When is Wishfart on?

WishfartNeeds Ketchup: Animated adventures. Akiko gets in trouble when she wishes that the guys would lose honourably at table tennis. [S,AD] S1 Ep37Wed, May 22, 8:25 AMCITV15 mins
WishfartChopped Salad!: While buying a gift for Dez, Akiko and Puffin get trapped on a cursed Chopped Salad truck. Dez knows the only way to escape is to trap someone else in their place. [S,AD] S1 Ep38Wed, May 22, 8:40 AMCITV15 mins


WishfartStrangely Perfect: Animated series. Finnuala tries to steal Dez's rainbow after becoming sick of his non-traditional ways. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 2, 8:35 AMITV15 mins
WishfartWarmer Pants for the King: Animated series. After trying Tsuni's community garden stinklettuce, Puffin wishes vegetables did not exist. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 2, 8:20 AMITV15 mins
WishfartMillion Mo' Wishes: Wizard boy Leslie takes advantage of Dez and wishes for a million wishes. As Dez valiantly attempts to grant the million wishes, his nemesis Finnuala arrives.Fri, Mar 30, 8:35 AMITV15 mins
WishfartHot Spicy Breath: Animated series. When the city is overtaken by terrifying and delicious gingerdead cookies, the trio must find the cause of the disaster.Fri, Mar 30, 8:20 AMITV15 mins
WishfartChristmas Times the Max: When Samuel wishes it was Christmas in July, Dez gets to meet his hero, Santa Claus. Santa needs his rest and will have none of it.Tue, Dec 26, 7:20 AMITV10 mins