America's Toughest Prisons



America's Toughest PrisonsDocumentary series. After being locked up for 14 years, Donovan is released to live 'on the outside'. Cameras follow him as he faces his family and tries to find work. (S2 Ep 6)[S]Tue, May 22, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
America's Toughest PrisonsDocumentary. This instalment focuses on Detroit's Wayne County Jail, where a radical new scheme offers female offenders a final chance at life on the outside (S2 Ep 5)[S]Tue, May 15, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
America's Toughest PrisonsThe series that unlocks the doors of the United States' most notorious prisons continues. This instalment examines a new approach to dealing with juvenile crime in Pueblo, Colorado.[S]Tue, May 1, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
America's Toughest PrisonsDocumentary about a Colorado jail that houses 1,400 sex offenders. Many of the inmates are compelled to undergo therapy to face up to their crimes (S2 Ep 2).[S]Tue, Apr 17, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins