NCIS: Conspiracy To Murder



NCIS: Conspiracy To MurderDrama series. Director Shepard is killed while trying to clean up a secret mission and Gibbs sets out to find those responsible. (S5 Ep 19)[AD,S]Wed, Feb 21, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins
NCIS: Conspiracy To MurderJudgement Day Part One: Drama series. The death of a special agent in LA leads NCIS Director Jenny Shepard on a dangerous sub-rosa mission to finish some classified business. (S5 Ep 18)[AD,S]Tue, Feb 20, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins
NCIS: Conspiracy To MurderInternal Affairs: US detective drama. The NCIS agents are investigated by the FBI on suspicion of murdering an arms dealer known as La Grenouille. (S5 Ep 14)[AD,S]Mon, Feb 19, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins