My Secret Sex Fantasy



New: My Secret Sex Fantasy52-year-old grandmother of three Alison fantasises about being seduced by a vampire, and a set of identical twins share a fantasy about identical women. (S1 Ep 3)[S]Thu, Sep 14, 11:05 PMChannel 555 mins
My Secret Sex FantasyPaul fantasises about a specific body part, Jade thinks of cheating on an imaginary husband with many men, and 48-year-old Mary dreams of being a virgin bride. (S1 Ep 2)[S]Thu, Sep 7, 11:00 PMChannel 560 mins
New: My Secret Sex FantasyPeople reveal their sexual fantasies. Mum of two Claire reveals her fantasy set in paradise, and 51-year-old Lillian fantasises about being with another woman. (Ep 1)[S]Sun, Sep 3, 11:25 PMChannel 555 mins