Birds of a Feather



Birds of a FeatherForever Young: Sharon and Tracey work out that Dorien has an important birthday coming up and decide that - whatever she thinks - the event calls for a celebration. [S,AD] S3 Ep8Thu, Sep 13, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherBlonde on Blonde: Sitcom. Travis has serious school news that he is scared to break to his mum, so Sharon decides that she can pass herself off as Tracey and sort out his problems. [S,AD] S3 Ep7Thu, Sep 6, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherAbandoned Love: Sitcom. A surprise visitor turns up at Tracey's house; Tracey is welcoming, Dorien is shocked to the core, and Travis is over the moon. [S,AD] S3 Ep6Thu, Aug 30, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherTonight I'll Be Staying Here with You: Sitcom. Auntie Vera has got hip problems and defective lifts and tells the girls that she is moving in, so Dorien is told to move out. [S,AD] S3 Ep5Thu, Aug 23, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherGoing, Going, Gone: Tracey's had enough of Dorien entertaining gentlemen callers and Sharon not bringing in a living wage, and throws them both out. [S,AD] S3 Ep4Thu, Aug 16, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherTombstone Blues: Sharon's disapproval of Tracey dating policeman Barry and apparently overlooking Garth's feelings for his dad leads to a major quarrel between the sisters. [S,AD] S3 Ep3Thu, Aug 9, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherToo Much of Nothing: Tracey's house has been burgled. The family set out to track down their possessions which takes them to a snooker club, a pawnbroker's and a drag club. [S,AD]Thu, Aug 2, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
Birds of a FeatherKnocking on Heaven's Door: Tracey's ex-husband dies and she has to decide on his send-off. Sharon wants it to be nice for the boys and Dorien has got the perfect outfit. [S,AD]Thu, Jul 26, 8:30 PMITV30 mins
New: Birds of a FeatherThere's a Girl in My Souk: Festive special of the sitcom. When Travis goes missing in Morocco, Sharon, Tracey and Dorien go on a mission to find him and bring him home for Christmas. [AD,S]Sat, Dec 24, 8:00 PMITV60 mins