The Motorway



The Motorway Following the teams battling to keep the M1 moving from the control room and out on the road. There's a red alert near Leeds and an attempted suicide to manage. (S1 Ep 3)[S]Sun, Feb 2, 5:15 PMChannel 555 mins
The Motorway Documentary following the M1's emergency patrol teams. Patrollers Alex and Steve are called to an emergency when a horsebox catches fire, risking an emergency shutdown of the entire M1 (S1 Ep 2) [S]Fri, Jan 24, 3:10 AMChannel 550 mins
The Motorway Documentary series. The M1's emergency patrol teams deal with whatever the motorway throws at them. Outside Leeds, two people are cut from the wreckage of a high speed crash. (S1 Ep 1) [S]Sat, Jan 18, 3:30 AMChannel 545 mins