NCIS: Deadly Assassins



NCIS: Deadly AssassinsThe Missionary Position: American crime drama. Tony and Ziva travel to Colombia, where they are joined by Ziva's mentor to search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain. (S9 Ep 20)[AD,S]Fri, Feb 2, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins
NCIS: Deadly AssassinsThe Tell: American crime drama. Following a leak of classified information, the Secretary of the Navy partners NCIS with PsyOps to solve the mysterious case. (S9 Ep 18)[AD,S]Thu, Feb 1, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins
NCIS: Deadly AssassinsA Desperate Man: Crime drama. An investigation into the murder of a naval attache on holiday from Egypt is complicated by the intervention of her husband, who is also a detective. (S9 Ep 13)[AD,S]Wed, Jan 31, 2:20 PMChannel 560 mins
NCIS: Deadly AssassinsThirst: US naval drama. The team investigates the death of a Navy lieutenant who died of over-hydration, which soon turns into a murder investigation. Gibbs meets Ducky's new lady. (S9 Ep 6)[AD,S]Tue, Jan 30, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins