Alien Encounters



Alien EncountersMore hybrids connect to the quantum computer. The combined brainpower is able to crunch unprecedented data and calculate the future - including weather and health. S3/Ep3Sat, Mar 2, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Alien EncountersBased on found alien instructions, scientists build a powerful quantum computer that can enhance the senses of the human/alien hybrid children. S3/Ep2Sat, Feb 23, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Alien EncountersTen years after the Mothership exploded, the military wants to turn the alien/human hybrids into super soldiers. An experiment reveals a mysterious blueprint. S3/Ep1Sat, Feb 16, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Alien EncountersAs a mysterious alien technology spreads across our globe, so do fears of contagion. Scientists discuss the implications of encountering life as we don't know it. S2/Ep2Sat, Feb 9, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Alien EncountersA swarm of spacecraft depart their mother ship and hover in Earth's atmosphere. The ships deposit thousands of mysterious pods. Are they a message, a gift or a weapon? S2/Ep1Sat, Feb 2, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Alien EncountersHow will humans react when an alien spacecraft is on its way to Earth? Sci-fi writers, with cooperation from SETI and Carl Sagan's son, Nick, unravel the impact. S1/Ep2Sat, Jan 26, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Alien EncountersWhat would happen if we got a message from space? Scientists and writers, with cooperation from SETI, unravel the impact of this world changing event. S1/Ep1Sat, Jan 19, 9:00 PMDMAX60 mins