Building Off The Grid...



Building Off The Grid...... (Specials). Off-the-grid contractor, Gregg Smith, battles the elements to build a cliffside retreat for a family wanting to reconnect in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. S2/Ep5Fri, Jul 19, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Building Off The Grid...... (Specials). Avid skier and adventurer, Joe Donovan, builds an off-grid rustic straw bale cabin by hand on a remote ridge in southwest Montana. S2/Ep2Tue, Jul 16, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Building Off The Grid...The Perrins brothers build a remote log hunting cabin in the heart of the Alaskan Range. The process includes the use of archaic tools, materials and pioneering techniques. S1/Ep2Tue, Jul 2, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins