44 Cats


When is 44 Cats on?

44 CatsScaredy Cats: The Buffycats set up a Halloween party, but Pilou is afraid when he hears about a monster that lives in the dark. Luckily, the Buffycats have a scary plan to help her! (S1 Ep29)Thu, Dec 9, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsAttic Mission: Granny needs the Buffycats help to tidy up the attic before they can eat their noodles. It's not an easy mission, but Igor the strongest cat in town is ready to lend a paw! (S1 Ep30)Thu, Dec 9, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsBlondie The Spy-cat: Milady loves spy-cat Jane Blondie's movies. One day, to her surprise, Jane Blondie involves Milady in a top secret mission to find out who's behind the dangerous Cat X. (S2 Ep33)Thu, Dec 9, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsWild And Brave: Pilou, Ginny and Scribbly spend a day out in the wilderness with Tata and Jungle. Their hike on Cat Mountain proves to be an adventure! (S2 Ep34)Thu, Dec 9, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Winter Buffolympics: Lampo and Boss compete at the Winter Buffolympics organised by Olympio. Determined to win the race, Boss will use his usual tricks... (S2 Ep35)Thu, Dec 9, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsUnderwater Cleanup: Seeing Sushi's collection of shells, the Buffycats run to the river to look for more, but there's a terrible surprise waiting for them... the river is full of trash! (S2 Ep36)Thu, Dec 9, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Flying Cat: Edison the scientist cat invents a pair of mechanical wings. Meatball dreams of flying as graceful as a bird, and offers himself up to test them. (S1 Ep31)Fri, Dec 10, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsTutankatmon's Treasure: Quatermain, the archeologist cat, is looking for Pharoah Tutankatmon's treasure. (S1 Ep32)Fri, Dec 10, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsSnack Time At The Farm: After a snack at the park, Pilou, Ginny and Bucky's tummies hurt. With Mimi's help, they search for the right ingredients for a pawesome natural snack. (S2 Ep37)Fri, Dec 10, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Space Rescue: The Cats in Black secret headquarters receives a call for help: it's Astricat, the alien kitty, who is in trouble in outer space! (S2 Ep38)Fri, Dec 10, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsWinston's Anti-cat Wall: Winston runs for mayor so he can build the world's largest anti-cat wall. With the support of the cat catchers, he tries to convince the citizens to vote for him. (S2 Ep39)Fri, Dec 10, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsTerry & Cop, Police Cats: When Terry finds out about the traffic-light saboteur mystery, he decides to take action. Acting always on pure instinct, Terry leads an investigation. (S2 Ep40)Fri, Dec 10, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Great Robin Rescue: The Buffycats sing with Robin, the happy mother robin redbreast, whose baby is ready to hatch from its egg! (S1 Ep33)Sat, Dec 11, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsMay the Best Cat Win: Lampo and Milady compete over who's the best, but the situation gets out of paw! (S1 Ep34)Sat, Dec 11, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsJungle Cats: The Buffycats investigate a monster spotted at the botanical garden. (S1 Ep35)Sun, Dec 12, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsPolice Cat in Action: Someone steals the precious DisCATobolus statue displayed at Monsieur LaPalette's gallery. It's action time for our furry fellows and Cop, the strict police cat! (S1 Ep36)Sun, Dec 12, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsSir Archibald, Gentlecat: The Buffycats are rehearsing for their concert when Archibald, Lampo's uncle, comes to visit. (S1 Ep37)Mon, Dec 13, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsPilou and the Scooter Chase: It's Pilou's birthday, and the Buffycats surprise her with a kick scooter, but the cat catchers trap the Buffycats! Will Pilou manage to save her furry fellows? (S1 Ep38)Mon, Dec 13, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsThe Easter Games: The Buffycats want to organise something special for Easter and Pilou asks her Auntie Lizzy for help. Thanks to her, a cat-tastic Easter-egg hunt will begin. (S2 Ep41)Mon, Dec 13, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsIsotta's Surprise Party: The Buffycats want to organise a surprise party. In order not to spoil the surprise, they decide to invite their friends without telling anyone about the party. (S2 Ep42)Mon, Dec 13, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsCats On Ice: Boss, Blister and Scab play a prank on the Buffycats by stealing their snacks. Lampo decides to solve the problem by challenging them to a game of Ice Cat. (S2 Ep43)Mon, Dec 13, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsSuper Cat Mission: After losing his cloak and being captured by the cat catcher, the Masked Cat asks Lampo for help: he will have to use a special key to enter his secret base. (S2 Ep44)Mon, Dec 13, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Tailoff Games: Boss, Blister and Scab are always ready to play pranks on the Buffycats. Lampo has had enough, so decides to challenge them to a Tailoff match. (S1 Ep39)Tue, Dec 14, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsPilou-saurus Rex: The Buffycats find a plastic dinosaur in the garden. The dinosaur starts playing all sorts of pranks on them. (S1 Ep40)Tue, Dec 14, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsThe Case Of The Secret Ingredient: Each furry fellow must bring something to eat for Traditional Foods Day and the Buffycats want to bring Granny Pina's noodles. (S2 Ep45)Tue, Dec 14, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMice On Bikes: Boss hears Tic, Tac and Toe talking about Speedy Cheese, the fastest biker mouse in the world, and decides to challenge him. (S2 Ep46)Tue, Dec 14, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsLampo, The Puss In Boots: Isotta tells the Buffycats a bedtime story, Puss in Boots. Lampo makes Gas a knight, but the citizens of Catabas can't rejoice. (S2 Ep47)Tue, Dec 14, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Ghost Train: A case needs to be solved by detective Pilou: Buddy and Derence ask for help when Meow City's cat treats disappear. (S2 Ep48)Tue, Dec 14, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsRecycling Romp: Boss, Blister and Scab toss objects into Granny Pina's garden, but it's Creative Recycling Day and our furry fellows use them to build toys! (S1 Ep41)Wed, Dec 15, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsSanta's Little Helper: Santa's helper cat Glitter crash lands in Granny Pina's garden. The Buffycats will have to help him find all the gifts he lost and save Christmas for all cats! (S1 Ep42)Wed, Dec 15, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsReturn To The Upside Down World: The Buffycats are using a robot that vacuums up dirt and transforms it into delicious smells, when Strangecat invites them to play in the Upside-Down World. (S2 Ep49)Wed, Dec 15, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsChoo Choo The Donkey: Charlie The Cat and the Buffycats organise the Furry Marathon: the athletes will have figure out which route to follow around Cat Mountain to reach the farm. (S2 Ep50)Wed, Dec 15, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Hula Hoop Contest: There's a new furry fellow in town: it's Alana, the Hawaiian hula hoop kitty, and she's ready to teach the Buffycats a special game! (S2 Ep51)Wed, Dec 15, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe World's Tallest Hamburger: After seeing the Pawesome Book of World Records, the Buffycats attempt to beat the 'tallest hamburger in the world' record. (S2 Ep52)Wed, Dec 15, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins


44 CatsA Stinky Mission: The stinky cat, Gas, complains to Meatball that he is tired of living in a trash bin. Meatball offers to help him find a new home, but will Gas find his dream house? (S2 Ep31)Wed, Dec 8, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Kite Contest: The Buffycats have built a kite and are ready for the annual kite contest. The Boss is also taking part, and he's ready to do any trick he can to get the better of them. (S2 Ep30)Wed, Dec 8, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsCharlie The Cat: Everything is ready for the Cat Show, but the Buffycats are missing a show host. By chance they meet Charlie the Cat, who seems to be perfect for the job. (S2 Ep29)Wed, Dec 8, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Art of LaPalette: Monsieur LaPalette holds an art contest for the most beautiful art piece to feature in his gallery. Boss and the Buffycats challenge each other. (S1 Ep28)Wed, Dec 8, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsThree Cats And A Kitten: Milady, Pilou and Meatball offer to babysit little Hope while her mum Lola leaves in search of her lost Whisker Twister. (S2 Ep28)Tue, Dec 7, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Cat-Fu Show: Meow-Paw, Milady's grandpa, comes to visit her ahead of the traditional Cat-Fu Day show. (S2 Ep26)Tue, Dec 7, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsGranny Pina's Birthday: Several birds that were outside are welcomed into the house by the Buffycats, but they cause a series of funny disasters and literally turn the house upside down! (S2 Ep25)Tue, Dec 7, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsA New Friend For Pilou: When the other Buffycats are busy, Pilou looks for someone to play with. A tender little kitten seems like fun, but turns out to be a brat cat! (S1 Ep26)Tue, Dec 7, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsThe Halloween Monster: It's Halloween night and the Buffycats go trick or treating. Will the Buffycats manage to unmask the Halloween Monster? (S2 Ep24)Mon, Dec 6, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMara, the Hippo: A wooden crate falls from a truck. Inside is Mara, a hippo who was being returned to Africa. The Buffycats do everything they can to help Mara get back to her native land. (S2 Ep23)Mon, Dec 6, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMice on the Run!: Boss, Blister and Scab are on the trail of three little mice who ended up in the garden of Winston's villa.(S2 Ep22)Mon, Dec 6, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Treasure of Catbeard: Neko involves Pilou and her furry fellows in a cat-tastic mission to find the legendary treasure of pirate Catbeard! (S2 Ep21)Mon, Dec 6, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsLampo at the Buffolympics: Lampo is determined to win the Buffolympics, the world's biggest cat sports event. But his opponent is Olympio, the greatest athlete cat in the world! (S1 Ep24)Mon, Dec 6, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsA Game for the Buffycats: The Buffycats set up a treasure hunt to find objects around the city. But the game gets more and more complicated, and the final object seems impossible to collect. (S1 Ep22)Sun, Dec 5, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsDetective Pilou: Pilou enjoys playing detective, but longs for a real case to investigate. When Fleur needs the Buffycats' help to find her missing flower, Pilou is thrilled! (S1 Ep21)Sun, Dec 5, 12:00 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsA Fistful of Cat Treats: The Buffycats meet two new cats named Buddy and Derence - and soon after, all their cat treats mysteriously disappear... (S2 Ep20)Fri, Dec 3, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsA Day Trip with Uncle Greg: Greg, Meatball's uncle, organises a cat-tastic excursion to lead the Buffycats to the top of Cat Mountain! (S2 Ep19)Fri, Dec 3, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Basketfur Game: Ahead of a game against Boss, Blister and Scab, former basketfur champion Will offers to train the Buffycats. (S2 Ep18)Fri, Dec 3, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMeatball, the Mail Delivery Cat: Meatball brings the mail to Granny Pina, and she rewards him with cat treats and cuddles as usual, but Granny finds an envelope not addressed to her. (S2 Ep17)Fri, Dec 3, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsPiperita, the Chef Cat: Piperita is a chef cat who dreams of becoming a master chef like Alfredo. The Buffycats decide to help Piperita find the right recipe to amaze everyone! (S1 Ep18)Fri, Dec 3, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsAida, the Robot Cat: To help Granny keep the house tidy, the Buffycats ask Edison, the inventor cat, for help. By recycling various objects, Edison invents AIDA, a robot cat. (S2 Ep16)Thu, Dec 2, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsA Rainy Day: Wrench involves the Buffycats in his 'Scrapyard Game,' an activity where the four cat friends go on adventurous missions, all while avoiding the heavy rain pouring outside! (S2 Ep15)Thu, Dec 2, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Best Dog Challenge: Bucky, Zoe, Terry and Sushi start arguing and decide to organise a game to prove who is the best dog. (S2 Ep14)Thu, Dec 2, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsSushi, the Globetrotting Puppy: The Buffycats want to surprise Granny Pina by cooking something special. They ask for help from Sushi, Isotta's globetrotting puppy. (S2 Ep13)Thu, Dec 2, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMeatball's Secret Move: The Buffycats try to find Granny Pina's lost lucky locket, but are faced with all their enemies! Luckily Igor, the strongest cat in town, comes to lend a paw! (S1 Ep16)Thu, Dec 2, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsThe Cat Colour Game: Cream organises a game called Cat Calls Colour. The Buffycats are excited to play, but Boss, Blister and Scab, who have secretly heard everything, challenge them. (S2 Ep12)Wed, Dec 1, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Upside Down World: After a binge of crunchy treats, the Buffycats live an incredible daydream: passing through a mirror of the house they enter the Upside-Down World! (S2 Ep11)Wed, Dec 1, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Great Scooter Race: A scooter race is being held in the park and Pilou is thrilled to participate. It seems Terry the pug could easily win the race, but Boss is in the mood for jokes. (S2 Ep10)Wed, Dec 1, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsScribbly, the Stray Kitten: It's Feline Good Deeds Day and Scribbly, a stray kitten, wants to lend a paw and make new cat friends. (S2 Ep9)Wed, Dec 1, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMilky & Chock's Circus: The Buffycats are charmed by the incredible clown cat that can magically appear and disappear, while Boss, Blister and Scab try to attract him to their team... (S1 Ep14)Wed, Dec 1, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsPilou and Her Loose Tooth: Pilou notices she has a loose tooth and she's a bit scared. She doesn't want to touch it because she's afraid it could be painful! S2 Ep8)Tue, Nov 30, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsSir Lamp, the Great Golfer: Lampo is excluded from the golf tournament organised by Boss, but he doesn't give up: he challenges Boss to show him that golf is a sport suitable for all cats. (S2 Ep7)Tue, Nov 30, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Flying Treasure Hunt: A 'flying treasure hunt' takes place in the city. Competitors must move from one place to another without touching the ground. (S2 Ep6)Tue, Nov 30, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Mystery of the Ghost Cat: Word has spread that there's a ghost cat in town: objects moving by themselves and disappearing suggest that a presence is haunting the neighbourhood... (S2 Ep5)Tue, Nov 30, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Dance Contest: Ginny the guinea pig dreams of winning a famous dance competition but is lacking in self confidence. Will she manage to make her dream come true thanks to the Buffycats? (S1 Ep12)Tue, Nov 30, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsA Very Special Girl!: Granny Pina is anxious and busy, because a very special guest is coming to visit: her granddaughter Isotta. (S2 Ep4)Mon, Nov 29, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsTerry, the Firefighter Cat: Terry the pug, believing himself to be a cat, wants to become the firefighters' cat and does his very best to prove he's brave enough. (S2 Ep3)Mon, Nov 29, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsPeppy's True Talent: Peppy wants to become a circus artist just like her uncles, Milky and Choc. But despite several attempts, Peppy can't perform as she wants. (S2 Ep2)Mon, Nov 29, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsA Cat-tastic Work of Art!: Winston deceives his friend Abdul: he tries to convince Granny Pina to allow Winston to bulldoze her house and build a giant shopping mall. (S2 Ep1)Mon, Nov 29, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsLampo and the Crazy Race: Lampo wants to join the Meow Meow Grand Prix. The problem is, he doesn't have a bike. Luckily, the mechanic cat Wrench builds him a special one. (S1 Ep10)Mon, Nov 29, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsNeko, the Lucky Cat: Neko, the luckiest cat in the neighbourhood, becomes a real magnet for trouble. The Buffycats try to help him regain his luck and confidence. (S1 Ep8)Sun, Nov 28, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsGas the Stinky Cat: Gas is the smelliest cat in town. He uses his stink to scare off the others and eat their food, but the Buffycats find out that behind his smell he's a new cat-friend! (S1 Ep6)Sat, Nov 27, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 Cats44 Cats - The Musical: The Buffycats are organizing the annual Cat Party. Thanks to a pawesome Buffy-Brainstorm, they set up a musical with all 44 cats. Everyone joins the show! (S1 Ep52)Fri, Nov 26, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsPilou The Kitten Sitter: Granny Pina is out and Lampo, Milady and Meatball are busy. Pilou goes for a walk with her doll, but when she gets home there's a kitten in her stroller instead! (S1 Ep51)Fri, Nov 26, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsThe Rolling Pin Quest: Granny Pina is doing some Granny-Karate moves when her rolling pin flies and breaks! How will she prepare her noodles? (S1 Ep50)Fri, Nov 26, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsFarmer Cats For A Day: Granny Pina has run out of ingredients for apple pie, so she goes to the farm with the Buffycats. They help Granny by getting everything she needs. (S1 Ep49)Fri, Nov 26, 9:30 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsCat Traps: Granny Pina's neighbour, Winston, has a garden full of unpredictable cat traps. Meatball falls into the garden, and the Buffycats face an obstacle course to rescue him! (S1 Ep4)Fri, Nov 26, 12:12 AMPOP12 mins
44 CatsBongo On Stage: The white orangutan Bongo is going to perform a tango dance at Milky and Choc's circus! Bongo hides in the clubhouse, and the Buffycats help him gain confidence. (S1 Ep48)Thu, Nov 25, 10:15 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsMeatball The Sleepwalker: Granny Pina is off for the weekend, and Meatball is so hungry he eats everything Granny left for the Buffycats! Meatball also starts sleepwalking. (S1 Ep47)Thu, Nov 25, 10:00 AMPOP15 mins
44 CatsPinky Paws Rock!: The Pinky Paws are in town for a concert, and Pilou wins the chance to host before the show. Cherry, the lead singer, sprains her ankle! (S1 Ep46)Thu, Nov 25, 9:45 AMPOP15 mins