clues linking Paul to the case. In French/subs. (Ep2/6) [S]Wed, Jul 29, 10:00 PMChannel 465 mins
WitnessesGripping, atmospheric police thriller. In northern France, a grim discovery is made: the bodies of a man, a woman and a teenager have been removed from their graves. In French/subs. (Ep1/6) [S]Wed, Jul 22, 10:00 PMChannel 470 mins