Mighty Mike



Mighty MikeRescuing Roxanne: Mike gets an idea of how he could impress Cindy after playing with Louise and her doll - he's going to stage a rescue mission. [S] S1 Ep10Sun, Aug 30, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeElectric Turtles: Things take a very unusual turn after the turtles are struck by lightning during a storm. [S] S1 Ep9Sun, Aug 30, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeGo Fetch: Iris' hat is blown away by a strong wind and lands on the roof, so Mike decides it's time to be a hero. [S] S1 Ep4Sun, Aug 16, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeSkate Pool: Mike is impressed with the other dogs jumping off a diving board, so he decides to try it himself. [S] S1 Ep3Sun, Aug 16, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeThe Cone of Shame: A small injury means Mike needs to pay a visit to the vet, where he is made to wear the cone of shame while he gets better. [S] S1 Ep2Sat, Aug 15, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeSun, Jul 5, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeBest in Show: When Tom suggests to his mum that Mike could be a show dog, she bursts out laughing. Mike is hurt and sets out to prove her wrong. [S] S1 Ep63Sun, Jul 5, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeThe Party: It's Mike's birthday and he's excited to be spending the day with Iris. But Iris has invited the entire neighbourhood. [S] S1 Ep62Sat, Jul 4, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeMike's Paws: Mike is running around like a headless chicken, saving Fluffy, stopping the turtles from breaking everything in the house, and fighting the raccoons. [S] S1 Ep56Sat, Jun 20, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeTrojan Racoons: The raccoons find a brilliant way of getting into the Mikkelsen's house without anyone noticing by getting mailed inside in a cardboard box. [S] S1 Ep55Sun, Jun 14, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeThe Fourth Turtle: Mike, Iris and the turtles are playing a game of ping pong when a mysterious elderly turtle arrives on the patio and gets hit by the ball. [S] S1 Ep54Sun, Jun 14, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeDog-Gone: Mike should be keeping up with the usual chores, keeping the house safe from critters and enjoying life. But something isn't quite the same. [S] S1 Ep53Sat, Jun 13, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeWahwahland: Mike invites Iris over to dance so he can show off his moves, after being inspired by the performances in musical films. [S] S1 Ep44Sun, May 24, 7:45 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeSun, May 24, 7:35 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeMain E-Vent: Things are mysteriously disappearing from the Mikkelsen's house and Mike can't seem to get to the bottom of it. Could the raccoons have a new trick? [S] S1 Ep42Sat, May 23, 7:45 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeFun Fur: Iris loves fun fairs, so Mike decides to set one up on the patio to make her happy. No way that could go pear-shaped. [S] S1 Ep38Sat, May 16, 7:45 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeDuchess: Mike spends a particularly complicated afternoon with Duchess, the pug who has a massive crush on him. [S] S1 Ep37Sat, May 16, 7:35 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeCrooner Mike: Mike decides the best way to impress Iris is to sing her a romantic song, but Mercury and Fluffy have different ideas. [S] S1 Ep36Sun, May 10, 7:45 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeSneezed to Meet You!: Mike gets Iris a beautiful bouquet of flowers, only to discover that she has a terrible allergy to them. [S] S1 Ep35Sun, May 10, 7:35 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeMikeyzushi: Mike wants to impress Iris with a special sushi dinner, but everything goes to pot when the raccoons break in. [S] S1 Ep34Sat, May 9, 7:45 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeThat Magnificent Mike!: It's Iris birthday so Mike plans to put on a special show, with a huge guest list, presents galore, and balloons galore. What could go wrong? [S] S1 Ep33Sat, May 9, 7:35 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeIn the Box: Mike has a tricky task at hand when Stephan leaves a beautiful gift for his wife on the kitchen counter. Can he resist it? [S] S1 Ep32Sun, May 3, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeVampire Attack: Mike stays in to read a book and avoid the rain, but he soon regrets picking a tale about vampires when every sound spooks him. [S] S1 Ep31Sun, May 3, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeThe Garden Games: Animated comedy. The turtles organise a sports contest in the garden and there's a very special trophy at stake. [S] S1 Ep30Sat, May 2, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikePhotobombed!: Animated comedy. Mike is horrified when Louise takes a ridiculous-looking photo of him. [S] S1 Ep29Sat, May 2, 7:30 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeMuscle Mike: Animated comedy. Mike thinks if he was a little more muscular, Iris would definitely look at him in a new light. [S] S1 Ep28Sun, Apr 26, 7:40 AMITV10 mins
Mighty MikeFluffystein: Animated comedy. While Mike is distracted by flirting with Iris, the raccoons sneak into the house. [S] S1 Ep27Sun, Apr 26, 7:30 AMITV10 mins