Casualty is a long-running drama series set in a hospital.

When is Casualty on?

Casualty40/46. David struggles to manage his bipolar symptoms as his past comes back to haunt him, and Dylan's morals are pushed to their limit. Also in HD. [S,AD]Sat, Aug 8, 8:40 PMBBC ONE N West50 mins


CasualtyTurning Point: An unstable woman, whose baby died before being christened, steals a sick infant from the hospital, while a retiring detective constable makes a profound confession.Tue, Nov 26, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
CasualtyHalfway House: A halfway house for the mentally ill is rocked by a gas explosion and Daniel inadvertently brings together the mother of a victim and the resident who caused the blast.Mon, Nov 25, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
CasualtyCompensation: A boy with cerebral palsy is admitted, and his distraught mother knocks down a woman on a zebra crossing. Charlie confides in Rachel about his feelings for Baz.Fri, Nov 22, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
CasualtyOutside Bulwayo: An animal-rights activist on the verge of death refuses treatment derived from such experimentation and an ex-pat returns from Zimbabwe suffering from Weil's disease.Thu, Nov 21, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
CasualtyMoney for Nothing: Baz keeps Charlie on tenterhooks over her decision about the Senior Registrar job. Daniel is accused of stealing a diamond ring, while a man informs Josh that he has Aids.Tue, Nov 19, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Sticks and Stones: Grace discovers the truth about Connie and Jacob while accompanying a friend to A&E, and Robyn's ex Glen reveals he has been hiding a devastating secret. [AD]Fri, Mar 8, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. The Fear: Rita receives a frosty reception from her colleagues, while Jez forgets to fill the ambulance with petrol. Robyn is gutted after her break-up with Glen. [AD]Thu, Mar 7, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Where the Truth Lies: Brian's stray cigarette butt causes a house fire, leaving both Hazel and Rihanna's lives in jeopardy, and Charlie correctly guesses Connie and Jacob are back together. [AD]Wed, Mar 6, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. What Lies Beneath: Connie and Jacob become entangled in a bereaved father's vendetta while rescuing a man stranded in a storm drain. Rita leads Iain into assuming Mark has been hitting her. [AD]Tue, Mar 5, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. History Repeating: Elle tries to regain the trust of her colleagues during a difficult night shift, and takes on the challenging case of a pregnant woman refusing urgently needed treatment. [AD]Mon, Mar 4, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. You Make Me Sick: Big Mac's better nature comes to the fore as he helps an abused young girl, while Elle receives a frosty reception on the ED following Charlie's suspension. [S,AD]Fri, Mar 1, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. The Best Day of My Life: Elle is pressed into a corner by Hanssen, who wants to know who has been stealing drugs. She is forced to choose between the good of the department and the people in it.Thu, Feb 28, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. This Life: Big Mac struggles to hide the toll his addiction is taking and steals some painkillers, while Robyn is determined to bring David out of his shell. [AD]Wed, Feb 27, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Chain Reaction: An accident at a factory gives Jacob a chance to work together with his old friend Elle, while Big Mac lies to Noel about seeking help with his addiction. [AD]Tue, Feb 26, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Hello, I Must Be Going: Elle Gardner, already a familiar face at Holby, becomes the Emergency Department's new consultant, but her first day proves to be a baptism of fire. [AD]Mon, Feb 25, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Tangled Webs We Weave: Fate conspires to bring Max and Zoe together when Mercedes's son is taken by Shelle, while Rita is bothered by Mark's lingering presence, but resist's Iain's advice. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 22, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. A Clear Conscience: Big Mac's painkiller dependency takes its toll on his health and he realises it's time to admit to his problem, while Rita receives complaints from non-existent patients. [AD]Thu, Feb 21, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Survivors: Rita receives the surprise of her life when a face from her past arrives at the ED and, as old ghosts come back to haunt her, she struggles to keep her emotions in check. [AD]Wed, Feb 20, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Hopelessly Addicted: Jacob enlists an unlikely ally as he turns vigilante to help him track down a dangerous drug dealer, and Big Mac becomes increasingly reliant on painkillers. [AD]Tue, Feb 19, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Buried Alive: Connie decides to call off her romance with Jacob so she can focus on Grace, but has second thoughts when he gets trapped in a partially collapsed building. [AD]Mon, Feb 18, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Sweet Child of Mine: Connie becomes embroiled in a convicted murderer's plan to escape from prison, and Big Mac tries to help his old tormentor Mercedes see the error of her ways. [AD]Fri, Feb 15, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. High Tide: Lofty is called to attend a hearing following the defibrillator accident, but he decides to skip the meeting and help Lana deal with a dilemma instead. [AD]Thu, Feb 14, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Fatal Error - Part Two: Part two of two. Lofty must make a statement about the defibrillator incident, and Ethan faces his birth-mother for the first time when she and Cal are admitted. [AD]Wed, Feb 13, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Fatal Error - Part One: Part one of two. Disaster strikes in the Emergency Department after Lofty takes charge of the nursing team, and a miserable Big Mac tries to apologise to Noel. [AD]Tue, Feb 12, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Just Do It: Connie needs to prove her love for Grace, but has little time, and singer Hannah Spearritt returns as the mugger who attacked Noel, this time mixed up in a drugs deal. [AD]Mon, Feb 11, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Hearts and Flowers: Valentine's Day sees Connie reunited with old flame Sam and their daughter. Ethan and Cal end up brawling in resus, and Max goes on a date with a Zoe look-a-like. [AD]Fri, Feb 8, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Step Right Up: Ethan is back in full swing with the team, working with Lily to help an autistic girl get the family support she needs, but a shocking upheaval is just around the corner. [AD]Thu, Feb 7, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. The Good Life: The day of Dixie's disciplinary hearing arrives, but things get off to a bad start when she is held up by an incident, while Lily tries to re-establish her bond with Ethan. [AD]Wed, Feb 6, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Shame: An office worker makes use of her stay in hospital to get her own back on her prankster colleague, and Noel mistakenly believes Big Mac saved him from a vicious mugger. [AD]Tue, Feb 5, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Black Alert: Ethan searches a stretched-to-capacity department for a bed to accommodate a critically ill elderly woman, and a young couple's plans to go travelling are halted by a car crash. [AD]Mon, Feb 4, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Lie To Me: Cyd's life is endangered when she is bitten by a venomous snake, prompting Dixie to declare her feelings. Stitch discovers Guppy has been operating under the influence of drugs. [AD]Fri, Feb 1, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. A Life Less Ordinary: Cal struggles with his recent discovery and, on the morning after the night before, is involved in a car crash, and recognises that he could still be over the limit.Thu, Jan 31, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Home For Christmas: Christmas Eve arrives and Cal seeks moral support from Charlie as he goes to meet his birth mother, but anxiety gives way to anger when he realises she's very ill.Wed, Jan 30, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Silence Speaks: Connie refuses to let her personal life interfere with her duties as clinical lead, but in doing so, she ends up dismissing Jacob's concerns about a very real problem.Tue, Jan 29, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Maybe This Year: The onset of winter and the odd bit of over-enthusiastic celebration give some people a chance to come together, but also threaten to tear others apart. [S]Mon, Jan 28, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Estranged: Cal contests the outcome of Matilda's paternity test and makes a shocking discovery about his own history in the process, while Jacob proves he's in control of his anger.Fri, Jan 25, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Strangers: Iain dismisses Dixie's concerns about Jess as mere jealousy. Cal panics when baby Matilda develops a rash and guilt begins to eat away at Lily following Alicia's departure.Thu, Jan 24, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Avoidable Harm: A violent altercation at the ambulance station forces Alicia to treat a patient in the back of a van, and Jacob turns vigilante as he tracks the police officer who shot him.Wed, Jan 23, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Best Served Cold: An unlikely patient arrives in the ED, Jacob learns that there is no justice, Cal falls in love with his estranged daughter and Connie asks for a report on Alicia.Tue, Jan 22, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. One Shot: Jacob persuades a harassed teacher to accept help, but he needs to take his own advice. Lily throws herself into her work and Max tells Zoe he has applied for another job.Mon, Jan 21, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Flutterby: Love conquers all for a newly engaged young couple, while Charlie is on hand to help a father and daughter deal with their grief after losing somebody important to them. [S]Fri, Jan 18, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Rules of Attraction: Lily receives some distressing news, Cal and Iain are injured on a call-out and Taylor makes an unexpected return. [S]Thu, Jan 17, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. All The Single Ladies: Iain and Dixie are pushed to the limit, Dylan and Lofty treat an accident-prone woman and Lily takes great interest in a patient when she discovers he's a banker. [S]Wed, Jan 16, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Belief: Terror comes to Holby when both sides of a dispute enter the emergency department. During the commotion, Alicia performs a risky procedure on a petrified patient. [S]Tue, Jan 15, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Cradle To The Grave: On her first day, new junior doctor Alicia treats a vulnerable pregnant woman and realises her relationship is not what it seems. Dylan makes an effort with Lofty.Mon, Jan 14, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Objectum Sexual: A man has a lucky escape after passing out, while Iain faces an assault charge after an altercation and Louise struggles on her first day of nursing. [S]Fri, Jan 11, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. A Child's Heart - Part Two: Part two of two. The team rallies around to save Charlie following his heart attack, but with violence threatening to engulf the hospital, tensions run high. [S]Thu, Jan 10, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. A Child's Heart - Part One: More than one member of staff fights for their life after Zoe and Max's wedding reception, while gang violence takes a deadly turn in the department.Wed, Jan 9, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Forsaking All Others - Part Two: Part two of two. The day of Max and Zoe's wedding finally arrives, but events take a turn for the deadly when a fight at the reception causes a fire. [AD]Tue, Jan 8, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
CasualtyNew. Forsaking All Others - Part One: Zoe persuades Dylan to get help for his OCD, Lily seeks her parents' approval after her promotion and Ethan convinces a man to be honest with his girlfriend. [AD]Mon, Jan 7, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins