When is Tanked on?

TankedA request for a Feng Shui tank has Brett rearranging the office; an overhead bed tank brings the team to tears; and Heather gets Wayde & Brett go on a caged shark dive. S1/Ep5Thu, Aug 6, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedA skateboard ramp tank has Wayde & Brett grinding their gears to find a solution to keep the acrylic from scratching. Plus, the team builds an octopus tank. S1/Ep6Fri, Aug 7, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde attempt to transform a pinball machine into a state-of-the art aquarium. Plus, can a high-tech robot function inside a series of tanks? S2/Ep1Sat, Aug 8, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde transform a fridge into a high-tech aquarium with a working water dispenser. Plus, will a shark tank look sharp in an orthodontist's waiting room? S2/Ep2Sun, Aug 9, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde build a huge wall mounted fish tank for a tattoo parlour. Plus, what kind of aquarium would complement a furniture store's mattress displays? S2/Ep3Mon, Aug 10, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde is asked to build a 35ft aquarium, but with only weeks to complete the project will his design make a splash? Plus, the Ice Bar wants a cool jellyfish tank. S2/Ep4Tue, Aug 11, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins


TankedWed, Aug 5, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedA quarantine tank for some clients proves hard work for the ATM team. Brett buys a clunker to build a car theme tank and is nervous to use his new scuba skills. S1/Ep3Tue, Aug 4, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedMon, Aug 3, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing design a 1000 gallon mob inspired tank. Plus, they give a NY family a unique NYC themed Phone Booth Aquarium. S1/Ep1Sun, Aug 2, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedRock star DJ Ashba needs a tank for his new retail store ASAP! DJ will host a grand opening party with the tank as the centrepiece. Can the guys hit the deadline? S7/Ep6Sat, Aug 1, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedHip-hop artist Ty Dolla $ign commissions a huge freshwater tank in his Long Beach house with a real rock insert and perfect replicas of his awards. S7/Ep5Fri, Jul 31, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedFamous filmmaker, Kevin Smith, needs a new home for his two turtles and one tortoise. Can Brett and Wayde build a tank to house both species? S7/Ep4Thu, Jul 30, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedActress, activist, and entrepreneur Alyssa Milano tasks Wayde and Brett with making a tank for her family - an elegant aquarium with a built-in wine rack. S7/Ep3Wed, Jul 29, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWWE Superstar Chris Jericho wants a large aquarium with a replica championship belt and List of Jericho. Will Brett and Wayde be victorious or put on the list? S7/Ep2Tue, Jul 28, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe guys are in Indiana, tasked with one of the biggest shark tanks they've ever built, housing over 100 fish and two species of shark. Moving it is not an easy ride! S7/Ep1Mon, Jul 27, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett head to Dubai to check out two record-breaking underwater habitats - and scuba dive with the world's biggest collection of tiger sharks! S6/Ep21Sun, Jul 26, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett team up with Australian Pop star Alli Simpson to donate an aquarium to the Children's Miracle Network and Hurley Children's Hospital. S6/Ep20Sat, Jul 25, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe Thumb isn't your ordinary gas station - it even sells BBQs - and their renovation won't be complete without a custom fish tank by the ATM crew. S6/Ep19Fri, Jul 24, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedSnap On Tools need a giant tool chest Tanked-up for their annual convention, and Vegas restaurant Nacho Daddy wants a custom terrarium for their scorpions! S6/Ep18Thu, Jul 23, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedNBA star Hassan Whiteside tasks the guys with building a tank so big it won't fit through the front door and must be delivered to his Miami pad on a barge! S6/Ep17Wed, Jul 22, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a great-outdoors themed tank for country superstar Jason Aldean. The surprise gift must be completed before he's back from a tour. S6/Ep16Tue, Jul 21, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build two tanks for hip-hop megastar Akon's dream house. Will they get the job done or will their own dreams of hip-hop stardom derail the build? S6/Ep15Mon, Jul 20, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedReal Housewife Erika Girardi needs a new tank. Of course this Beverly Hills diva knows exactly what she wants - an octopus! S6/Ep14Sun, Jul 19, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett get patriotic when Olympic basketball star Paul George commissions two tanks next to his indoor pond - before his return from the Rio games. S6/Ep13Sat, Jul 18, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWorld-famous DJ Steve Aoki wants a custom-made, three-headed dragon on the verge of escape inside his tank! The guys must ensure this job is as outrageous as the DJ! S6/Ep12Fri, Jul 17, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett make a tank for hip hop artist Tyga. To mark his hit single, Rack City, they seek to fill a tank with cash. Will Tyga feel like a million bucks? S6/Ep11Thu, Jul 16, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett take on The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, which gets a huge makeover to its conservatory five times a year - now wants to add two giant aquariums! S6/Ep10Wed, Jul 15, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett make a tank for world-famous artist and DJ Redfoo of the band LMFAO. The guys attempt their very first one-of-a-kind DJ booth aquarium. S6/Ep9Tue, Jul 14, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe Imaginarium Science Center requests a giant ship-shaped tank with a replica of the USCGC Mohawk inside, which proves to be an ocean-sized headache for ATM. S6/Ep8Mon, Jul 13, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedYouTube superstar Roman Atwood, known for his outrageous pranks, commissions ATM to build an aquarium complete with his company name, Smile More. S6/Ep7Sun, Jul 12, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedLatin music star Prince Royce spices up his Miami mansion with a custom aquarium by ATM. Wayde and Brett strive to make this tank as royal as possible. S6/Ep6Sat, Jul 11, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATL's hottest rapper 2 Chainz is in search of a Tanked-out aquarium. After Wayde loses some important measurements, he puts pressure on Redneck to nail this tank. S6/Ep5Fri, Jul 10, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBackstreet Boy Nick Carter wants an aquarium for his home. A paddle boat theme seems impossible until Wayde finds one in the desert. S6/Ep4Thu, Jul 9, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM is building two tanks for baseball legend Johnny Damon. To impress this World Series champion, the guys have to do double the work. S6/Ep3Wed, Jul 8, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedThe Texas Ranger's biggest slugger, Prince Fielder, is building his man cave in his home in Orlando, Florida, complete with an elegant saltwater aquarium. S6/Ep2Tue, Jul 7, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM is excited to design a tank for WWE superstar Titus O'Neil. The guys will need to work as a team to deliver a Gator tank with a University of Florida theme. S6/Ep1Mon, Jul 6, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM rings in the holiday season as Wayde and Brett engage in a first-ever Tank Off! Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine returns to judge who built the most badass tank. S5/Ep15Sun, Jul 5, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedChicago Bull's star Jimmy Butler calls Wayde and Brett to build him an old school boombox aquarium that lights up and plays music. S5/Ep14Sat, Jul 4, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde must design and build a custom tank inside an old fireplace for the founder of famed R&B group Boyz II Men, and they build a huge octopus exhibit. S5/Ep13Fri, Jul 3, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedNBA All-Star John Wall asks ATM to build an aquarium shaped like a giant pair of dice. In Georgia they build a huge lighthouse aquarium for a local seafood restaurant. S5/Ep12Thu, Jul 2, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedComedian Bill Engvall requests a Zen-like fish tank for his new office in Hollywood. But a firm weight restriction throws a wrench in his plans. S5/Ep11Wed, Jul 1, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett travel to Tennessee, where the Hatfield and McCoy's dinner theatre wants to replace an old moonshine still with an aquarium. S4/Ep22Tue, Jun 30, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a beefed up tank for a jerky store. Next, the guys head to South Florida to install a pub themed tank for an Irish Family bar. S4/Ep21Mon, Jun 29, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedJackass producer Jeff Tremaine has trouble feeding the eels in his tank, the clients at Malibu Winery had a fire which caused damage to their outdoor aquarium. S4/Ep20Sun, Jun 28, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBest friends Wayde King and Brett Raymer are back and continuing to grow America's largest aquarium manufacturing company, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, ATM. S4/Ep19Sat, Jun 27, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde bumps into basketball legend and four times NBA Champion Shaquille O'Neal - who requests an aquarium built inside the front end of a semi-truck. S4/Ep18Fri, Jun 26, 4:15 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBrett and Wayde reveal incredible information about the fish that customers and fans ask them about the most, and let you in on some never before seen moments. S4/Ep17Thu, Jun 25, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedHollywood star Mario Lopez and ATM come together to transform a 90's coin-operated video game console into an interactive aquarium featuring an exercise bike. S4/Ep16Wed, Jun 24, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWorld famous Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has asked Wayde and Brett to build her two aquariums - a mermaid tank and a koi pond. S4/Ep15Tue, Jun 23, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett build a tank for worldwide internet sensation Henri the Cat, and a 1500 gallon aquarium into the restaurant ceiling at the Royal Blues Hotel. S4/Ep14Mon, Jun 22, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM create two connecting tanks that total nearly 250,000 gallons of water for an aquarium attraction where visitors can dive with sharks. S4/Ep13Sun, Jun 21, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedBaseball legend Pete Rose wants Riverfront Stadium transformed into an aquarium. Later, Wayde and Heather travel to Horry County to build a huge aquarium. S4/Ep10Thu, Jun 18, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedTake a look back at the tanks ATM have built that were inspired by moments in history, including a 1920s mob-themed tank and a 1960s lava lamp tank. S4/Ep9Wed, Jun 17, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedWayde and Brett are approached by renowned sea life painter Guy Harvey to build their largest tank to date for the Trade Winds Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. S4/Ep8Tue, Jun 16, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins
TankedATM begin a new project for an upscale cutlery company. Meanwhile, Wayde and Brett bring a bit of Maryland to Vegas with a crab boat aquarium. S4/Ep7Mon, Jun 15, 3:50 AMDMAX50 mins