Roadtrip with G. Garvin



Roadtrip with G. GarvinG's West Coast: G. heads West for a culinary adventure that begins in Vegas. First stop is Eat, where chef Natalie Young adds a little southern comfort to her menu. (S2 Ep13)Wed, Jul 20, 8:30 PMFood Network30 mins
Roadtrip with G. GarvinSouthern California: In California, G. meets chef David Lefevre of MB Post to pick farm-fresh items for a mixed greens veggie salad, and then whips up their signature bacon cheddar biscuits. (S2 Ep9)Wed, Jul 20, 8:00 PMFood Network30 mins
Roadtrip with G. GarvinLas Vegas: In Vegas, G.'s first stop is Hash House A Go Go, where the chef lays out a crispy hand-hammered pork tenderloin fit for a giant, fried and topped with a BBQ cream sauce. (S2 Ep10)Mon, Jul 11, 8:30 PMFood Network30 mins