Ben 10



Ben 10Creature Feature: Ben discovers a device that transforms the wearer into alien creatures. Ben and Gwen are left alone to fight a movie monster come to life. [S] S2 Ep12Wed, Dec 26, 7:50 AMITV20 mins
Ben 10Need for Speed: Animated series. Ben must defend Yellowstone National Park when thrill-seeking speed demon Lagrange arrives to dig up an ancient treasure hidden beneath the earth. [S]Sun, Jul 16, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Steam Is the Word: Animated series. When Steam Smythe tries to get his hands on Nikola Tesla's time capsule, Ben is the only one who can stand in his way. [S]Sat, Jul 15, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Brief Career of Lucky Girl: Animated series. When Hex attacks a cosplay convention on the hunt for a powerful artefact, Gwen is accidentally transformed into her favourite superhero. [S]Sat, Jul 8, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Shhh!: Animated series. When Ben breaks the code of silence at a monastery, he awakens a dragon hidden in a secret chamber below its hallowed grounds. [S]Sun, Jul 2, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Growing Pains: Animated series. Grandpa Max leaves Ben and Gwen in the hands of Nanny Nightmare, a maniacal day care runner who transforms them into toddlers. [S]Sat, Jul 1, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10The Clocktopus: Reboot of the action-comedy animated series. Ben faces his greatest fear when a peaceful coastal town comes under attack by a giant mechanical squid. [S]Sun, Jun 25, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Ben 24hrs: Rebooted animated series. Ben and Gwen attempt to stay up late so that they can visit Adrenaland - but the lack of sleep plays havoc with Ben's transforming abilities. [S]Sun, Jun 18, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Rustbucket RIP!: Rebooted animated series. Ben stumbles across an extremely rare Sumo Slammers card - but Billy Billions soon arrives on the scene with his own desires on the card. [S]Sat, Jun 17, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Something I Ate: Reboot of the action-comedy animated series. Ben and the gang defend Fort Knox from one of Dr Animo's mutants before it gobbles up the nation's gold reserves. [S]Sun, Jun 11, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Clown College: Reboot of the action-comedy animated series. Ben and the gang team up with Grandpa Max's old college buddies to take down the mad clown Zombozo. [S]Sat, Jun 10, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Animo Farm: Reboot of the action-comedy animated series. While trapped on Dr Animo's farm, Ben's only chance of escape is to gather together a team to take on the Alphas. [S]Sun, Jun 4, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
Ben 10Take 10: Reboot of the animated series. Ben ventures into the world of indie filmmaking but, as he works on his masterpiece, he accidentally allows the Bug Gang to escape. [S]Sat, Jun 3, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
New: Ben 10Freaky Gwen/Ben: Reboot of the action-comedy animated series. Master magician Hex casts a body-swap spell on Ben and Gwen to distract them while he carries out his latest evil plan. [S]Sun, May 28, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
New: Ben 10The Filth: Reboot of the action-comedy animated series. Ben is duped into letting two bug-sized con men make off with his tricked-out RV, the Rust Bucket. [S]Sat, May 27, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
New: Ben 10The Ring Leader: Animated series. Ben and Gwen decide to try their hand at professional wrestling and make light work of their opponents - that is until they go up against Iron Kyle. [S]Sun, May 21, 8:10 AMITV15 mins
New: Ben 10Waterfilter: Animated reboot. Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max take a trip to Niagara Falls, but the fun is interrupted when Ben awakens an underwater beast known as Hydromander. [S]Sun, May 21, 7:55 AMITV15 mins