Barbie Dreamtopia


When is Barbie Dreamtopia on?

Barbie DreamtopiaA Mopple Mishap: Chelsea and her friends see just how easy it is for misunderstandings to occur. (S1 Ep6)Sat, Jan 19, 10:00 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaA Staticky Situation: A rainstorm keeps Chelsea from going outside, but that doesnt stop her from thinking about Dreamtopia! (S1 Ep7)Sat, Jan 19, 10:15 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Lost Treasure Of Prism Princess: When sprinklers unexpectedly interrupt their football game, Chelsea and her friends must take cover in a small playhouse. (S1 Ep8)Sat, Jan 19, 10:30 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaFour Time The Chelsea: While Chelsea works with Otto on a puzzle, his know-it-all attitude has her wishing for a friend who is just like her. (S1 Ep9)Sat, Jan 19, 10:45 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Wispy Forest Hairathalon: Chelsea is struggling to do a cartwheel but refuses Barbies help. Chelseas imagination takes her to Dreamtopia where she participates in the Hairathalon. (S1 Ep10)Sun, Jan 20, 10:00 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaA Winning Colour Combination: When they each open a lemonade stand, Chelseas lemonade is too sweet and Ottos too sour. In Dreamtopia, the colour green is fading... (S1 Ep11)Sun, Jan 20, 10:15 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaThe Damaged Spellbook: When Chelsea discovers that Otto has torn a page in a cookbook that he borrowed, she goes to Dreamtopia, where the Apprentice Queens perform an opposite spell... (S1 Ep12)Sun, Jan 20, 10:30 AMTiny Pop15 mins
Barbie DreamtopiaConcert In The Clouds: When Otto gives Chelsea a hard time about her singing, she goes to Rainbow Cove, where she is asked by Rainbow Queen Barbie to sing in a concert for the Cloud Council. (S1 Ep13)Sun, Jan 20, 10:45 AMTiny Pop15 mins


Barbie DreamtopiaJoin Barbie, Chelsea and her puppy Honey as they swim through rainbow rivers with beautiful mermaids and fly through cotton candy clouds with fairies. All you have to do is dream!Sun, Apr 9, 9:00 AMPOP61 mins