When is Lovejoy on?

LovejoyThe Last of the Uzkoks: Ian McShane's career-making turn as the ace antiques dealer. Lovejoy is roped in to trace the roots of a 17th-century chalice. [S]Sat, Sep 21, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyBreaking the Broker: More adventures with the canny dealer and his slightly shady mates. A red-faced Tinker is arrested for possession of some dubious erotic antiques. [S]Sat, Sep 28, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyFruit of the Desert: Wheeler-dealer drama. Lovejoy is in deep when he borrows money from a loan shark to purchase previous items from an ex-diplomat. Can he scam his way out? [S]Sat, Sep 28, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins


LovejoyPoetic Licence: Would you buy a used Rembrandt from this man? Charlotte asks Lovejoy to value the contents of a nursing home, but soon our hero is fearing for his life. [S]Sun, Sep 8, 2:40 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyStones of Destiny: Lighthearted drama with the jean-clad cove of the antiques fairs. Lovejoy and Charlotte's trip away turns into a hunt for a murderer and a rare Celtic cross. [S]Sat, Aug 31, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyDucking and Diving: Drama with the charming antiques dealer who doesn't play by the rules. Lovejoy gets lumbered with a giant sideboard. Eric becomes involved in a smuggling racket. [S]Sat, Aug 31, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyThree Men and a Brittle Lady: Adventures with the eponymous antiques ace and his motley crew. Charlotte's partner asks her to move to Paris, so Lovejoy tries to persuade her to stay. [S]Sat, Aug 31, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyThe Kakiemon Tiger: Quirky drama series with the denim-clad, dodgy antiques dealer. Lovejoy hijacks one of Charlotte's auctions after being menaced by a private debt-collector. [S]Sat, Aug 24, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyA Going Concern: More sales and scams with the cheeky wheeler-dealer. Lovejoy house-sits Felsham Hall in Lady Jane's absence and decides to use the place to flog some antiques. [S]Sat, Aug 24, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyWho is the Fairest... ?: Lighthearted drama. It's time for Lovejoy to make an honest woman of Lady Jane! Eric blames the evil-eye mirror for the emotional upheaval affecting the gang. [S]Sat, Aug 24, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyPig in a Poke: Loveable rogue Lovejoy is at it again in the lighthearted drama. Lovejoy sells a set of dodgy Gillray prints to a friend of Jane's and soon the police become involved. [S]Sat, Aug 24, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyLovejoy Loses It: Lighthearted drama with the cheeky wheeler-dealer. Tinker warns Lovejoy against abusing his 'gift' by appearing on a crass TV antiques show! Ian McShane stars. [S]Sat, Aug 17, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyTaking the Pledge: Lighthearted drama with the roguish wheeler-dealer. Lovejoy tries to help struggling Lord Kincardine retrieve his beautiful Cresswell miniature from a pawn shop. [S]Sat, Aug 17, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyDainty Dish: Comedy drama series. Lovejoy falls out with Lady Jane over dinnerware belonging to a Belgian countess. Gimbert is after revenge when he discovers Lovejoy has tricked him. [S]Sat, Aug 17, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyIrish Stew: More quirky drama with the bad boy of antiques. Lovejoy and Lady Jane are in Ireland, hunting for a painting by Yeats. Tinker and Eric try to unravel a mystery. [S]Sat, Aug 17, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyThe Galloping Major: Much-loved British comedy drama series. A cannon bursts through into the cellar of Tinker's favourite pub and Lovejoy seeks out expert opinion on its worth. [S]Sat, Aug 10, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyJudgement of Solomon: More mischief with Lovejoy and his motley crew. A collection of Judaica has bizarrely appeared in an Essex cottage. Lovejoy and Gimbert are on the trail. [S]Sat, Aug 10, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyFly the Flag: A conundrum for the old devil of an antiques dealer in the quirky drama series. What is an American flag from the War of Independence doing in the local church? [S]Sat, Aug 3, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyThe Colour of Mary: Lighthearted drama with the maverick dealer. Lovejoy is on the lookout for a billiard table once owned by Mary Queen of Scots - as is a disgraced snooker ace. [S]Sat, Aug 3, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoySecond Fiddle: Quirky drama with the rogue antiques dealer. A violin virtuoso wants his prized Stradivarius turned into a fake, so Lovejoy asks a fiddler to help investigate. [S]Sat, Aug 3, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyThe Ring: Lighthearted drama with the maverick antiques dealer. Lovejoy tricks Lady Jane into taking part in an illegal bidding ring at an auction - threatening their relationship. [S]Sat, Aug 3, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyThe Napoleonic Commode: Popular comic drama series. The bailiffs have finally caught up with our hero and his only salvation appears to be a Napoleonic commode. Ian McShane stars. [S]Sat, Jul 27, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyHighland Fling - Part Two: Second in a two-parter of the much-loved drama. Lovejoy tries to help the castle owners avoid foreclosure. Eric finds a valuable mirror. [S]Sat, Jul 27, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyHighland Fling - Part One: Quirky drama with the loveable antiques dealer. A visit to a Gothic house in Scotland brings Lovejoy and Lady Jane closer together. [S]Sat, Jul 27, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyMembers Only: Quirky drama with the antiques dealer. The local golf club closes ranks when Lovejoy discovers their prize cup is a fake, leading to Lady Jane's expulsion. [S]Sat, Jul 27, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyKids: Drama with the raffish antiques dealer. Susan appears at a country-house auction to tell Lovejoy that their daughter has vanished. Tinker, Eric and Jane go shopping. [S]Sat, Jul 20, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoySmoke Your Nose: Adventures with the wheeler dealer antiques trader. Rev Harry Nettles wagers a bet with Lovejoy that there is a Roman mosaic in the field next to his church. [S]Sat, Jul 20, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyLoveknots: Lighthearted drama series. When Harriet Fisher buys a Berber rug at an auction, Lovejoy gets tangled up in a web of passion, unrequited love and umbrella stands. [S]Sat, Jul 20, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyScotch on the Rocks: Drama series with the wily antiques dealer. Lovejoy buys a coveted ancient Scottish sword, which leads to another exciting find buried under a supermarket. [S]Sat, Jul 20, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyEric of Arabia: The denim-clad antique dealer with an eye for a bargain and the ladies. Lovejoy is asked by Sir Desmond Clark to authenticate an Oriental terracotta pig. [S]Sat, Jul 13, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyBenin Bronze: Another adventure for the likeable antiques dealer. A judge's wife is being blackmailed and turns to Lovejoy for help. A priceless Benin bronze goes missing. [S]Sat, Jul 13, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyAngel Trousers: Vintage drama. Lady Jane persuades Lovejoy to act as driver for an old friend who has to attend her brother's burial at sea. [S]Sat, Jul 13, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyNo Strings: Classic early-90s drama with that raffish rogue. Eric gets involved with an Irish rock band who are playing at a charity event. Tinker is reunited with an old buddy. [S]Sat, Jul 13, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyOut to Lunch: Emotions cloud the wily antique dealer's judgements in the popular drama. As Lovejoy falls for Lady Victoria, he buys some apparently fake watercolours. [S]Sat, Jul 6, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyFriends in High Places: Lighthearted drama with the raffish antiques dealer. After six months in Spain, Lovejoy returns to renew old friendships and start a new romance! [S]Sat, Jul 6, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyBlack Virgin of Vladimir - Part Two: Second of a two-parter with that scoundrel of the antique showrooms. Lovejoy tries to recover money from an unscrupulous antiques dealer. [S]Sat, Jul 6, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyBlack Virgin of Vladimir - Part One: Absorbing drama with the denim-clad fox. Lovejoy plans an complex 'sting' when he learns that a widow and a businessman have been swindled. [S]Sat, Jul 6, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyLily's Pearls: Vintage 90s drama with the rascally antiques expert. Lovejoy smells a rat when he meets a developer who wants to go into business with Lady Jane's husband. [S]Sat, Jun 29, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyRaise the Hispanic: Drama with the roguish wheeler dealer. Lovejoy overhears a row at a wedding between the groom and his father-in-law, before the newly-married man turns up dead! [S]Sat, Jun 29, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoySugar and Spice: Ian McShane is the rough-diamond antiques dealer. Lovejoy uncovers a case of blackmail when a teenage girl brings him some 18th-century erotic drawings to sell. [S]Sat, Jun 29, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyNational Wealth: Lock up your attics! Lighthearted drama with the wily dealer. Lovejoy joins the hunt for a daring gang of art thieves while helping a French film star sell antiques. [S]Sat, Jun 29, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyOne Born Every Minute: Ace 80s drama series with the maverick antique dealer. Lovejoy is asked to find a painter whose talent on canvas is matched only by his prowess as a womaniser. [S]Sat, Jun 22, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyWho Dares Sings: Ian McShane stars as the roguish antiques dealer. Lovejoy and Lady Jane get a commission to refurbish a restaurant belonging to one of Tinker's old army chums. [S]Sat, Jun 22, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyMontezuma's Revenge: Ian McShane is the suave David Dickinson-a-like in faded jeans. Lovejoy acquires a cursed ancient Mayan statue, which has apparently caused two deaths. [S]Sat, Jun 22, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyBin Diving: Ian McShane shines as the crafty antiques dealer. Lovejoy has to clear his name when a house he has valued is then burgled, so tries to track down the real culprits. [S]Sat, Jun 22, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyThe Italian Venus: Comedy drama series about a maverick antiques dealer. Lovejoy is introduced to a greedy landowner who will not share his inherited wealth with his hard-up brother. [S]Sat, Jun 15, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyJust Desserts: Delightful drama with the dodgy dealer. Wily Lovejoy emerges from prison after a stint inside and is anxious to discover who framed him for theft. Can Lady Jane help? [S]Sat, Jun 15, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyDeath and Venice: Exhilarating finale of the vintage drama series. Whilst investigating his friend's death in Venice, our hero discovers other suspicious goings-on in an art scam. [S]Sat, Jun 15, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyDeath and Venice: First in a gripping two-part edition of the classic drama series. When Lovejoy's friend is killed in suspicious circumstances, his investigations lead him to Italy. [S]Sat, Jun 15, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
LovejoyMarch of Time: Wily Lovejoy acquires a clock and discovers that the past and present honour of a regiment hang in the balance. Ian McShane stars as the charming antiques dealer. [S]Sat, Jun 8, 10:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyThe Real Thing: Much-loved comedy drama series. Lovejoy tries to evade his creditors but gets more than he bargained for when he starts a new job as adviser to an arts emporium. [S]Sat, Jun 8, 9:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyTo Sleep No More: Ian McShane stars as the magnetic antiques dealer. When a copyist dies, he leaves his wife with a puzzling inheritance. Lovejoy tries to solve the puzzle. [S]Sat, Jun 8, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
LovejoyFriends, Romans, Enemies: Shady dealings abound in the lighthearted drama series. Lovejoy heads for the Isle of Man in search of hidden Roman treasure - but someone is on his trail. [S]Sat, Jun 8, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins