NASA's Unexplained Files


When is NASA's Unexplained Files on?

NASA's Unexplained FilesA UFO crashes in Pennsylvania. Was it a secret Soviet satellite, or something far more dangerous? On Mercury, NASA finds the impossible: frozen water. S2/Ep1Sat, Dec 21, 11:00 PMQUEST60 mins


NASA's Unexplained FilesTest pilot Gordon Cooper is preparing to test a radical new landing system in a lakebed when two UFO's appear. Also, the mystery of Saturn's mega-hex. S1/Ep6Sat, Feb 23, 10:00 PMDMAX60 mins
NASA's Unexplained FilesCould spaceships really be powered by atomic bombs? Plus, why was Neil Armstrong's transmission feed cut off when he spotted strange lights on the Moon? S1/Ep5Sat, Feb 16, 10:00 PMDMAX60 mins
NASA's Unexplained FilesA planet shows evidence of an Earth-like atmosphere, while a mysterious glowing light suggests the impossible: an atmosphere on the Moon. S1/Ep4Sat, Feb 9, 10:00 PMDMAX60 mins
NASA's Unexplained FilesThe Hubble Telescope spots thousands of unknown objects travelling faster than light. Are we being watched? Or could we ourselves be aliens from another world? S1/Ep3Sat, Feb 2, 10:00 PMDMAX60 mins
NASA's Unexplained FilesThe Viking Lander may have found life on Mars. Meanwhile, how can a starship be spotted in the Aurora Borealis? And what exactly are NASA's mysterious Moon Pigeons? S1/Ep2Sat, Jan 26, 10:00 PMDMAX60 mins
NASA's Unexplained FilesWhen astronaut Leroy Chao's high-risk spacewalk is interrupted by bright lights flying past, it sparks a major investigation. Could alien life forms be to blame? S1/Ep1Sat, Jan 19, 10:00 PMDMAX60 mins