When is Tanked on?

TankedThe duo attempt to combine Gabriel Iglesias' love of vintage buses into a unique pair of tanks, but a grand theft heist at ATM may put on the brakes. S5/Ep4Fri, Jun 25, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedA call from NBA star Dwight Howard sends the duo to Houston. But Howard doesn't just want a fish tank, he also wants a new home for his snakes. S5/Ep5Sat, Jun 26, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedSherri Shepherd reaches out to Wayde to build her a simple but elegant tank. Plus, a company named Rugged Ridge requests the most outrageous build ever. S5/Ep6Sun, Jun 27, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedRenowned NFL Running Back and Super Bowl Champion Marshawn Lynch enlists Brett and Wayde to build him the ultimate Beastmode Tank. S5/Ep7Mon, Jun 28, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM is buzzing after news that international megastar David Hasselhoff wants a tank. As an avid diver, David would love a shark tank in his home. S5/Ep8Tue, Jun 29, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM gets a surprise call from their favourite customer, Shaquille O'Neal. The retired NBA superstar loves his first tank and is back for a second. S5/Ep9Wed, Jun 30, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedGrammy-nominated rockstar and former Guns N' Roses guitarist, DJ Ashba, shows up at ATM and asks Brett and Wayde to build him a creepy skull-themed aquarium. S5/Ep10Thu, Jul 1, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins


TankedHowie Mendel wants a tank but can't make up his mind on the design. Will Wayde and Brett be able to complete the build without any guidance? S5/Ep3Thu, Jun 24, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett drop in on world famous magicians, Penn and Teller who want a tank built in honour of their 40th anniversary together. S5/Ep2Wed, Jun 23, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett travel to Tennessee, where the Hatfield and McCoy's dinner theatre wants to replace an old moonshine still with an aquarium. S4/Ep22Tue, Jun 22, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a beefed up tank for a jerky store. Next, the guys head to South Florida to install a pub themed tank for an Irish Family bar. S4/Ep21Mon, Jun 21, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedJackass producer Jeff Tremaine has trouble feeding the eels in his tank, the clients at Malibu Winery had a fire which caused damage to their outdoor aquarium. S4/Ep20Sun, Jun 20, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBest friends Wayde King and Brett Raymer are back and continuing to grow America's largest aquarium manufacturing company, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, ATM. S4/Ep19Sat, Jun 19, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde bumps into basketball legend and four times NBA Champion Shaquille O'Neal - who requests an aquarium built inside the front end of a semi-truck. S4/Ep18Fri, Jun 18, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde reveal incredible information about the fish that customers and fans ask them about the most, and let you in on some never before seen moments. S4/Ep17Thu, Jun 17, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedHollywood star Mario Lopez and ATM come together to transform a 90's coin-operated video game console into an interactive aquarium featuring an exercise bike. S4/Ep16Wed, Jun 16, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWorld famous Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has asked Wayde and Brett to build her two aquariums - a mermaid tank and a koi pond. S4/Ep15Tue, Jun 15, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a tank for worldwide internet sensation Henri the Cat, and a 1500 gallon aquarium into the restaurant ceiling at the Royal Blues Hotel. S4/Ep14Mon, Jun 14, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM create two connecting tanks that total nearly 250,000 gallons of water for an aquarium attraction where visitors can dive with sharks. S4/Ep13Sun, Jun 13, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedDrag queen Frank Marino asks the duo to create an over-the-top bed tank. Meanwhile, the guys build a Pirate Ship tank in Florida. S4/Ep12Sat, Jun 12, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde build a dragon-guarded, gem-filled aquarium for a family in California. A few hours away, the guys go on a mission to build an army tank. S4/Ep11Fri, Jun 11, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBaseball legend Pete Rose wants Riverfront Stadium transformed into an aquarium. Later, Wayde and Heather travel to Horry County to build a huge aquarium. S4/Ep10Thu, Jun 10, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedTake a look back at the tanks ATM have built that were inspired by moments in history, including a 1920s mob-themed tank and a 1960s lava lamp tank. S4/Ep9Wed, Jun 9, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett are approached by renowned sea life painter Guy Harvey to build their largest tank to date for the Trade Winds Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. S4/Ep8Tue, Jun 8, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM begin a new project for an upscale cutlery company. Meanwhile, Wayde and Brett bring a bit of Maryland to Vegas with a crab boat aquarium. S4/Ep7Mon, Jun 7, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedIn Vegas, the guys create a smoker tank for the Rolling Smoke BBQ. Plus, the Salt Life Food Shack ask the duo to bring the sea to life with a pipeline wave tank. S4/Ep6Sun, Jun 6, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedA communications company is in need of an interactive aquarium shaped like a giant telephone, while the duo's veterinarian wants a doghouse tank for his office. S4/Ep5Sat, Jun 5, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedNASCAR champion Ryan Newman gets ATM to make a desk aquarium, and Red Sox star Shane Victorino asks the guys to build a Hawaiian-themed tank. S4/Ep4Fri, Jun 4, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe Las Vegas Museum of Natural History asks ATM to create an aquarium in the shape of a carousel, but instead of horses this carousel will be filled with seahorses. S4/Ep3Thu, Jun 3, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe duo are challenged to turn an entire Toyota Highlander into an aquarium, while simultaneously opening a new ATM office in South Florida. S4/Ep2Wed, Jun 2, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe duo are challenged to turn an entire Toyota Highlander into an aquarium, while simultaneously opening a new ATM office in South Florida. S4/Ep2Tue, Jun 1, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a giant bar aquarium for the owners of Creek Casino in Alabama. This tank marks ATM's 10,000th tank and is one of the largest they've ever built. S4/Ep1Mon, May 31, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedSix of ATM's employees Brett, Wayde, Heather, Agnes, Redneck, and the General take a walk down memory lane with each of their favourite tanks. S3/Ep20Sun, May 30, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett are asked to make a large holiday themed cylinder tank. The good tidings continue when a snow globe tank is made for a winter celebration. S3/Ep19Sat, May 29, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe boys travel to sunny California to install an animal-themed tank for Betty White. Next, they install a smart phone themed tank. S3/Ep18Fri, May 28, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedTo unwind after a build at the Minus 5 bar in Vegas, the duo decides it's time to have some fun. They sneak a cooler of snowballs into the warehouse for a full-on battle. S3/Ep17Thu, May 27, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedFunnyman Tracy Morgan was so impressed by his ATM shark tank that he's coming back for round two. This time, it's a new home for his beloved octopus. S3/Ep16Wed, May 26, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedTo keep his ATM team motivated, Wayde sends them to team building boot camp in the hope they work together to pull off two incredible salt water tanks. S3/Ep15Tue, May 25, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett put their creativity to the test when a client requests a playable 8-piece drum set. Plus, a bar wants a tank with a lava spewing volcano. S3/Ep14Mon, May 24, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde work to make their clients' outrageous tank dreams a reality, even though sometimes it's a nightmare for the ATM crew. S3/Ep13Sun, May 23, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe guys are challenged to build an aquarium inside an oak tree. Back in Vegas, a store's request for a coffin tank brings out the scare tactics in everyone. S3/Ep12Sat, May 22, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedOcean waves are being moulded out of acrylic when ATM brings a realistic reef into the Bella Terra luxury condo complex. S3/Ep11Fri, May 21, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedDiscover some of the amazing tanks Brett and Wayde have built for Hollywood stars, including the shark tank for Tracy Morgan and a tank for KISS. S3/Ep10Thu, May 20, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett transform a disused photo booth into an aquarium for the Las Vegas First Friday street fair, but will it be smiles all round? S3/Ep9Wed, May 19, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett recreate a spine insert for an aquarium that will stand in a rehabilitation facility's office. Later, they create an underwater forest. S3/Ep8Tue, May 18, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett take a trip down memory lane when a restaurant requests a tank that pays homage to Coney Island. Plus, a bakery requests a cake display case aquarium. S3/Ep7Mon, May 17, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe Popcorn Girl commissions ATM to transform a vintage popcorn maker into a tank. And later the boys fabricate a Navy-inspired sailboat aquarium. S3/Ep6Sun, May 16, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe boys tackle a strange request for a syringe-shaped aquarium for a medical centre. And they find some awkward clients in the shape of themselves. S3/Ep5Sat, May 15, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe boys dive into a brand new undertaking, transporting a fully operational beer fermenter. And later they head south to create an iconic donut-shaped tank. S3/Ep4Fri, May 14, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe boys have the coveted task of creating a temporary tank for NBA star, Dwyane Wade, as he launches his new shoe line. But will he be pleased with the results? S3/Ep3Thu, May 13, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe boys get physical when they build a multi-activity tank for a fitness mogul. Later they build an enormous hexagonal shaped tank for a casino. S3/Ep2Wed, May 12, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett let Redneck show off his RV knowledge by designing an RV aquarium. Later the guys build an indoor aquarium that houses both gators and sharks. S3/Ep1Tue, May 11, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a rocket ship aquarium for a convenience store and a bottle-shaped tank for a winery. Will their new clients like the results? S2/Ep20Mon, May 10, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett create a devilishly hot aquarium for a university. Plus, will they let a customer pay a bill with Celine Dion tickets? S2/Ep19Sun, May 9, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett create a ten foot tall lava lamp tank and build an aquarium into a shower at a boutique hotel. Will everyone like the results? S2/Ep18Sat, May 8, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedTo unwind after a stressful build at a bar in Las Vegas, Wayde and Brett decide to sneak a cooler of snowballs into the warehouse for a battle! S2/Ep17Fri, May 7, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedHeather plans an ambitious set of condo tanks for a property company; but will Wayde approve? Plus, Little Caesar's commission a unique tank for a children's hospital. S2/Ep16Thu, May 6, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins