Numb Chucks


When is Numb Chucks on?

Numb ChucksSpit-uation Critical: Buford yells so much at Dilweed and Fungus that he runs out of spit! (S2 Ep51)Wed, Jun 20, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksGet Him to Ding-a-Ling Springs: Dilweed and Fungus go out in search of Woodchuck Morris, the only known spit donor match to save Buford. (S2 Ep52)Wed, Jun 20, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChuck Be a Lady: Dilweed and Fungus secretly attend Hooves' high school reunion when they find out that Woodchuck Morris himself will be there! (S1 Ep1)Wed, Jun 20, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksCouch Potato: The Chucks found a potato charity to help the children of Ding-A-Ling Springs. Then they take Buford's favourite couch, thinking he has donated a giant potato. (S1 Ep2)Thu, Jun 21, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksGranny's Gone Wild: When the Chucks take sweet Grandma Butternut grocery shopping, a series of unfortunate events causes them to think she has become an evil super villain. (S1 Ep3)Thu, Jun 21, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksMummies' Dummies: Left alone at night in charge of Pinheads, Dilweed and Fungus think the bowling alley is being attacked by evil ninja mummies. (S1 Ep4)Thu, Jun 21, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksJar of Power: Buford sells the Chucks a fake Woodchuck Morris fart in a jar. But when the jar seems to give the Chucks amazing luck in everything they do, he wants it back! (S1 Ep5)Fri, Jun 22, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksLegend of Snacky Chan: The Chucks go on a rescue mission when a kung fu friend of theirs, a beat-up old vending machine, is 'kidnapped' by a repairman. (S1 Ep6)Fri, Jun 22, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksUp With the Chucks: Buford agrees to help Quills with a party she's throwing, then he's horrified to discover that she's celebrating Dilweed and Fungus! (S1 Ep7)Fri, Jun 22, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksAttack of Hammerfist Man: After watching a Woodchuck Morris movie, the Chucks are convinced that the bad guy has come to pay a visit to their next-door neighbour, Hooves. (S1 Ep8)Sat, Jun 23, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksAdventures in Bufordsitting: Grandma Butternut is sick of Buford's irresponsible behaviour, so she hires Dilweed and Fungus to babysit him. (S1 Ep9)Sat, Jun 23, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksEnter the Sheep: The Chucks open up a useless kung-fu school, but when Buford accidentally ends up with a black tie around his waist, they hail him as a black belt master! (S1 Ep10)Sat, Jun 23, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksA Toast to Love: Dilweed and Fungus' relationship is threatened when Fungus falls in love with a toaster. (S1 Ep11)Sun, Jun 24, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDr Sinister: When a new neighbour moves onto the Chucks' street, they become convinced that he is pure evil. (S1 Ep12)Sun, Jun 24, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDriving Mr Buford: Grandma Butternut is sick of Buford's irresponsible behaviour, so she hires Dilweed and Fungus to babysit him. (S1 Ep13)Sun, Jun 24, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksWho Put The Ding In Ding-a-ling?: The town has a friendly new mascot, but whenever he's left alone with the Chucks, he is mean to them. (S1 Ep14)Mon, Jun 25, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksD.E.R.P.: Dilweed and Fungus run afoul of Hooves' newly installed and highly intelligent home security system. (S1 Ep15)Mon, Jun 25, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksIntelligence Not Included: Buford reprograms the Chucks' talking Woodchuck Morris doll, in an effort to make them do whatever he says. (S1 Ep16)Mon, Jun 25, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksDeck the Hooves: The Chucks mistake Hooves for the real Santa Claus, and turn his life into a North Pole nightmare! (S1 Ep17)Tue, Jun 26, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksA Buford Carol: When Buford refuses to go to the Chucks' holiday party (again!), he is visited by the ghosts of woodchucks past. (S1 Ep18)Tue, Jun 26, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksSmell The Knowledge: When Buford 'accidentally' washes Dilweed's kung-fu belt, the Chucks believe he has lost all his kung-fu knowledge. (S1 Ep19)Tue, Jun 26, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins


Numb ChucksDing-a-Ling's Toughest: Dilweed and Fungus dig a massive hole in search of their keys. (S2 Ep50)Tue, Jun 19, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chucks Get Stuck In A Hole: Dilweed and Fungus enter a strongman competition, but lose badly. (S2 Ep49)Tue, Jun 19, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksBuford Protection Program: In an effort to escape the Chucks, Buford asks the police to put him in witness protection. (S2 Ep48)Tue, Jun 19, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChucky Con Carny: Dilweed and Fungus get snookered by a crooked carnival game. (S2 Ep47)Mon, Jun 18, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksSkidvarks: The Chucks lose their TV signal and instead pick up a strange show that seems to be based on their lives. (S2 Ep45)Mon, Jun 18, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Choptor Is In: Dilweed has healing kung fu chops and takes over for Dr Noodle. (S2 Ep44)Sun, Jun 17, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksChucks On A Plane: Dilweed and Fungus help Quills get over her fear of flying. (S2 Ep43)Sun, Jun 17, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksGum Fu Hustle: Dilweed and Fungus get stuck together with bubble gum. (S2 Ep42)Sun, Jun 17, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksTongue Fu: Fungus breaks every bone in his body, but discovers a new skill. (S2 Ep41)Sat, Jun 16, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksChuck It Forward: With a new stop sign in front of their house, Dilweed and Fungus bend over backwards to please unhappy motorists by 'Chucking it Forward'. (S2 Ep40)Sat, Jun 16, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChildren of the Sweetcorn: Woodchuck Morris wins a kung fu award and thanks Granny Sweetcorn for changing his life. (S2 Ep39)Sat, Jun 16, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksO Evil Tree, O Evil Tree: In order to stoke some Christmas cheer, Dilweed and Fungus go tree shopping. (S2 Ep38)Fri, Jun 15, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksTwas The Fight Before Christmas: Dilweed and Fungus attack and injure an intruder - who just happens to be Santa Claus! (S2 Ep37)Fri, Jun 15, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Verminator: Dilweed is mistaken for a robot from the future. (S2 Ep36)Fri, Jun 15, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksSix More Weeks Of Dumbness: After the Groundhog sees his shadow, Dilweed and Fungus promise to bring an end to a terrible winter. (S2 Ep35)Thu, Jun 14, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksEnter The Kraken: Dilweed and Fungus are lost at sea when they meet a strange new friend. (S2 Ep34)Thu, Jun 14, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDiligan's Island: Thanks to Dilweed and Fungus, most of Ding-a-Ling Springs gets stranded on a deserted island. (S2 Ep33)Thu, Jun 14, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksNight Hooves: Dilweed and Fungus follow Hooves sneaking off one night, and discover he's a member of a strange moose club. (S2 Ep32)Wed, Jun 13, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksBling-a-Ling Springs: Dilweed and Fungus accidentally become rich! (S2 Ep31)Wed, Jun 13, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDazed And Confused: Buford gets amnesia and thinks he and the Chucks are best friends. (S2 Ep30)Wed, Jun 13, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus think Woodchuck Morris is calling to give them directives, but it's really Hooves who is trying to protect his prize gourd from them. (S2 Ep29)Tue, Jun 12, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksWhat About Winky?: Dilweed and Fungus go to a taping of their favourite show, the 'Winky the Mole Show', but they accidentally wander onto set and become stars on live TV. (S2 Ep28)Tue, Jun 12, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksQuills' strange history is revealed when odd Russian bears show up at Pinheads. (S2 Ep27)Tue, Jun 12, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksAre You Smarter Than A Woodchuck?: Fungus puts on Granny Butternut's old glasses and they make him a genius. (S2 Ep26)Mon, Jun 11, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksNumbsicles: Buford comes up with the greatest insult ever, but Dilweed and Fungus misinterpret it as the greatest nickname ever. (S2 Ep25)Mon, Jun 11, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus act as Buford's lawyers when he's accused of stealing the Salmon of Justice. (S2 Ep24)Mon, Jun 11, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksBuford convinces the Chucks they've fallen asleep and awoken 1,000 years in the future - a future with no Woodchuck Morris! (S2 Ep23)Sun, Jun 10, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chuck Stops Here: Dilweed and Fungus accidentally injure Lenny the Crossing Goose and so they offer to watch his corner for him until he can return. (S2 Ep22)Sun, Jun 10, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus find a caveman living in a block of ice. (S2 Ep20)Sat, Jun 9, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus try to help Buford out by setting Hooves up on a date with Granny. (S2 Ep19)Sat, Jun 9, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chucks train toddlers to help them keep watch after "sleep robbers" steal their TV. (S2 Ep18)Sat, Jun 9, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus accidentally lose Hooves' prized kite and need to rescue it before he finds out. (S2 Ep17)Fri, Jun 8, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus are given the chance to help make a meal for Woodchuck Morris by using the corn that's growing out of Fungus' ear. (S2 Ep16)Fri, Jun 8, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksHooves loses his house on a game show thanks to the Chucks and their questionable knowledge of Woodchuck Morris. (S2 Ep15)Fri, Jun 8, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chucks have Crispin over for a sleepover party, but his dad's security team turns the house into a fortress. (S2 Ep14)Thu, Jun 7, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus go to meet Woodchuck Morris at a mall signing, but they're stunned to discover it's just a dude in a costume! (S2 Ep13)Thu, Jun 7, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus get a robot Woodchuck Morris and it is awesome! (S2 Ep12)Thu, Jun 7, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDesperate to get more of the doctor's lollipops, Dilweed and Fungus go about making themselves sick and in the process they conjure up a giant snot monster. (S2 Ep11)Wed, Jun 6, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksQuills saves the Chucks' lives, so now they must save her life - whether she wants it or not. (S2 Ep10)Wed, Jun 6, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus accidentally ruin the biggest story of Dawn Dingledash's career and end up getting her fired. (S2 Ep9)Wed, Jun 6, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chucks try to help Quills get rid of her hiccups, but instead they end up scaring the needles right off of her. (S2 Ep8)Tue, Jun 5, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus go to war with the trees, razing the whole town, much to the chagrin of some very angry and now homeless birds. (S2 Ep7)Tue, Jun 5, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksAfter getting his tail flattened at the fair, Buford convinces Fungus he's turning into a beaver. (S2 Ep6)Tue, Jun 5, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksFungus has a tapeworm living inside him and it starts to take control of his actions. (S2 Ep5)Mon, Jun 4, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chucks become convinced that Dilweed has a lucky foot that can grant wishes with a swift kick to the rear. (S2 Ep4)Mon, Jun 4, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus are terrorised by Quills' new Pinheads promotion: a giant, flappy-armed waving balloon. (S2 Ep3)Mon, Jun 4, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksMr Mayor grants Buford one wish, and he wishes for kung fu to be banned in all Ding-a-Ling Springs. (S2 Ep2)Sun, Jun 3, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chucks discover that Fungus and not Dilweed is the older brother by 15 seconds. (S2 Ep1)Sun, Jun 3, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksMop of Majesty: The Chucks unleash the legendary Mop of Majesty and use it to clean up the town. But things get complicated when 'Lord Filth' is unleashed upon the town! (S1 Ep52)Sun, Jun 3, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksBubble Bubble Witchy Trouble: It's Scare-O-Ween and the Chucks head out to frighten everyone in town, but they end up getting a heaping helping of terror themselves! (S1 Ep51)Sat, Jun 2, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins