Countdown to Murder



Countdown to MurderDocumentary series. This episode looks at the killing of 65-year-old Maureen Cosgrove, who was murdered by an unemployed drifter who fell in love with her daughter. (S2 Ep 8)[S]Thu, May 24, 11:05 PMChannel 555 mins
Countdown to MurderCrime documentary looking at the murder of 25-year-old landscape architect Joanna Yeates, who disappeared just before Christmas 2010. (S2 Ep 1)[S]Thu, Feb 22, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
Countdown to MurderCountdown To Murder: Documentary. Carol Parks's body was found in Coniston Water in 1997, 21 years after she disappeared. This episode examines the motives of the killer, her husband Gordon. (S2...[S]Thu, Nov 16, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
Countdown to MurderDiced To Death: Crime documentary series. This episode focuses on the murder of Sam Greening whose whirlwind romance soon turned to cold blooded murder. (S2 Ep 6)[S]Thu, Nov 9, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
Countdown to MurderBurned Alive: Crime documentary series. The horrific killing of Stacey Mackie shook the Lake District town of Kendal when her 'friend' Terrence Armer set her on fire. (S2 Ep 4)[S]Sat, Oct 14, 4:00 AMChannel 545 mins
Countdown to Murder...To Murder. Exploring key murder cases. In 1987, Roderick Newall killed his wealthy parents in their Jersey home and then enlisted the help of his brother, Mark, to cover it up. (S1 Ep 3)[S]Tue, Jul 25, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
Countdown to MurderThe stories behind some of the UK's most high-profile murder cases. This episode focuses on one of Britain's most notorious ever killers, Dennis Nilsen.[S]Tue, Jul 18, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins
Countdown to MurderDocumentary series. Former royal aide Jane Andrews bludgeoned and stabbed to death her millionaire boyfriend when he rejected her. (S1 Ep 1)[S]Tue, Jul 11, 12:05 AMChannel 555 mins