Barbie Dreamtopia


When is Barbie Dreamtopia on?

Barbie DreamtopiaUnicorn in the Clouds: A discussion about what cloud shapes look like to Chelsea, Barbie and Otto prompts a trip to Rainbow Cove, where Rainbow Queen Barbie orders a Winged Unicorn statue. (S1 Ep17)Fri, Oct 23, 3:12 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaSailing on a String: Chelsea, Jace, Zoie and Otto are making kites, but Otto takes all the materials for the kites' tails. (S1 Ep18)Fri, Oct 23, 3:24 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaRainbow Cove Games: While Otto keeps winning at a board game, Chelsea imagines herself in Rainbow Cove and plays in an imaginary team sport against Barbie and the Notto Prince. (S1 Ep19)Sat, Oct 24, 3:12 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaMagic Seeds: When Chelsea and Barbie discover a strange seed pod in their yard, Chelsea imagines herself in Sweetville, where everyone is planting crops for the Country Fair. (S1 Ep20)Sat, Oct 24, 3:24 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaSound in Lollipop Grove: Chelsea hears a scary noise, and imagines herself in Sweetville where residents are hearing a strange noise which is causing the Candy Castle walls to shake apart. (S1 Ep21)Sun, Oct 25, 3:12 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaIt's Not Easy Being Clean: As Chelsea helps Barbie clean up her room, she wishes she could do it superfast. In Sparkle Mountain, the Apprentice Queens create a mess with their spell-testing. (S1 Ep22)Sun, Oct 25, 3:24 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaMagical Gifts of the Forest: When Barbie gives Chelsea a gift for no particular reason, Chelsea imagines herself in Wispy Forest where everyone is picking someone to give a gift to. (S1 Ep23)Mon, Oct 26, 3:12 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Sweetville Parade: As Chelsea and her friends decorate their bikes, they lead Chelsea to Sweetville where she inspires the whole town to come up with ideas to make the best parade ever. (S1 Ep24)Mon, Oct 26, 3:24 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Fancy Cheese Fiasco: When Chelsea and Otto accidentally break something of Barbie's, they are afraid to tell her. (S1 Ep25)Tue, Oct 27, 3:12 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Tumbling' Tangleweed: When Chelsea can't find a hair clip, she imagines herself in Wispy Forest, where everyone has experienced losing an item after not returning it to its place. (S1 Ep26)Tue, Oct 27, 3:24 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaBuilding a Liquorice Barn: While Barbie, Chelsea and their friends are waiting for their cupcakes to cool, Chelsea tells a story set in Dreamtopia. (S1 Ep1)Wed, Oct 28, 3:12 AMTiny Pop12 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Supersonic Sparkling Lemonator: At a sleepover, Chelsea and her friends share their favourite toys to sleep with but Otto is embarrassed to admit he has brought a piece of a baby blanket. (S1 Ep2)Wed, Oct 28, 3:24 AMTiny Pop12 mins


Barbie DreamtopiaJoin Barbie, Chelsea and her puppy Honey as they swim through rainbow rivers with beautiful mermaids and fly through cotton candy clouds with fairies. All you have to do is dream!Sun, Apr 9, 9:00 AMPOP61 mins