Trucking Hell


When is Trucking Hell on?

Trucking HellReality series. A seven car motorway pile-up leaves a local council's waste truck in trouble. Fluff does his best to shift one of the heaviest loads his vehicle can lift. (Ep 9)Thu, Feb 27, 12:00 PMParamount Network60 mins
Trucking HellReality series. A burnt out van abandoned on an isolated towpath presents a serious challenge for Steve and Marta. (Ep 10)Fri, Feb 28, 12:00 PMParamount Network60 mins


Trucking HellReality series. Marcus Charman and Trigger patch up an HGV's fuel tank during evening rush hour. Tez resorts to using a blowtorch to fix a car transporter's snapped spring. (S1 Ep 4)[S]Wed, Sep 11, 7:00 PMChannel 560 mins
New: Trucking HellReality series. When a fully loaded double deck curtain-sided HGV rolls over on the A6, Fluff and his team need to create a second mess to solve the first. (S1 Ep 3)[S]Mon, Sep 9, 7:00 PMChannel 560 mins
New: Trucking HellReality series. A heavy loader carrying cardboard tips over. Rural Staffordshire is seemingly no match for former army boy Jim. Snow threatens to leave rescuer Mark stranded. (S1 Ep 2)[S]Wed, Mar 6, 7:00 PMChannel 560 mins
New: Trucking HellDocumentary series following the highs and lows of the men and women tackling big truck rollovers, jackknifed lorries, crashed HGVs and roadside breakdowns. (S1 Ep 1)Wed, Aug 8, 10:00 PMChannel 565 mins