BergeracThe Waiting Game: The long-running detective drama which gave Jersey a chance to show off its beauty spots. Bergerac is employed to probe some companies, but is he in danger? [S]Mon, Mar 23, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracThe Messenger Boy: Jim ventures out of Jersey to the Big Smoke in the cult detective drama series, as he travels to London to help a friend whose daughter has been kidnapped. [S]Wed, Mar 11, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracAll the Sad Songs: John Nettles stars in the 1980s detective drama series. Following a chance meeting at the races, Bergerac is drawn into the world of the cabaret circuit. [S]Tue, Mar 10, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracIn Love and War: More adventures with Jersey's top cop, Jim Bergerac. A business friend of Charlie's sticks her neck out when she harbours a fugitive from South Africa. [S]Fri, Mar 6, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracA True Detective: Hop across the waters for the popular 1980s Jersey mystery series. Jim is called in when an accountant is mysteriously drowned at an international trade fair. [S]Fri, Feb 28, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracTrenchard's Last Case: Cue the brilliant theme tune for more of the exciting police drama series set in lovely Jersey. Jim's puzzled when a retired detective turns up to fish. [S]Thu, Feb 27, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracOld Acquaintance: The enthralling 80s police drama series with John Nettles. The simultaneous arrivals in Jersey of athlete Peter Jason and Philippa Vale create trouble for Jim. [S]Wed, Feb 26, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracWhen Did You Last See Your Father?: Jim finds himself at odds with Crozier when he tries to arrest a man suspected of attacking a young girl on the overnight ferry. [S]Tue, Feb 25, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracTangos in the Night: Classic detective drama with the Jersey copper as Jim investigates the theft of diamonds from one of the island's leading socialites. [S]Thu, Feb 20, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracNatural Enemies: Charlie Hungerford asks Bergerac for help when he receives a series of threatening phone calls, but is he hiding something from the detective? Jersey-set drama. [S]Wed, Feb 19, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracSea Changes: Bergerac's investigation of a puzzling case involving a dead sailor, toxic waste and a missing girl is not helped by the secondment of a sharp young police officer. [S]Tue, Feb 18, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracPrivate Fight: Jersey's most famous cop tackles another mystery. Jim finds himself the target of a ruthless criminal when he tries to help Charlie face a skeleton from his past. [S]Mon, Feb 17, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracWhatever Lola Wants: Destination: Jersey with a youthful John Nettles. Susan is unhappy when Jim looks after a supergrass's mother who is under threat from a gang leader. [S]Fri, Feb 7, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracPoison: A spooky episode of the police drama with John Nettles in 1980s Jersey. Jim is drawn into the world of Freemasonry when a death occurs during an initiation ceremony. [S]Thu, Feb 6, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracThanks for Everything: Before he moved to Midsomer, John Nettles was the number one detective in Jersey. The mysterious disappearance of a financier leads to complications for Jim. [S]Wed, Feb 5, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracSparta: Midsomer's John Nettles stars. Philippa asks for Bergerac's help when she is threatened by an extreme right wing organisation over a mystery notebook she knows nothing about. [S]Tue, Feb 4, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracThe Deadly Virus: When a group of animal activists raid a laboratory freeing four monkeys, little do they realise the appalling consequences of their actions. John Nettles stars. [S]Mon, Feb 3, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracRoot and Branch: Jim travels from Jersey to France when a criminal he arrested in the past takes his revenge - by taking Charlie, Debbie and Kim hostage in Brittany. [S]Thu, Jan 30, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracWinner Takes All: The vintage Jersey police drama. Jim investigates a death threat against a brilliant millionaire computer engineer. [S]Wed, Jan 29, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracMemory Man: Adventures with the heroic cop of Jersey - clearly a hive of criminal activity. Mystery surrounds the true identity of John Smythe, who is found wandering around naked. [S]Tue, Jan 28, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracAvenge, O Lord: Police drama in Jersey, with Jim Bergerac still running about in that leather jacket. Jim becomes involved in political intrigue when he goes after a hired killer. [S]Mon, Jan 27, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracSins of the Fathers: Harry Hoffman might be Hollywood's favourite `German', but he is nobody else's. Threats to his life come as no surprise, least of all his fellow actors. [S]Fri, Jan 24, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracThe Tennis Racket: Jersey cop Bergerac is assigned to protect spoilt tennis star Rory O'Brien - who could he be modelled on? - following death threats, but the two don't get on. [S]Thu, Jan 23, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracChrissie: John Nettles is Jersey's top cop. A husband and wife are too busy with their upcoming fashion show to notice that their daughter's nanny is not what she seems to be. [S]Wed, Jan 22, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracReturn of the Ice Maiden: Classic 80s crimebusting with John Nettles. Jim meets up with the captivating - but as yet uncaptured - jewel thief Philippa Vale, played by Liza Goddard. [S]Tue, Jan 21, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracLow Profile: Jersey cop Jim becomes involved in a hunt for sunken treasure through an eccentric old lady's mysterious past. Soon he's on the trail of a property tycoon and gangster. [S]Mon, Jan 20, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracWhat Dreams May Come?: John Nettles is the Jersey detective who wonders if someone can literally be frightened to death. Jim investigates what could be the perfect murder. [S]Fri, Jan 17, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracOffshore Trades: Classic mystery. Why are there so many crimes on the beautiful island of Jersey? A scuba diver gets washed up on the beach, and a French film star's wife disappears. [S]Thu, Jan 16, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracThe Last Interview: Jim Bergerac wonders why he has been given the job of protecting a retired well-known television journalist. But it seems he's not just in Jersey for a holiday. [S]Wed, Jan 15, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracHouse Guests: The Jersey cop drama with the tough gentleman in the leather jacket, John Nettles. A private meeting of European financiers attracts some extremely dangerous attention. [S]Tue, Jan 14, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracTug of War: John Nettles in the days before his move to Midsomer, in the Jersey-based police drama series. A father has a particular reason for choosing Jersey for a holiday. [S]Mon, Jan 13, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracThe Company You Keep: The gripping police series that gave John Nettles his big break. Most successful robberies depend on information. Sadly for Bergerac, so does police work. [S]Fri, Jan 10, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracA Cry in the Night: Police drama series set in Jersey with a youthful looking John Nettles. Bergerac investigates the apparently accidental death of Rupert Galliers. [S]Thu, Jan 9, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracA Touch of Eastern Promise: The classic police drama series set in that hotbed of crime - Jersey. Bergerac has his doubts about the supposed accidents which befall an Arab visitor. [S]Wed, Jan 8, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracCome Out Fighting: Nostalgic mystery-cracking with the hunky detective. With the island's first major boxing match only days away, Bergerac finds that he has to arrest the challenger. [S]Tue, Jan 7, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracIce Maiden: When notorious jewel thief Philippa Vale hits town just in time for the private sale of a large diamond, Jim concentrates on maximising security - but it all goes wrong! [S]Mon, Jan 6, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracHoliday Snaps: Cracking 80s police drama series. The French police believe that Tony Morel killed his wife - Bergerac sets out to prove that he is an innocent victim of circumstance. [S]Fri, Dec 20, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracA Hole in the Bucket: A young-looking John Nettles stars in the detective drama. When Terri Fuller arrives on Jersey she is clearly no ordinary tourist - the woman with her has a gun. [S]Thu, Dec 19, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracNinety Per Cent Proof: The Jersey cop played by John Nettles embarks on another adventure. Recovering alcoholic Bergerac gets drunk and claims to have seen a murder. Was it real? [S]Wed, Dec 18, 4:25 PMDrama55 mins
BergeracThe Moonlight Girls: Another case for Jersey's toughest but kindest cop. When Bergerac investigates a Belgian stablegirl who is living a life of luxury, his enquiries reveal a killer. [S]Tue, Dec 17, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracA Perfect Recapture: Adventures with the Jersey cop. Bergerac is not convinced when Inspector West announces that the hunt for a wanted criminal is over. With guest star Celia Imrie. [S]Mon, Dec 16, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracThe Lohans: John Nettles in his TV breakthrough role as the Jersey detective who always plays it by the book. Jim must guard a priceless set of porcelain figures from China. [S]Sat, Dec 14, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
BergeracThe Assassin: Detective drama from the 1980s with Jersey's resourceful policeman. Jim is summoned to a lonely castle in Brittany to meet a mysterious man named Hapgood. [S]Sat, Dec 14, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
BergeracA Miracle Every Week: Drama with Jersey's top detective. A penniless Indian arrives on Jersey, claiming to be a faith healer. Soon Jim has to stop an attempt on the young man's life. [S]Fri, Dec 13, 4:20 PMDrama65 mins
BergeracFall of a Birdman: Crime-cracking fun with our tough-guy Jersey cop. Bergerac investigates whether the death of a stuntman during the filming of a TV commercial was an accident. [S]Thu, Dec 12, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracAlmost like a Holiday: John Nettles stars in the Jersey-set crime series. The Bureau is put under pressure to find the mugger of a holidaymaker, but Vincent Parkin doesn't help. [S]Wed, Dec 11, 4:25 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracPrime Target: Long before his move to Midsomer, John Nettles tackled villains among the sophisticates of the Channel Islands. A French murder mystery turns into a case for Bergerac. [S]Tue, Dec 10, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracClap Hands, Here Comes Charlie: Nostalgic 80s adventure with the Jersey cop trying to stay off the sauce. Charlie Hungerford's foray into politics poses problems, including murder. [S]Mon, Dec 9, 4:20 PMDrama60 mins
BergeracWarriors: John Nettles is the Jersey detective in the popular series. Bergerac arrives in England to find a runaway wife and finds himself a guest at an Atlantean weekend. [S]Sat, Dec 7, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
BergeracThe Waiting Game: The long-running detective drama which gave Jersey a chance to show off its beauty spots. Bergerac is employed to probe some companies, but is he in danger? [S]Sat, Dec 7, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins