Soldier, Soldier



Soldier, SoldierNo Pain, No Gain: The King's Own Fusiliers fall in for one last time, as the CO confronts a Board of Inquiry to answer for his methods in Africa, and Julie faces a decision. [S]Tue, Jun 30, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierChain of Command: A deployment of great British drama. The Kings Own are dispatched on an ill-judged mission in Africa, where the CO's decisions put soldiers lives on the line. [S]Mon, Jun 29, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierThe Road to Damascus: Military drama that cuts deep. A civilian casualty causes problems for the CO, and Julie has a surprise for Rossi and is forced to make a desperate choice. [S]Thu, Jun 25, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierDivided We Fall: Lieutenant Colonel Philip Drysdale, the new CO, arrives with his traditional views on army life and is unimpressed by the attitude of B Company's men. [S]Mon, Jun 22, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierDeliver us from Evil: Corporal Hobbs' comrades race against time to rescue him after he's captured by rebel troops who have invaded a British-ruled island in the South Pacific. [S]Fri, Jun 19, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierWar Path: As the regiment prepares to leave for the South Atlantic to defend Deliverance Island, Andy contemplates proposing, and Sarah and Jeremy's relationship begins to crumble. [S]Fri, Jun 19, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierFall for Love: Angela McCleod's life is shattered when an old girlfriend of her husband's brings some devastating news, and the flame of romance is kindled for Sarah Eastwood. [S]Thu, Jun 18, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierBeast: There's a panther on the loose that the King's Own need to capture, and drama inside the barracks as Evans suspects a friend of his is bullying an Asian soldier.Thu, Jun 18, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierDelayed Action: The King's Own face perhaps their most terrifying foe ever: Druids. Meanwhile the wives are in perhaps ever more danger as an unexploded WWII bomb is found. [S]Wed, Jun 17, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierAsking for it: Army drama that cuts to the corps. A case of sexual assault presents Stacey Grey with a tough decision that threatens to divide opinions and loyalties. [S]Wed, Jun 17, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierDear Joe: Intense squaddie drama. Joe Farrell receives a letter he's longed for, but it spells nothing but trouble and threatens his friendship with Lance Corporal Evans.Tue, Jun 16, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierMoney for Nothing: It's all about money for the King's Own this week, as the debt collectors catch up with Deborah Briggs and budget cuts cause an exercise to go wrong.Tue, Jun 16, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierFlashpoint: The boys from the King's Own are called upon to take over as fire fighters during a strike, and the McCleods feel the heat when an old friend calls in a favour.Mon, Jun 15, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierUnder the Gooseberry Bush: Army drama. Baby Anna gets ill, and the extent of Mark and Cate's actions becomes apparent. Andy Butcher rescues a para from near death.Mon, Jun 15, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierWalking on Air: Desperate to have a baby of her own, Cate Hobbs will go to any lengths and leads to Mark breaking the law. Evans falls for someone linked to the forces.Fri, Jun 12, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierAll for One: Army drama. The Hobbses are determined to become parents whatever the cost, a training exercise threatens to split the group, and Deborah's life is threatened.Fri, Jun 12, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierDivided Loyalties: Is there a traitor in the ranks of the King's Own? Rifles are stolen while B company is transporting arms to Aldershot, and police suspect an inside job.Thu, Jun 11, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierRiver Deep: Jeremy announces he is planning to marry his girlfriend, but is surprised at his friends' response. Steve plays a prank during a seance.Thu, Jun 11, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierTwist of Fate: Gripping army drama. The boys are stuck in Makindi, struggling to find a safe pick-up point, and time is running out for a badly-injured Briggs. [S]Wed, Jun 10, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierBaptism of Fire: The Fusiliers see action rescuing hostages, and the emotional battles are just as fierce as Paul and Sadie reunite but must decide if army romance is for them. [S]Wed, Jun 10, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierUnder the Sun: B Company are in South Africa to help build a medical centre, but Forsythe and Butcher let matters of the heart cloud their judgement. [S]Tue, Jun 9, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierStick Together: Drama series about army life. The King's Own Fusiliers are being shipped out to South Africa, but the Stubbs' relationship troubles aren't going anywhere. [S]Tue, Jun 9, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierLove and War: Trouble at home for the King's Own, as Michael and Marsha drift further apart as each pursues their own agenda, and Joy has to decide whether to follow her heart. [S]Fri, Jun 5, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierThe Army Game: Sergeant Connor's world turns upside down when he discovers that he might be HIV positive, as the classic army drama marches into new territory. [S]Fri, Jun 5, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierSweet Revenge: The boys of the King's Own return home, but Dave's worries take a back seat when Tucker's wife Donna is taken captive at gun point in their own house. [S]Thu, Jun 4, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierIll Wind: Aeroplane adventures in the Aussie jungle aren't to be, as a cyclone demands the King's Own switch to humanitarian efforts. [S]Thu, Jun 4, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierSecond Sight: There's friction in the Forces as Voce and Butler's relationship comes to a head, while Wilton and Marsha find themselves on the wrong side of the law. [S]Fri, May 22, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierDamage: The classic military drama series sees Voce encounter a long-lost love, while Donna plays a decidedly unromantic role in her sister's life. [S]Fri, May 22, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierAway Games: The military drama series that made stars out of Robson and Jerome. The lads are tempted to play away from home when local beauties attract their attention in Cyprus. [S]Thu, May 21, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierStormy Weather: Series four of the popular drama series. The recruits line up proudly for the presentation of medals from Bosnia, and Colonel Jennings has exciting news for Voce. [S]Thu, May 21, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierStand by Me: More drama with the King's Fusiliers. Major Radley gives Paddy Garvey a chance to shine on a key exercise. But was it such a good idea?Wed, May 20, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierDutch Courage: Military drama series. Jo and Sandra are left to resolve a difficult situation while the men are enjoying themselves in Amsterdam.Tue, May 19, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierStaying Together: Military drama series. Bernie Roberts looks to be the guilty party when she is involved in a road accident. Can her husband reveal the truth?Tue, May 19, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierCamouflage: The classic military drama series continues. Lt Col Nick Hammond finds his loyalties tested when he falls for the beautiful daughter of a local dignitary.Mon, May 18, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierHard Knocks: More military drama with the King's Fusiliers. Lt Kate Butler is determined to prove herself, but she is unprepared for a complicated romance.Mon, May 18, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierTrouble and Strife: Military drama series about the King's Fusiliers. An accusation looks likely to blow the Stubbs family apart. However, life looks rosier for Paddy Garvey.Fri, May 15, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierHide and Seek: Drama series about the men and women of the King's Fusiliers. Bernie Roberts' husband is recalled from an exercise in a moment of personal crisis.Fri, May 15, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierLost and Found: Attention! Another episode of the hit military drama. Fusilier 'Midnight' Rawlings becomes disenchanted with the army when he is refused permission to marry.Mon, May 11, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierSaving Face: Military drama with the King's Fusiliers. A scandal threatens to break when Major Cochrane is charged with the attempted rape of a well-connected Chinese girl.Mon, May 11, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierLife Lines: Popular military drama series. Tucker falls foul of Colonel Fortune, and is troubled when his pregnant wife threatens to have an abortion.Fri, May 8, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierA Man's Life: Series two of the classic military drama series. While the Kings Fusiliers embark on a gruelling rock climbing exercise, Colonel Fortune's helicopter crashes.Thu, May 7, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierFlying Colours: Popular military drama. Against a backdrop of uncertainty, Colour Sergeant Anderson's big chance for a promotion is jeopardised by a theft from the Company stores.Wed, May 6, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierBattlefields: More military drama with Robson and Jerome. Veteran explosives expert Sergeant Lewis supervises specialist battle training for 'A' Company.Tue, May 5, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierFighting Spirit: Robson and Jerome star in the popular military drama series. When Wilton is knocked out of the boxing team, Garvey and Tucker plan a betting coup.Tue, May 5, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierDirty Work: Military drama series. 'A' Company are stretched to breaking point when they deputise for dustmen in a civilian strike, which tests the loyalties of CSM Henwood.Mon, May 4, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierFun and Games: The popular military drama series continues. Major Tom Cadman discovers that the opposing commander has been having an affair with his wife, Laura.Mon, May 4, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierAll the King's Men: Robson Green and Jerome Flynn star in the military drama. Following a six-month tour in Northern Ireland, the King's Fusiliers return to their headquarters.Fri, May 1, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierOut: Squaddie squabbles in this searching British army drama. Alan Fitzpatrick struggles to cope with the revelation of his son's sexuality, Hobbs' civvy nightmare continues. [S]Mon, Apr 13, 8:00 AMDrama60 mins
Soldier, SoldierThe Road to Damascus: Military drama that cuts deep. A civilian casualty causes problems for the CO, and Julie has a surprise for Rossi and is forced to make a desperate choice. [S]Mon, Apr 13, 7:10 AMDrama50 mins
Soldier, SoldierHow Was It for You?: Jessica threatens to resign, while Andy makes the mistake of turning to Tony and Jacko for romantic advice, only to find himself forced to prove his manhood. [S]Sat, Apr 11, 2:20 AMDrama50 mins