Classic Casualty


When is Classic Casualty on?

Classic CasualtyLoco Parentis: Baz is shocked to find that the landlady of a distressed patient is forcing her tenant to sell her body to pay the rent, while Tina goes on a blind date - with Sunny. [S]Wed, Feb 19, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyDegrees of Separation: Drama series about the staff and patients at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, charting the ups and downs in their personal and professional lives.Thu, Feb 20, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtySecrets: Tina tells Sam she was mugged. Josh agrees to arrange a five-a-side football match to raise money for the children's home, while Charlie succumbs to Zoe's advances.Fri, Feb 21, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyLove me Tender: Though still troubled by recent events, Tina works on - but gets little sympathy from Eve. However, in due course, the full details about her earlier ordeal emerge.Mon, Feb 24, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins


Classic CasualtyAn Eye for an Eye: A power cut hits A&E, leaving the department in darkness and Elliot struggling with his own private dilemmas. Meanwhile, Mark and George admit their mutual love.Tue, Feb 18, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyFacing Up: Mark and Eve try to make good impressions as Christmas nears, motivated by possible promotions in the pipeline. Baz and Charlie harbour hostile feelings towards each other.Mon, Feb 17, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyWhatever it Takes: Charlie and Jack are in conflict over the death of an elderly woman, and Kate is prosecuted for shoplifting. Meanwhile, a baby is stolen from the ward. [S]Fri, Feb 7, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyFinders Keepers: A wife and her mother-in-law fall out, and one is badly burned in the fracas. A bisexual man living with his girlfriend is stalked by a male ex-lover - whom he runs over. [S]Thu, Feb 6, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyAlways on My Mind: Jack has a crisis of confidence when a patient arrives in the department and leaves Charlie to pick up the pieces. A teenage girl samples drugs with an older man. [S]Wed, Feb 5, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyCounting the Costs: A young hockey player is coy about how he received his mysterious injuries, Liz's boyfriend leaves her for another woman, and Tina acts beyond the call of duty. [S]Tue, Feb 4, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyWhat Friends Are For: Kate's anxiety over her financial woes spills over into work, Richard and George clash over treatment of patients, and Jack advises Richard to take it easy. [S]Mon, Feb 3, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyPrivate Lives: A teenage prostitute is badly beaten, an elderly woman falls down a flight of stairs, while a pair of neighbours get into a fight over a boundary fence. [S]Thu, Jan 30, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyGive My Love to Esme: New staff members grace the wards following Jude and Matt's departure. Charlie receives a phone call advising there has been a bomb threat in the local shopping centre. [S]Wed, Jan 29, 11:00 AMDrama100 mins
Classic CasualtyPerfect Blue: Jude undergoes an emergency operation, and on hearing the news Matt decides to fly back from Crete. Meanwhile, the police try to determine who is behind the stabbing. [S]Tue, Jan 28, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyMonday, Bloody Monday: Jayne prepares to unveil her mural overlooking reception, Josh learns the official cause of the blaze that claimed his family, while Jude is found in a pool of blood. [S]Mon, Jan 27, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyMake Believe: Liz has reservations regarding Josh being in the right frame of mind as he returns to work. One of Richard's ex-colleagues turns up, while Matt's leaving party goes awry. [S]Fri, Jan 24, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyUnited... by Blood: Josh confides in Baz over the devastation of losing his family, while Matt tells Jude he is going to Crete in part because of the upset over the abortion. [S]Thu, Jan 23, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyTreasure: Tragedy strikes after Josh is asked to attend a fire at his own home, while Matt hands in his resignation and makes plans to move to Crete. [S]Wed, Jan 22, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyDeja Vu: Staff at Holby Emergency Department are interrogated when management investigates a sexual harassment complaint against Charlie. An escaped prisoner causes chaos. [S]Tue, Jan 21, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyTall Tales: A pair of twins are both taken ill, and when one dies the other seems set to respond in kind. Baby Louis is almost smothered by his nanny, who exhibits Munchausen's syndrome.Mon, Jan 20, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyHidden Depths: A child is airlifted to Holby after almost drowning, Baz is traumatised when she has to take a blood sample from her own baby, and a suspected meninigitis case causes concern. [S]Fri, Jan 17, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyThe Homecoming: Vigilantes take on a known sex offender, resulting in two injuries. Jack tries to save the life and unborn child of a heart attack victim and Jude on an abortion. [S]Thu, Jan 16, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyEp 15 The Dying of The Light: A stroke victim brought in for respite care suffers another attack and falls downstairs. At the staff Christmas party, Jude stuns Matt by revealing she is pregnant. [S]Wed, Jan 15, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyDo You Believe in Fairies?: A cleric attacks the driver whose car hit his sister and niece while he was drunk at the wheel, and a six-year-old girl is injured running into a greenhouse. [S]Tue, Jan 14, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyTrapped: Jude and Matt face an awkward time at work following their one-night stand, while a mother who is smuggling drugs in her stomach is admitted after being dragged from the river.Mon, Jan 13, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyMother's Little Helper: A pregnant woman is attacked by a dog and a groom collapses at the altar with an epileptic seizure. Meanwhile, Gloria deals with an infected pierced belly button.Fri, Jan 10, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyMade in Britain: Consultant Jack Hathaway begins his first shift in talkative mood and soon goes over Baz's head to perform a risky operation normally only undertaken by neurosurgeons.Thu, Jan 9, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyFlesh and Blood: Kate, Lorna, Andy and Nick gather at Trevor's bedside as his condition worsens. A blood-splattered elderly woman appears in A&E, with no apparent injuries to herself.Wed, Jan 8, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyNight Fall: Mike has to talk Josh through an advanced procedure via the telephone, but the patient fails to respond. A baby is brought in overdosed on diazepam.Tue, Jan 7, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyStill Waters: A boy sustains serious injuries when a grenade explodes in an allotment, while another youngster suffers an adverse reaction after consuming deathcap mushrooms.Mon, Jan 6, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyEp 7 Nightfall: Mike has to talk Josh through an advanced procedure via the telephone, but the patient fails to respond. A baby is brought in overdosed on diazepam.Fri, Jan 3, 11:05 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyWater Wings: Toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere when chemical additives accidentally spill while being delivered to a swimming pool. Gloria is evicted by her former lover.Thu, Jan 2, 10:25 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyEp 5 Water Wings: Toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere when chemical additives accidentally spill while being delivered to a swimming pool. Gloria is evicted by her former lover.Wed, Jan 1, 10:35 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyThicker Than Water: A youth is beaten up in the back room of a club while attempting to track down his gambling addict mother. An elderly woman suffers an accident with decorating equipment.Tue, Dec 31, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyIt Ain't Me, Babe: Mike and Charlie fly by helicopter to assist the recovery of a youth who has falled from a tree onto a rock face while stealing bird eggs.Mon, Dec 30, 11:00 AMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyRelative Values: With Baz on maternity leave, Kate and Charlie offer Sam Colloby a job. A man blames a neighbour for keeping him awake at night, resulting in him falling asleep at the wheel.Fri, Dec 20, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyChain Reactions: Mike Barratt returns from Africa on a temporary contract, while Trevor remains in a vegetative state following his accident and Baz is told she needs an emergency caesarean.Thu, Dec 19, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyNight Moves: Ash and Laura prepare to tie the knot, but the groom-to-be's father is strongly against the union since he has yet to meet Laura and thinks they are getting married too quickly.Wed, Dec 18, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyThat Way Lies Ruin: A businessman running away with his mistress falls down a lift shaft, suffering severe injuries to his spine. His wife and lover later confront each other in the wards.Tue, Dec 17, 2:15 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyCheating Hearts: A suspicious woman is injured while spying on her fiance. Baz is advised of a patient who suffered a cardiac death after Daniel diagnosed him with indigestion.Mon, Dec 16, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtySubject to Contract: A woman suffers serious pelvic injuries after being struck by a motorbike, and finds herself unable to donate bone marrow to her unwell daughter as planned.Fri, Dec 13, 2:15 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyAsking for Miracles: A construction worker is injured by a colleague who has run amok with his excavator, while a woman starts vomiting blood in the middle of a sales presentation.Thu, Dec 12, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyFor Your Own Good: Henry Reeve-Jones vows to find the source of the news leak regarding Holby's investments, putting Laura on edge. A 75-year-old woman is shot in the foot.Wed, Dec 11, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyWe Shall Overcome: A boy swallows his grandmother's anti-depression pills, and Kate finds herself arbitrating between his warring relatives. A protest is staged outside the hospital.Tue, Dec 10, 2:15 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyCastles in the Air: On New Year's Eve, Jude finds her locker broken into and all her credit cards and money taken. Daniel gets himself into Mike's bad books for queue-hopping a patient.Mon, Dec 9, 2:15 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyLost Boys: A woman is injured after being involved in a collision with a drunk driver's vehicle, and the plot thickens when it becomes evident her relatives thought she was in Hong Kong.Fri, Dec 6, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyAll's Fair: An amateur boxer is admitted for treatment after being injured in the ring, a former army nurse believes she has Gulf War syndrome and Baz's husband pays Charlie a visit.Wed, Dec 4, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyBringing It All Back Home: An accident on board a pleasure cruiser results in several people being hurt. Trevor installs a new system that exasperates the staff, while Laura and Ash argue.Tue, Dec 3, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyRelease: Mike learns the hospital is being sued by the son of a woman wrongly diagnosed by Daniel, while workmen in the department upset Rachel with constant sexist comments.Mon, Dec 2, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyWhen All Else Fails: A traveller is brought in suffering from breast cancer, while grieving parents blame their son's girlfriend for his death falling from a horse. [S]Fri, Nov 29, 2:15 PMDrama65 mins
Classic CasualtyHit and Run: A youngster, scolded by his stepfather, is the subject of a hit-and-run incident and it transpires the driver was a doctor who should not have been at the wheel. [S]Thu, Nov 28, 2:20 PMDrama60 mins
Classic CasualtyBattling On: A Salvation Army officer crashes his car while smitten by a childhood sweetheart who has re-entered his life, while money-lenders attack the son of a woman in their debt. [S]Wed, Nov 27, 2:20 PMDrama65 mins