Codes and Conspiracies



Codes and ConspiraciesThroughout the American civil war, victory on the battlefield was often decided not by strategy and bravery alone, but also by secret information coming from the shadows. S3/Ep6Wed, Mar 31, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesAmerican code breakers have given them an edge in many conflicts. Now, code breakers work in the murky world of cyberspace to stop terrorists before they can strike. S3/Ep5Tue, Mar 30, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesDecember 7th, 1941 - a day of infamy that changed America forever. But was the attack really a surprise? What did Franklin Roosevelt know about the attack beforehand? S3/Ep4Mon, Mar 29, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesA secret part of history has remained hidden, locked away for centuries in the hulls of ships in New York or in the depths of an abandoned copper mine. S3/Ep2Fri, Mar 26, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesGold is one of the most valuable treasures on Earth. Since ancient times, man has gone to extreme lengths to get it. But where is most of the gold today, and who owns it? S3/Ep1Thu, Mar 25, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesAt the height of the Cold War, the USA searches for a way to create a generation of "Supersoldiers" who use telepathy to win battles. S2/Ep6Wed, Mar 24, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesWhether its religious fire-and-brimstone, Armageddon, or visitors from outer space, the US has no shortage of people coming together to get swept up in the fervour. S2/Ep5Tue, Mar 23, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesDiscovers which of America's founding fathers used sex as an instrument of diplomacy and which one secretly scoffed at the divinity of Jesus. S2/Ep4Mon, Mar 22, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesDid aliens help build the Pyramids? Or does the "ancient astronauts" idea go back to Swiss author Erich von Daniken, whose books challenge religion and science? S2/Ep3Fri, Mar 19, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesFrom the rallies held at Madison Square Garden, to the plots to steal the secrets to the nation's weapons of war, the American Nazis terrorised the USA in the 1930s. S2/Ep2Thu, Mar 18, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesWhy was Las Vegas a Nazi target for wartime sabotage, a test ground for Atomic Bombs, and a meeting place for 9/11's terrorists? S2/Ep1Wed, Mar 17, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesOutlaw bikers are often secretive organisations. But are they international crime syndicates, or social clubs for outcasts and nonconformists? Discover the truth. S1/Ep6Tue, Mar 16, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesDiscover the truth behind the UFO cover up. Did a Nazi flying saucer crash in New Mexico? Are aliens living at Area 51? Or are these rumours to hide the real story? S1/Ep5Mon, Mar 15, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesWe'll explore a conspiracy that helped three inmates escape the dungeon of Alcatraz, and discover the remnants of a mysterious military outpost linked to Abraham Lincoln. S1/Ep4Fri, Mar 12, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesThe truth behind America's secret bunkers - from backyard boxes to government mini-cities. Underground bunkers have featured in war planning since the dawn of time. S1/Ep3Thu, Mar 11, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesDiscover the truth behind one of society's most clandestine institutions. Hidden within these bordellos are secrets about famous patrons, governments, and even religion. S1/Ep2Wed, Mar 10, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins
Codes and ConspiraciesMost of the Founding Fathers and fourteen Presidents were Freemasons. Some say Washington DC is laid out as a Masonic code. What other secrets are the Masons hiding? S1/Ep1Tue, Mar 9, 9:00 AMDMAX60 mins