24 Hours in Police Custody



24 Hours in Police CustodyBedfordshire Police are particularly busy. A care worker denies stealing a gold bracelet. A man denies being involved in a stabbing. And a suspect is questioned about an assault. (S5 Ep5)Thu, Aug 3, 10:15 PMMore 460 mins
24 Hours in Police CustodyMore real-life drama. A man has been attacked and left unconscious on the floor of a crowded pub for over 30 minutes. Detectives face a wall of silence as they search for evidence. (S5 Ep4) [S]Thu, Jul 20, 10:15 PMMore 465 mins
24 Hours in Police CustodyA man comes to Luton Police station claiming that his life's in danger and that he's just escaped from a slave-owning gang. Over 200 officers launch a dawn raid on the suspects. (S5 Ep3) [S]Thu, Jul 13, 10:15 PMMore 465 mins
24 Hours in Police CustodyThe series starts with a blood-soaked man walking out of a hotel lift shouting that he's killed someone. Detectives investigate this real-life drama. (S5 Ep1) [S]Thu, Jun 22, 11:05 PMMore 460 mins