Silent Witness

Forensic science drama series.



Silent WitnessGreater Love: Emilia Fox stars in a compelling feature-length mystery. Leo, Nikki and Jack head for war-torn Afghanistan to investigate a soldier's mysterious disappearance. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 15, 10:20 PMDrama145 mins
Silent WitnessLegacy: Emilia Fox stars in a tense feature-length forensics mystery. Leo is trapped in a hospital siege as a distraught man with a terminally ill son holds a ward at gunpoint. [S,AD]Thu, Feb 14, 11:20 PMDrama145 mins
Silent WitnessTrue Love Waits: Emilia Fox stars in an edgy feature-length mystery. When a pub landlady is stabbed to death her husband is the prime suspect. Nikki suspects he is innocent. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 13, 11:20 PMDrama145 mins
Silent WitnessTrust: A nailbiting feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox and team. The case of two young women shot dead in a house basement forces Jack to lock horns with an old flame. [S,AD]Tue, Feb 12, 11:20 PMDrama145 mins
Silent WitnessChange: Emilia Fox stars in a nailbiting feature-length forensics drama. The mysterious death of a wealthy businessman plunges Nikki into a murky world of corporate subterfuge. [S,AD]Mon, Feb 11, 11:15 PMDrama145 mins
Silent WitnessFear: A feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox and team in the compelling crime drama. Leo suspects a young girl has been killed by her religious parents during an exorcism. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 8, 10:20 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessRedhill: Emilia Fox and team face another fiendish forensics puzzle in the long-running crime drama. Leo battles with authorities at the notorious Redhill prison. [S,AD]Thu, Feb 7, 11:25 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessDomestic: A fresh mystery for Emilia Fox and forensics team in the long-running drama. A puzzling murder in suburbia deeply affects Harry, who knows the family involved. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 6, 11:25 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessParadise Lost: Compelling drama series about a team of forensic pathologists. Nikki is approached to help identify the paltry remains of a serial killer's undiscovered victims. [S,AD]Tue, Feb 5, 11:10 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessAnd Then I Fell in Love: Another compelling mystery for Emilia Fox and team in the long-running crime drama. Nikki battles sinister conspirators forcing girls into prostitution. [S,AD]Mon, Feb 4, 11:10 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessDeath Has No Dominion: A thrilling feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox's team of forensic scientists. Harry and Nikki suspect a dormant serial killer has become active again. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 1, 10:25 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessThe Prodigal: Tom Ward and Emilia Fox try to crack another forensics mystery. While investigating an incident at the Dutch Embassy, Harry and Nikki are removed from the case. [S,AD]Thu, Jan 31, 11:05 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessBloodlines: Tom Ward stars in the hugely popular forensics mystery series. When lawyer Anna Sandor calls Harry to Budapest to investigate a death they uncover a sinister conspiracy. [S,AD]Wed, Jan 30, 11:05 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessFirst Casualty: Emilia Fox stars in the forensics mystery series. As Nikki probes a drowning, Harry investigates an apparent suicide at an army base, but the cases are linked. [S,AD]Tue, Jan 29, 11:00 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessLost: William Gaminara stars in the superb forensics mystery. Leo is haunted by memories when he returns to Sheffield after an ancient body is unearthed on Bleaklow Moor. [S,AD]Mon, Jan 28, 11:10 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessA Guilty Mind: Emilia Fox stars in the top forensic drama. When the team investigate three deaths in one night on the same ward, it looks like hospital staff may be killers. [S,AD]Fri, Jan 25, 10:00 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessHome: A feature-length case for Emilia Fox and her team of expert forensic pathologists. When a Zimbabwean asylum seeker is unfairly deported, Leo helps her return to the UK. [S,AD]Thu, Jan 24, 11:05 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessShadows: A feature-length case for Emilia Fox and her team of expert forensic pathologists. Nikki and Harry help victims of a campus rampage - trapped in a building with the shooter. [S,AD]Wed, Jan 23, 11:00 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessRun: A feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox and the forensic pathologists. Leo is concerned that the police are involved with a cover-up to protect a rogue cop. [S,AD]Tue, Jan 22, 11:00 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessVoids: A tough case for Emilia Fox and the forensic pathologists. Harry and Nikki try to remain professional when they find themselves on opposite sides of a high-profile job. [S,AD]Mon, Jan 21, 11:00 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessIntent: Another perplexing mystery for Emilia Fox and her expert forensics friends. Leo comes under suspicion for fraud when he is accused of falsifying a post-mortem report. [S]Fri, Jan 18, 10:00 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessFinding Rachel: Intense, feature-length forensics mystery with Emilia Fox and her crime-cracking pathologists. The bones of a British medical student are found in Zambia.Thu, Jan 17, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessThe Lost Child: Emilia Fox and team take on another forensics mystery. When the body of a 12-year-old boy is discovered near his school, Nikki meets her former teacher.Wed, Jan 16, 11:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessJudgement: Feature-length mystery in the tense forensics drama. Harry investigates when a decomposed body is found on wasteland. Leo looks into an Australian backpacker's death.Tue, Jan 15, 11:00 PMDrama150 mins
Silent WitnessTerror: Emilia Fox faces another grim mystery in the forensics crime drama. The team probes an armed raid on a terrorist cell in which two suspects and an officer were killed.Mon, Jan 14, 11:00 PMDrama150 mins
Silent WitnessDeath's Door: Emilia Fox faces another tough forensics mystery in the gritty crime drama. Nikki must reconstruct the face of a murder victim connected to a Russian criminal.Fri, Jan 11, 10:00 PMDrama145 mins
Silent WitnessSafe: Emilia Fox stars in a feature-length case for the mystery-solving forensics experts. Leo does community service on an estate where gang violence among the youths is rife.Thu, Jan 10, 11:00 PMDrama150 mins
Silent WitnessPeripheral Vision: Emilia Fox stars in the gripping forensics mystery. When the bones of a girl are found, Nikki is unconvinced they are from a teen who vanished two years ago.Wed, Jan 9, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessDouble Dare: Feature-length mystery with the team of forensic pathologists. Nikki revisits a case from the past when a girl she proved innocent of murder is herself murdered.Tue, Jan 8, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessHippocratic Oath: Feature-length forensics mystery. The murder of a John Doe leads the team to a hospital where Nikki investigates a surgeon with an unusually high death rate.Mon, Jan 7, 11:05 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessSuffer the Children: The sharp-eyed forensic pathologists tackle a grim feature-length mystery. Leo is determined to find the killers of a boy whose body is found in a river.Fri, Jan 4, 10:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessApocalypse: Enjoy a feature-length mystery with the crack forensics team. Harry and Nikki attend the site of an RAF helicopter crash, but the Ministry of Defence seem unhelpful.Thu, Jan 3, 11:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessSchism: Emilia Fox stars in a feature-length adventure for the forensic pathologists. Harry and Nikki are drawn into a war between a medical establishment and a terrorist group.Wed, Jan 2, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessSupernova: A feature-length case for the nation's favourite forensic pathologists. Memories of his daughter's death are stirred up when Leo investigates a suicide.Tue, Jan 1, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessBody of Work: Feature-length mystery starring Emilia Fox as one of the crack team of forensic pathologists. Harry and Nikki's friendship is rocked by the discovery of a body.Mon, Dec 31, 11:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessTerminus: Emilia Fox stars in a feature-length episode of the hit forensics crime drama. The team investigate a hit-and-run accident and a woman who collapsed on her hen night.Fri, Dec 28, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessCargo: A feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox and her forensics team. Our heroes investigate when a boat with illegal passengers crashes in the Thames.Thu, Dec 27, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessMind and Body: A feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox and the forensics experts. Nikki thinks there is a connection between a killing spree, a suicide and a health institution.Wed, Dec 26, 11:10 PMDrama135 mins
Silent WitnessThe Meaning of Death: A feature-length mystery for Emilia Fox and her forensics unit. As Nikki experiences a crisis of faith, the team investigate apparently motiveless murders.Tue, Dec 25, 11:00 PMDrama140 mins
Silent WitnessChoices: Another feature-length mystery for William Gaminara and Emilia Fox's clue-cracking pathologists. A nightclub shooting drags the team into the world of street gangs.Mon, Dec 24, 11:00 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessGhosts: An emotional case for our team of forensic scientists. When his wife and daughter are involved in a car crash, Leo begins a painful trip back to Sheffield.Fri, Dec 21, 11:00 PMDrama130 mins
Silent WitnessA Time to Heal: The popular forensic drama series. Sam Ryan heads home to Northern Ireland - but not for pleasure. Two bodies are found, revealing murders twenty years before.Mon, Dec 17, 11:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessBeyond Guilt: Amanda Burton feeds our addiction to crime drama. Sam and her team are invited by the Home Office to re-examine an independent pathologist's time of death.Fri, Dec 14, 10:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessRunning on Empty: When the body of a young woman is found dead in the grounds of her high-rise office building, Sam and her team uncover a tragic story involving money and corruption.Thu, Dec 13, 11:00 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessFatal Error, Part 1: Amanda Burton in the role she made her own; embattled forensic pathologist, Sam Ryan. Sam and Leo are on opposing sides of a high profile case at the Old Bailey.Wed, Dec 12, 11:20 PMDrama160 mins
Silent WitnessAnswering Fire: Amanda Burton is the maverick pathologist. A fire rips through a hotel where a government minister is a guest, and terrorism is blamed. Sam suspects otherwise.Tue, Dec 11, 11:15 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessClosed Ranks: A feature-length episode of the series with the great Amanda Burton as the mystery-solving forensic pathologist. A dead body is discovered at a police cadet college.Mon, Dec 10, 11:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessTell No Tales: Amanda Burton stars in a feature-length mystery. The team identifies a man with a criminal past when a mummified corpse is found in the rubble of an old factory.Fri, Dec 7, 11:00 PMDrama150 mins
Silent WitnessKith and Kill: Amanda Burton stars as Sam Ryan in the top-rated mystery. Sam and Leo are called to the scene of a multiple murder, with three members of the same family found dead.Thu, Dec 6, 11:00 PMDrama155 mins
Silent WitnessThe Fall Out: Amanda Burton in her most famous role as the forensic pathologist. Sam Ryan and her team are called out to a major pile-up on a busy road which has left 11 people dead.Wed, Dec 5, 11:15 PMDrama160 mins