Rabbids Invasion



Rabbids InvasionThe Moon Rabbid: The rabbids have built a big spring to send them into space, but one of them tries to test it on his own and finds himself propelled into the sky. (S2 Ep14)Fri, Jun 14, 12:40 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbids BFFs: Two rabbids are the best friends in the world. But these two rabbids are too busy with their friendship and always leave out a third, who dreams of becoming friends with them. (S2 Ep13)Fri, Jun 14, 12:30 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionThe Mystery of Disappearing Rabbids: On the launching pad, the rabbids' new rocket is almost ready to take off. But the driver is missing, and he's not the only one! (S2 Ep12)Fri, Jun 14, 12:20 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionDreaming Rabbid: A rabbid falls asleep on the construction site and dreams that he's on the moon! Too bad his buddies wake him up. Our rabbid dreamer will do everything to go back to sleep. (S2 Ep11)Fri, Jun 14, 12:10 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Compression: A sculptor inadvertently compresses the rabbids' rocket ship without realising that one of the rabbids is fast asleep inside it! Can the others save him? (S2 Ep10)Fri, Jun 14, 12:00 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Fit: After yet another failed attempt to fly to the Moon, a rabbid has an uncontrollable fit of laughter during the funeral of the remains of the rocketship (a toilet bowl). (S2 Ep9)Fri, Jun 14, 11:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbidroid: The rabbid is invincible, he withstands anything, he is unstoppable, and he never asks questions. He is the perfect candidate to be sent to the Moon, but he's just too stupid! (S2 Ep8)Fri, Jun 14, 11:40 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionGuide-Rabbid: A rabbid gets ejected from his rocket as it crashes, and takes the place of a guide dog. The blind person he's supposed to help is rushing to go on a date. (S2 Ep7)Fri, Jun 14, 11:30 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionOn the Rabbid Trail: Breaking news! The identity of the three rabbids with super powers is about to be revealed to the world. Zak is following their trail with a video camera. (S2 Ep60)Fri, Jun 14, 7:00 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionReflections in a Rabbid Eye: The rabbids have decided to reach the Moon by way of a big ladder. But one rabbid stumbles upon his very own moon and does not want to share. (S2 Ep4)Thu, Jun 13, 12:30 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionBeing Rabbid: A scientist in charge of a mission to the Moon recruits a rabbid, absolutely convinced that he can work on his brain to make him smart. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong! (S2 Ep3)Thu, Jun 13, 12:20 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMonstrous Rabbids: It's Halloween night. Frankenrabbid, Vampirabbid and Rabbid Zombie have imprudently decided to go out into town. (S2 Ep78)Thu, Jun 13, 11:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionDr Mad Rabbid's Super-duper Ironclad Underpants: Tinkering without your tools in arm's reach is the worst! But watch out, world! One rabbid genius is resolving this dilemma: Dr Mad Rabbid! (S2 Ep77)Thu, Jun 13, 11:40 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbids Go Skiing: A rabbid tries to play a prank on his rabbid friends by gluing the 'rocket of the day' to the bottom of the launching ramp using Super Glue 3000. (S2 Ep76)Thu, Jun 13, 11:30 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionThe Incredible Rabbid Space Time Machine: Incredible! Professor Mad Rabbid has invented a (washing) machine that can travel through space (and time). (S2 Ep54)Thu, Jun 13, 7:00 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionLost Rabbids: Two rabbids find themselves locked in a closed supermarket with a little girl. (S2 Ep72)Wed, Jun 12, 12:30 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMad Fly Rabbid: Mad Rabbid has turned his fridge into a machine that can fuse animals together! Unfortunately, his assistant forgets to shoo the flies out. (S2 Ep71)Wed, Jun 12, 12:20 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMad Rabbid and the Rabbid Clones: When one of Mad Rabbid's inventions fails, the other rabbids stop his access to the launching ramp. Mad Rabbid gets mad and tries to force his way through! (S2 Ep70)Wed, Jun 12, 12:10 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid 00zilch: Piqued at having been snubbed from a trip to the Moon, a rabbid loses his cool and plots his revenge - by blowing up the Moon. (S2 Ep69)Wed, Jun 12, 12:00 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMad Rabbid Vs the Robots: Mad Rabbid finds a rabbid robot and makes a pizza oven out of it. But the robot turns out to be far more intelligent than Mad is prepared to believe. (S2 Ep68)Wed, Jun 12, 11:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionWed, Jun 12, 11:30 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMini Rabbid Vs. Giant Chicken: Back at the headquarters, mini-rabbid has a hard time fitting in. His small height is giving him a lot of trouble so he decides to go see Professor Mad Rabbid. (S2 Ep48)Wed, Jun 12, 7:00 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Remote: One stormy evening, while tinkering on a TV remote control, Mad Rabbid discovers that while useless on his TV, it works on the other rabbids. (S2 Ep65)Tue, Jun 11, 12:50 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionTwo Rabbids in Orbit: They say you can't keep a good rabbid down, and our furry invaders have indeed managed to launch a rocket. Unfortunately, the two pilots run out of fuel! (S2 Ep64)Tue, Jun 11, 12:40 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionAnti-Grabbidy: An astronaut rabbid's rocket is too heavy to fly. Dr Mad Rabbid intervenes by inventing an anti-gravity ray, making the rocket lighter than a feather. (S2 Ep62)Tue, Jun 11, 12:20 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbidstein: After his overly-moronic assistant deserts him, Dr Mad Rabbid decides to build himself a new companion out of some old found materials. (S2 Ep61)Tue, Jun 11, 12:10 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionThe Pact of the Super Rabbids: All three 'super rabbids' escape from the laboratory! (S2 Ep59)Tue, Jun 11, 11:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid of the Third Kind: Once again, Pesci is undertaking some strange experiment. While trying to make three rabbids more intelligent, he manages to make them way more stupid. (S2 Ep58)Tue, Jun 11, 11:40 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Amnesia: Using the 'found footage' technique, a camcorder is found, and on it, footage taken by rabbids themselves after having stolen the camera from Zak. (S2 Ep57)Tue, Jun 11, 11:30 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionThe Last Rabbid: The rabbids discover the concept of the see-saw and decide to use it to project a rabbid to the Moon. (S2 Ep43)Tue, Jun 11, 7:20 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionSulky Rabbid: While inaugurating a rocket ship with his peers, an astronaut rabbid gets knocked out by the bottle that was being used for the ship's christening, causing general hilarity. (S2 Ep42)Tue, Jun 11, 7:10 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabiddoll: While looking for parts to finish building their latest rocket, three rabbids come across the toy section in the mall and make a mess. (S2 Ep41)Tue, Jun 11, 7:00 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMoonless Rabbids: One night, just as he's about to watch the stars, the rabbid astronomer accidentally hits his telescope which ends up pointed in the opposite direction to the Moon. (S2 Ep40)Tue, Jun 11, 6:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionA Rabbid's Valentine: A rabbid falls in love with a plastic doll who says "I love you." He does not realise how taking her on a romantic stroll in the rabbids' vacant lot is a very bad idea! (S2 Ep39)Tue, Jun 11, 6:40 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Stratagems: In the garage of a suburban house, the rabbids are gathering all the necessary items to build a rocket: a few kites, a lawnmower, and a nice little tricycle. (S2 Ep38)Tue, Jun 11, 6:31 AMPOP9 mins
Rabbids InvasionFeathered Rabbid: A Western rabbid has just finished building his very own space wagon, and goes into town to purchase a beast of burden to tow his ridiculous contraption into outer space. (S2 Ep56)Mon, Jun 10, 12:50 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionQueen of Rabbids: While looking for a magic wand, two rabbids take Alice with them to the vacant lot and thanks to a few tricks she soon becomes a serious competitor for the rabbid magician. (S2 Ep55)Mon, Jun 10, 12:40 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Anthem: One rabbid loves to sing, but unfortunately his voice is really horrendous. With the help of a balloon, his voice becomes amazing. (S2 Ep53)Mon, Jun 10, 12:20 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Werewolf: A rabbid sees his friend turn into a werewolf and tries to save all the other rabbids. But every time a cloud covers the Moon, the werewolf turns back into a normal rabbid. (S2 Ep52)Mon, Jun 10, 12:10 PMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Escape: While headed for the Moon aboard an absurd rocket, the rabbids lose control of their ship and crash near a prison van escorted by a police car. (S2 Ep50)Mon, Jun 10, 11:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Fetch: The rabbids make a new friend: Kiki, a big dog who loves playing fetch. But when Kiki has to return to her master, the rabbids are sad and lonely. (S2 Ep49)Mon, Jun 10, 11:40 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionMini Rabbid Vs. Giant Chicken: Back at the headquarters, mini-rabbid has a hard time fitting in. His small height is giving him a lot of trouble so he decides to go see Professor Mad Rabbid. (S2 Ep48)Mon, Jun 10, 11:30 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionLove-Struck Rabbid: The rabbids crash their rocket between two suburban houses, scattering rocket pieces between the geek's room and the roof of his neighbour - Zak's secret crush. (S2 Ep37)Mon, Jun 10, 7:20 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionBeing Rabbid 2: Pesci is trapped inside a rabbid's body, and gets thrown into the junkyard. Among the other rabbids, he tries to use his human intelligence to become the rabbids' leader. (S2 Ep36)Mon, Jun 10, 7:10 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Stage Coach: The rabbid desperados, led by a charismatic rabbid outlaw, attack a convoy of pioneers headed West. (S2 Ep35)Mon, Jun 10, 7:00 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionAppallo 11: Two heroic rabbids embark in a washing machine which boings! They are catapulted towards the Moon, until the machine crashes a few miles away in the middle of the desert. (S2 Ep34)Mon, Jun 10, 6:50 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Invaders: Four rabbids tie their rocket to a little plastic donkey found in a suburban garden, thinking they've found the ideal way to reach the Moon. (S2 Ep33)Mon, Jun 10, 6:40 AMPOP10 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbid Babysitting: A rabbid rocket crash-lands in a baby's room. They set off again, but inadvertently take the baby with them, leaving one of their rabbid buddies instead. (S2 Ep32)Mon, Jun 10, 6:31 AMPOP9 mins
Rabbids InvasionOmelette Party: The Rabbids come across a henhouse. Madness ensues when they discover where eggs come from. (S1 Ep1)Sat, Jul 15, 4:24 PMPOP9 mins
Rabbids InvasionRabbids Say Cheese: The Rabbids discover a photo booth, and will go to any lengths to get a photo of themselves. But the flash has a funny way of turning normal Rabbids into head Rabbids. (S1 Ep7)Sat, Jul 15, 4:15 PMPOP9 mins