NCIS: Naval Killer



NCIS: Naval Killer Knockout: US drama. Leon Vance investigates the murder of an old friend, who he claims is a former marine - but Gibbs suspects he might be settling an old score. (S6 Ep 18)[AD,S]Fri, Mar 16, 2:20 PMChannel 555 mins
NCIS: Naval Killer Broken Bird: Crime drama. Ducky is attacked at a crime scene by an Afghan woman who claims he killed her brother. The investigation unearths a dark secret from the ME's past. (S6 Ep 13)[AD,S]Thu, Mar 15, 2:20 PMChannel 555 mins
NCIS: Naval Killer Nine Lives: US drama. The investigation into the murder of a Marine hits a major snag when it emerges that the main suspect is also the key witness in an ongoing FBI case. (S6 Ep 5)[AD,S]Wed, Mar 14, 2:15 PMChannel 560 mins