Chateau DIY



Chateau DIYBen and Billie have the tricky task of installing a Jacuzzi bath. Karen and her teenage son take the reins from the caretakers. Ben and Vanessa breathe life into their ballroom. (S1 Ep5) [AD,S]Wed, Jun 1, 6:55 PMMore 460 mins
Chateau DIYLydia and Gary start their search for a chateau to call home. Ben and Billie begin a complicated honeymoon suite project. Anna and Edward host their first wedding of the year. (S1 Ep4) [AD,S]Tue, May 31, 6:55 PMMore 460 mins
Chateau DIYMon, May 30, 6:55 PMMore 460 mins
Chateau DIYEdward is re-building the pool house, closely supervised by Anna. Debbie and Nigel move their bedroom into an unrenovated cellar. Jayne and Steve go all out on a Renaissance theme. (S1 Ep2) [AD,S]Fri, May 27, 5:55 PMMore 460 mins
Chateau DIYThu, May 26, 5:55 PMMore 460 mins
Chateau DIYJulia battles cracked plaster and expensive surprises during her bridal bedroom refurb. Anna and Edward get creative with candles. Debbie and Nigel transform an old piano into a gin bar. [AD,S]Mon, May 9, 8:25 PMMore 435 mins