Chicago P.D.


When is Chicago P.D. on?

Chicago P.D.A trained sniper is deliberately targeting the police. (S4 Ep 8)Sat, Jan 20, 12:50 AM5 USA60 mins
Chicago P.D.Drama series. Voight gets wrapped up in the middle of a drugs feud when his business card is found in the wallet of a gang member suspected of derailing another gang's shipment. (S2 Ep 18)Wed, Jan 24, 1:50 AM5 USA60 mins
Chicago P.D.Drama series. When the father of a dead girl mentions the name Dennis Lee, Olinksy sets out to bring down one of Chicago's most wanted fugitives and people traffickers. (S2 Ep 19)Wed, Jan 24, 2:50 AM5 USA60 mins


New: Chicago P.D.Chin Check: Crime drama series revolving around a police intelligence unit led by a controversial sergeant. The team discover a stash of ammunition designed to kill police officers. (S1 Ep 3) [S]Tue, Mar 10, 11:00 PMChannel 555 mins
New: Chicago P.D.The Wrong Side of the Bars: Spin-off drama series following a Chicago-based police intelligence unit. The team try to locate the kidnapper who has taken the son of one of their own. (S1 Ep 2) [S]Tue, Mar 10, 10:00 PMChannel 560 mins
Chicago P.D.Crime drama spin-off. In this first episode, just as Voight's crew get their hands on drugs kingpin, his cartel hit back by kidnapping Dawson's young son. (S1 Ep 1) [S]Tue, Mar 3, 10:00 PMChannel 560 mins