Only Connect



Only ConnectTricky quiz show presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell. A pack of rugby players tackle the history boys, as the teams try to get their heads round Snow White and Tilda Swinton.Sat, Mar 19, 2:20 AMDave40 mins
Only ConnectAnother battle of brainpower as two teams of clever clogs connect obscure sequences for precious points. The Cambridge Quiz Society face the Rugby Players in the series final.Mon, Mar 7, 2:50 AMDave10 mins
Only ConnectYour brain will need an ice pack after this mental workout! Three dedicated chess players pit their strategic prowess against a crafty team of puzzle writers in the tough quiz.Sun, Mar 6, 2:35 AMDave30 mins
Only ConnectQuizzing for the quick-witted. The series final sees the Crossworders take on the Lapsed Psychologists for that most coveted of trophies. Victoria Coren Mitchell presents.Thu, Mar 3, 2:50 AMDave10 mins