When Calls the Heart



When Calls the HeartFeature-length edition of the US drama series. Jack returns with an unexpected visitor and Bill Avery continues to investigate the explosion at the mine. (S1 Ep 6)[S]Sat, Dec 16, 3:10 AMChannel 590 mins
When Calls the HeartCanadian drama. Jack asks Elizabeth for a dinner date. Abigail does some detective work and learns more about Gowen's dangerous conduct leading up to the mine disaster. (S1 Ep 5)[S]Sun, Dec 3, 3:10 AMChannel 590 mins
When Calls the HeartUS drama. Abigail must pay a steep price to complete a top-secret project. The only miner to have survived the explosion comes home with a shocking secret. (S1 Ep 4)[S]Sun, Nov 26, 3:10 AMChannel 590 mins
When Calls the HeartUS drama. Well-spoken new miner, Billy Hamilton, makes a not-so-subtle advance towards Elizabeth. However, Jack suspects that Billy is not who he says he is. (S1 Ep 3)[S]Sat, Nov 25, 3:10 AMChannel 585 mins
When Calls the HeartUS drama. Elizabeth helps a student who is struggling to cope with a death. Jack investigates the burning of Coal Valley's only church. (S1 Ep 2)[S]Sat, Nov 18, 3:10 AMChannel 580 mins
When Calls the HeartLost and Found: Feature-length edition of the drama series. Schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher is adjusting to her new life on the frontier in Coal Valley.[S]Sun, Nov 12, 3:10 AMChannel 590 mins