Energy Switch



Energy Switch Will nuclear power decarbonize the electricity sector? Arjun Makhijani of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, and Michael Shellenberger, a best-selling author, discuss. Fri, Feb 16, 5:00 pmEarthxTV30 mins
Energy Switch Will coal, oil, and natural gas remain our largest global energy sources? Sec. of Energy, Ernie Moniz, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Dr. Dan Yergin, discuss the new geopolitics of energy. Wed, Feb 14, 5:00 pmEarthxTV30 mins
Energy Switch Hydrogen reduces CO2 emissions, but costs must reduce to make it a global reality. Dr. Julio Friedmann of the Center on Global Energy Policy, and Chief Scientist, Dr. Steve Hamburg, discuss. Mon, Feb 12, 5:00 pmEarthxTV30 mins
Energy Switch Solar and wind enjoy favorable public opinions, but consumers may not realize the resources required for these energies to power the world. Leia Guccione and Robert Bryce continue the conversation. Fri, Feb 9, 5:00 pmEarthxTV30 mins
Energy Switch In many countries, solar and wind are cheapest to install, though scaling up 25X for global power is an extraordinary challenge. Robert Bryce, a best-selling author, and Leia Guccione of RMI discuss. Wed, Feb 7, 5:00 pmEarthxTV30 mins
Energy Switch Though gas has lower carbon emissions than coal, it is not carbon free. Dr. Naomi Boness of the Natural Gas Initiative, and Rachel Fakhry of the National Resources Defense Council discuss. Tue, Feb 6, 5:00 pmEarthxTV30 mins