Numb Chucks


When is Numb Chucks on?

Numb ChucksChucky See Chucky Doo: The Chucks blindfold themselves for a new Way of the Chuck training regime and quickly spread chaos all around town. (S1 Ep29)Sun, Mar 18, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksHeartsy Fartsy: It's Valentine's Day and the Chucks think that Hooves has stolen Grandma's heart - literally. They have to get it back! (S1 Ep30)Sun, Mar 18, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksOld's Well That Ends Well: Fungus stays in the bath too long and his skin gets pruney. So Dilweed checks him into an old people's home. (S1 Ep31)Sun, Mar 18, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksQuills Unleashed: Quills is staying over at the Chucks' place and is transformed into a Chuck after she accidentally watches the entire Woodchuck Morris tape in her sleep. (S1 Ep32)Mon, Mar 19, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksEvaluation Situation: The town has a bug infestation problem, but when the unaware Chucks eat all the bug repellent, how will the town be saved? (S1 Ep33)Mon, Mar 19, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksJust Chucklax: The Chucks need to relax, so they take a vacation at Grandma Butternut's B&B, where an annoyed Buford has to find a way to get them to leave. (S1 Ep34)Mon, Mar 19, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksSock & Awe: Dilweed and Fungus run afoul of a pair of wrestlers and have to rely on Buford to train them for the resulting wresting match. (S1 Ep35)Tue, Mar 20, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksRecipe for Destruction: It's time for the Ding-A-Ling Springs annual pie bake-off, so the Chucks help Granny guard her prized entry from her greatest rival, Granny Sweetcorn. (S1 Ep36)Tue, Mar 20, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksCast Blast: The Chucks invade Ding-A-Ling Springs hospital when they hear that Woodchuck Morris is there, but quickly run afoul of a nasty nurse. (S1 Ep37)Tue, Mar 20, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksSleeping Hoovesy: It's time for Hooves' detested family reunion, but he's so tired, the Chucks can't wake him up. The Chucks take the sleeping Hooves anyway. (S1 Ep38)Wed, Mar 21, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksNew Improved Chucks: The Chucks promise Quills they'll drum up business for Pinheads using their own unique style of promotion. (S1 Ep39)Wed, Mar 21, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksMoosetaken Identity: The Chucks go camping with Hooves but quickly come to believe he is in fact a notorious escaped criminal. (S1 Ep40)Wed, Mar 21, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksHug-o-war: When Fungus' beloved teddy bear, Samson, goes missing, he is forced to enter the 'Me and My Stuffy' contest using Buford as his pretend stuffy. (S1 Ep41)Thu, Mar 22, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksFan Boy: Fungus attracts an enthusiastic little boy as a fan. What he doesn't know is that the kid isn't as innocent as he seems... (S1 Ep42)Thu, Mar 22, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChucks Ahoy: The Chucks discover a pirate treasure map written in bathroom graffiti in the Pin Heads bathroom. They set out with greedy Buford to locate the lucrative booty. (S1 Ep43)Thu, Mar 22, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksCamp Chipper Chuck: The Chucks take Buford to a Happiness Camp to get happy. Once there, Buford finds out the Camp Counsellor has some nefarious and permanently happy plans for him. (S1 Ep44)Fri, Mar 23, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksHuh Brother Where Art Thou?: Fungus wakes up one morning to find that Dilweed is missing. Not wanting to be alone, he becomes best friends with Hooves. (S1 Ep45)Fri, Mar 23, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Moment of Tooth: Dr. Sinister returns and plants a mind-control tooth in Dilweed's mouth. (S1 Ep46)Fri, Mar 23, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksKung Fear: When Buford finds out that Dilweed and Fungus are terrified of dryer lint, he hatches a linty plan to drive them out of Ding-A-Ling Springs for good. (S1 Ep47)Sat, Mar 24, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksTour Evildoer: The Chucks take over a tour bus, believing that someone on there is a villain. (S1 Ep48)Sat, Mar 24, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksBig Foot Fungus: The Chucks and Buford are on their way to a friend's b-day party. When Fungus runs into the woods for a bathroom break, he swaps places with an identical-looking Big Foot. (S1 Ep49)Sat, Mar 24, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins


Numb ChucksBeach Blanket Bozos: When Buford finds out Quills can perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, he decides he needs to find a way to get her to perform it on him. (S1 Ep28)Sat, Mar 17, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksChocolate Dipped Chucks: A slimy businessman opens up a popular new business in the Pin Heads parking lot. Quills needs him to leave - now! (S1 Ep27)Sat, Mar 17, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksHunk O Chuck: Fungus gets a makeover and becomes handsome. His handsomeness soon gets in the way of official Chuck business. (S1 Ep26)Sat, Mar 17, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Butt-kick List: Buford convinces Fungus that a giant tree will soon grow out of his nose, leaving him stranded forever. The Chucks decide to make Fungus' "final day" his most fun ever. (S1 Ep25)Fri, Mar 16, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksSwimming Fools: The Chucks invite themselves over to Hooves' new backyard pool. Unfortunately, Hooves has a long list of pool rules! (S1 Ep24)Fri, Mar 16, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksFly Shui: After Dilweed tries to swat an annoying fly, Fungus opens up a fly sanctuary in the Chuck household. (S1 Ep23)Fri, Mar 16, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Wind Beneath My Wig: The Chucks introduce Granny to the exciting world of the Way of the Chuck, and she loves it - a little too much! (S1 Ep22)Thu, Mar 15, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksBreaking Badge: Fungus finds an official Woodchuck Morris #1 badge in his cereal. The Chucks believe he is now "number one", until the badge blows off him and around the town. (S1 Ep21)Thu, Mar 15, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksLes Fancy Chucks: Hooves auditions to join Le Fancy Club, but when the Chucks show up pretending to be his butlers, will he be able to keep things fancy? (S1 Ep20)Thu, Mar 15, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDriving Mr Buford: Grandma Butternut is sick of Buford's irresponsible behaviour, so she hires Dilweed and Fungus to babysit him. (S1 Ep13)Mon, Mar 12, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksDr Sinister: When a new neighbour moves onto the Chucks' street, they become convinced that he is pure evil. (S1 Ep12)Mon, Mar 12, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksA Toast to Love: Dilweed and Fungus' relationship is threatened when Fungus falls in love with a toaster. (S1 Ep11)Mon, Mar 12, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksEnter the Sheep: The Chucks open up a useless kung-fu school, but when Buford accidentally ends up with a black tie around his waist, they hail him as a black belt master! (S1 Ep10)Sun, Mar 11, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksUp With the Chucks: Buford agrees to help Quills with a party she's throwing, then he's horrified to discover that she's celebrating Dilweed and Fungus! (S1 Ep7)Sat, Mar 10, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksLegend of Snacky Chan: The Chucks go on a rescue mission when a kung fu friend of theirs, a beat-up old vending machine, is 'kidnapped' by a repairman. (S1 Ep6)Sat, Mar 10, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksJar of Power: Buford sells the Chucks a fake Woodchuck Morris fart in a jar. But when the jar seems to give the Chucks amazing luck in everything they do, he wants it back! (S1 Ep5)Sat, Mar 10, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksMummies' Dummies: Left alone at night in charge of Pinheads, Dilweed and Fungus think the bowling alley is being attacked by evil ninja mummies. (S1 Ep4)Fri, Mar 9, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksGranny's Gone Wild: When the Chucks take sweet Grandma Butternut grocery shopping, a series of unfortunate events causes them to think she has become an evil super villain. (S1 Ep3)Fri, Mar 9, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksCouch Potato: The Chucks found a potato charity to help the children of Ding-A-Ling Springs. Then they take Buford's favourite couch, thinking he has donated a giant potato. (S1 Ep2)Fri, Mar 9, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChuck Be a Lady: Dilweed and Fungus secretly attend Hooves' high school reunion when they find out that Woodchuck Morris himself will be there! (S1 Ep1)Thu, Mar 8, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksGet Him to Ding-a-Ling Springs: Dilweed and Fungus go out in search of Woodchuck Morris, the only known spit donor match to save Buford. (S2 Ep52)Thu, Mar 8, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksSpit-uation Critical: Buford yells so much at Dilweed and Fungus that he runs out of spit! (S2 Ep51)Thu, Mar 8, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDing-a-Ling's Toughest: Dilweed and Fungus dig a massive hole in search of their keys. (S2 Ep50)Wed, Mar 7, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksBuford Protection Program: In an effort to escape the Chucks, Buford asks the police to put him in witness protection. (S2 Ep48)Wed, Mar 7, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChucky Con Carny: Dilweed and Fungus get snookered by a crooked carnival game. (S2 Ep47)Tue, Mar 6, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksZen Fu: The Chucks discover that Woodchuck Morris' greatest punching bag lives right here in Ding-a-Ling Springs! (S2 Ep46)Tue, Mar 6, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksSkidvarks: The Chucks lose their TV signal and instead pick up a strange show that seems to be based on their lives. (S2 Ep45)Tue, Mar 6, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Choptor Is In: Dilweed has healing kung fu chops and takes over for Dr Noodle. (S2 Ep44)Mon, Mar 5, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksTongue Fu: Fungus breaks every bone in his body, but discovers a new skill. (S2 Ep41)Sun, Mar 4, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksChuck It Forward: With a new stop sign in front of their house, Dilweed and Fungus bend over backwards to please unhappy motorists by 'Chucking it Forward'. (S2 Ep40)Sun, Mar 4, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksChildren of the Sweetcorn: Woodchuck Morris wins a kung fu award and thanks Granny Sweetcorn for changing his life. (S2 Ep39)Sun, Mar 4, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksO Evil Tree, O Evil Tree: In order to stoke some Christmas cheer, Dilweed and Fungus go tree shopping. (S2 Ep38)Sat, Mar 3, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksTwas The Fight Before Christmas: Dilweed and Fungus attack and injure an intruder - who just happens to be Santa Claus! (S2 Ep37)Sat, Mar 3, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksThe Verminator: Dilweed is mistaken for a robot from the future. (S2 Ep36)Sat, Mar 3, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksSix More Weeks Of Dumbness: After the Groundhog sees his shadow, Dilweed and Fungus promise to bring an end to a terrible winter. (S2 Ep35)Fri, Mar 2, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksEnter The Kraken: Dilweed and Fungus are lost at sea when they meet a strange new friend. (S2 Ep34)Fri, Mar 2, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDiligan's Island: Thanks to Dilweed and Fungus, most of Ding-a-Ling Springs gets stranded on a deserted island. (S2 Ep33)Fri, Mar 2, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksNight Hooves: Dilweed and Fungus follow Hooves sneaking off one night, and discover he's a member of a strange moose club. (S2 Ep32)Thu, Mar 1, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksBling-a-Ling Springs: Dilweed and Fungus accidentally become rich! (S2 Ep31)Thu, Mar 1, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDazed And Confused: Buford gets amnesia and thinks he and the Chucks are best friends. (S2 Ep30)Thu, Mar 1, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus think Woodchuck Morris is calling to give them directives, but it's really Hooves who is trying to protect his prize gourd from them. (S2 Ep29)Wed, Feb 28, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksWhat About Winky?: Dilweed and Fungus go to a taping of their favourite show, the 'Winky the Mole Show', but they accidentally wander onto set and become stars on live TV. (S2 Ep28)Wed, Feb 28, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksQuills' strange history is revealed when odd Russian bears show up at Pinheads. (S2 Ep27)Wed, Feb 28, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksAre You Smarter Than A Woodchuck?: Fungus puts on Granny Butternut's old glasses and they make him a genius. (S2 Ep26)Tue, Feb 27, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksNumbsicles: Buford comes up with the greatest insult ever, but Dilweed and Fungus misinterpret it as the greatest nickname ever. (S2 Ep25)Tue, Feb 27, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus act as Buford's lawyers when he's accused of stealing the Salmon of Justice. (S2 Ep24)Tue, Feb 27, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksBuford convinces the Chucks they've fallen asleep and awoken 1,000 years in the future - a future with no Woodchuck Morris! (S2 Ep23)Mon, Feb 26, 2:35 AMPOP20 mins
Numb ChucksThe Chuck Stops Here: Dilweed and Fungus accidentally injure Lenny the Crossing Goose and so they offer to watch his corner for him until he can return. (S2 Ep22)Mon, Feb 26, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksA Flock of Steven Seagulls: Buford teams up with a mysterious hero in an attempt to fleece Dilweed and Fungus out of their Key to the City. (S2 Ep21)Mon, Feb 26, 2:05 AMPOP15 mins
Numb ChucksDilweed and Fungus try to help Buford out by setting Hooves up on a date with Granny. (S2 Ep19)Sun, Feb 25, 2:20 AMPOP15 mins