ScorpionScorp Family Robinson: US military drama series. Team Scorpion must overcome personal conflicts to be rescued from the desert island they crash-landed on three weeks ago. [S,AD]Thu, Dec 21, 4:05 AMITV240 mins
ScorpionMaroon 8: US military drama series. Team Scorpion have little hope for rescue after their plane crash-lands on a remote, deserted island while en route to Toby and Happy's honeymoon. [S,AD]Tue, Dec 19, 3:45 AMITV240 mins
ScorpionSomething Borrowed, Something Blew: US military drama series. After extinguishing a catastrophic tunnel fire, the team help Toby and Happy get to their wedding ceremony. [AD,S]Tue, Dec 12, 1:25 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionStrife on Mars: US military drama series. The team end up in danger as they try to save a group of scientists who are trapped inside a crumbling biodome designed for Mars. [AD,S]Tue, Dec 5, 1:30 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionRock Block: US drama series. The team go against the orders of a foreign government when they find an asteroid containing DNA strands that could have deadly consequences if exposed. [AD,S]Tue, Nov 28, 1:00 AMITV255 mins
ScorpionBroken Wind: US military drama series. While repairing a wind turbine, Team Scorpion must race to save Paige and Happy before the gondola they are in plummets to the ground. [AD,S]Tue, Nov 21, 1:45 AMITV245 mins
ScorpionMonkey See, Monkey Poo: US drama series. To stop a dangerous virus from spreading, the team must locate an endangered monkey in the Amazon that has the antibody for the cure. [AD,S]Tue, Nov 14, 1:40 AMITV280 mins
ScorpionDon't Burst My Bubble: US military drama series. Happy's friend Ada, who lives in a sterile bubble that protects her compromised immune system, is left in danger when a storm hits. [AD,S]Tue, Nov 7, 1:10 AMITV255 mins
ScorpionDirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap: US military drama series. A simple mission to protect a seed bank goes awry, leaving half the team suffering from life-threatening hallucinations. [AD,S]Tue, Oct 24, 1:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionKeep It in Check, Mate: US military drama series. Walter and Sylvester go undercover and enter an international chess competition in an effort to extricate a US spy. [AD,S]Tue, Oct 17, 1:15 AMITV255 mins
ScorpionSharknerdo: US military drama series. The team's mission to find sunken treasure goes awry when Walter and Paige end up stranded in the middle of the Pacific surrounded by sharks. [AD,S]Tue, Sep 26, 1:40 AMITV245 mins
ScorpionThe Hole Truth: US military drama series. Team Scorpion attempt to save a man stuck on the edge of a massive sinkhole that threatens to permanently destroy LA's water supply. [AD,S]Tue, Sep 19, 1:30 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionFaux Money, Maux Problems: US military drama series. When Team Scorpion are tricked into producing counterfeit cash, Paige uses her mother's skills as a grifter to save the day. [AD,S]Tue, Sep 12, 1:45 AMITV245 mins
ScorpionIce Ca-Cabes: US military drama series. The team must freeze Cabe's body in order to save his life after he is seriously wounded by exploding shrapnel during a desert mission. [AD,S]Tue, Sep 5, 1:25 AMITV245 mins
ScorpionWreck the Halls: Drama series. The team encounter gunrunners while spending Christmas Eve at an electronics-free mountain getaway. Tim makes a decision about his place on the team. [AD,S]Tue, Aug 29, 1:25 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionMother Load: Military drama series. Paige's estranged mother enlists the team's help when she accidentally uncovers a forgotten nuclear reactor which is on the verge of exploding. [AD,S]Tue, Aug 15, 1:25 AMITV245 mins
ScorpionSly and the Family Stone: US military drama series. The team travel to Ireland to attend Megan's memorial, but Walter discovers a natural disaster which threatens the entire village. [S]Fri, Jul 21, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionWe're Gonna Need a Bigger Vote: US military drama series. The team must stop someone who tries to intervene in the US presidential election on election day. [AD,S]Thu, Jul 20, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionBat Poop Crazy: US military drama series. The team explore a deep cave system in an effort to prevent a bat population from harming the North American ecosystem. [S]Wed, Jul 19, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionPlight at the Museum: US military drama series. The team must stop thieves who have robbed a rare gem exhibit in order to extract materials needed to enrich a nuclear bomb. [S]Tue, Jul 18, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionLittle Boy Lost: US military drama. The team search for a boy from Ralph's class who goes missing during a field trip. Toby gets closer to uncovering the identity of Happy's husband. [S]Mon, Jul 17, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionIt Isn't the Fall That Kills You: US military drama series. The team rush to return Walter to Earth when he is accidentally launched into space. [AD,S]Fri, Jul 14, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionMore Civil War: US military drama series. The team learn that the hackers who took control of US naval destroyers are also controlling a US nuclear submarine. [S]Thu, Jul 13, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionCivil War: Brand new series of the US military drama. Team Scorpion works with the US navy to outsmart hackers who have taken control of fighter aircraft and ships across the US. [S]Wed, Jul 12, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionToby or Not Toby: US military drama series. In the series finale, the team must outsmart mentally unstable ex-member Mark Collins. Can they free Toby from his elaborate booby trap? [AD,S]Tue, Jul 11, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionChernobyl Intentions: US military drama series. The team are asked to move an improved concrete sarcophagus to replace the old deteriorating one at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. [AD,S]Mon, Jul 10, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionHard Knox: US military drama series. Team Scorpion are hired by the Department of Defence to break into Fort Knox to test their security. [AD,S]Fri, Jul 7, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionTwist and Shout: US military drama series. A deadly tornado threatens the lives of Team Scorpion during a mission to recover the remains of fallen marines in Vietnam. [AD,S]Thu, Jul 6, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionDjibouti Call: US military drama series. The team must save Cabe and his protege Tim when they are captured during a secret mission in Djibouti, Africa. [AD,S]Wed, Jul 5, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionTicker: Drama series about an international network of super-geniuses. Toby discovers that blood at the Los Angeles blood bank has been tampered with. [AD,S]Tue, Jul 4, 10:05 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionThe Fast and the Nerdiest: US military drama series. The team must infiltrate a high-end car smuggling operation that is preparing to ship weapons to South America. [AD,S]Mon, Jul 3, 9:25 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionAdaptation: US military drama series. When Mexican drug runners use armed drones to smuggle bricks of pure heroin across the border, Team Scorpion must find a way to stop them. [AD,S]Fri, Jun 30, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionFractured: US military drama series. The team must work fast with limited resources to stop a broken gas main under Koreatown from exploding following a major earthquake in LA. [AD,S]Thu, Jun 29, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionDa Bomb: US military drama series. The team help NASA with a top-secret rocket launch, but must sabotage their mission when Walter's date finds a bomb strapped to her chest. [AD,S]Wed, Jun 28, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionSun of a Gun: US military drama series. Sylvester's dad asks Scorpion for help when he suspects a dictator of possessing a deadly weapon which was previously thought to be a myth. [AD,S]Tue, Jun 27, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionWhite Out: US military drama series. In order to save a stricken US Special Forces unit, Team Scorpion must survive the freezing temperatures of Antarctica. [AD,S]Mon, Jun 26, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionDam Breakthrough: US military drama series. On Christmas Eve, the team swing into action when torrential rain creates a huge crack in a dam, threatening to wipe out a whole town. [AD,S]Fri, Jun 23, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionThe Old College Try: US military drama series. Members of the team go undercover at a university in order to track a hacker who is putting the world economy at risk. [AD,S]Thu, Jun 22, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionArrivals and Departures: US military drama series. The team visit Megan in hospital as her health deteriorates, but end up quarantined due to a deadly fungus outbreak. [AD,S]Wed, Jun 21, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionUS vs UN vs UK: US military drama series. Team Scorpion are blackmailed into breaking into the United Nations to help with the assassination of an arms dealer. [AD,S]Tue, Jun 20, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionArea 51: US military drama series. The team search for a missing CIA aircraft. Tension grows when Sylvester insists on obeying Megan's wishes over her treatment. [AD,S]Mon, Jun 19, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionCrazy Train: US military drama series. Paige and Ralph are stuck on an out of control LA subway train, and Toby has his first fight and gets knocked out. [AD,S]Fri, Jun 16, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionTech Drugs and Rock n Roll Part 2: US military drama series. The second part one of a two-part episode as a computer virus turns the team's new 'smart' building into a death trap. [AD,S]Thu, Jun 15, 9:00 AMITV255 mins
ScorpionTech, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll Part 1: US military drama series. In part one of a two-part episode, the team's new 'smart' building is turned into a death trap by a computer virus. [AD,S]Wed, Jun 14, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionSuper Fun Guys: US military drama. The members of the team go undercover on a movie set in Kazakhstan, hoping to disable a Soviet-era nuclear missile being sold by terrorists. [AD,S]Tue, Jun 13, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionRobots: US military drama series. Walter, Cabe and Happy are on board a top-secret submarine when an explosion sends it to the bottom of the ocean. Can they make it out alive? [AD,S]Mon, Jun 12, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionFish Filet: US military drama series. Sylvester goes undercover in a prison to decipher a Japanese gang leader's secret codes. Ralph gets revenge on bullies in his own ingenious way. [AD,S]Fri, Jun 9, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionCuba Libre: US military drama series. When a woman from Cabe's past asks for help in apprehending a Serbian war criminal, the team travel to Cuba to track him down. [AD,S]Thu, Jun 8, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionSatellite of Love: Second series of US military drama. When a nuclear-powered Russian satellite is knocked out of orbit, the Scorpion team spring back into action. [AD,S]Wed, Jun 7, 9:35 AMITV250 mins
ScorpionPostcards from the Edge: US drama series. Despite uncertainty over their future together, the team must come together to save Walter's life as his car teeters on the edge of a cliff. [S]Tue, Jun 6, 9:35 AMITV250 mins