Sadie Sparks


When is Sadie Sparks on?

Sadie SparksRight On Time: Sadie decides to speed up time so she and Teepee can be first in line to get tickets for their favourite band. But they soon learn that messing with time is not a good thing. (S1 Ep12)Tue, Aug 4, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksMascot Trouble: Gilbert's position as school mascot is challenged and a competition is organised pitting him against Val's Pug Prince and Cornelius. (S1 Ep13)Wed, Aug 5, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksGlove Story: Sadie's magical glove opens doors to portals, but when she and Teepee accidentally leave one open there are terrible consequences for Coach. (S1 Ep14)Thu, Aug 6, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksThe Double Dare Scare: When Val, Sam and Doug dare each other to venture into a mysterious cave, Sadie must prevent them finding the monster who guards a portal to the Magical Realm. (S1 Ep15)Fri, Aug 7, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksZen Rabbit: Gilberts annual review gets disrupted when he gets stuck looking after an excited rabbit called Lollipop. (S1 Ep16)Mon, Aug 10, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksMentor Mayhem: Gilbert and Sadie squabble in front of the Wardens and a magical cat called Purrpetua appears, causing an even bigger wedge between Sadie and Gilbert. (S1 Ep17)Tue, Aug 11, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins


Sadie SparksDance Fever: Gilbert gets annoyed with Sadie playing music on her phone during a potions lesson. A tussle ensues and Sadie's phone ends up in the potion. And things go from bad to worse! (S1 Ep11)Mon, Aug 3, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksBest Frenemies: When Covert overhears Gilbert and Cornelius arguing she is convinced theres magic at play and captures them. (S1 Ep10)Fri, Jul 31, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksThe See-Me-Not Flower: Covert uses her students as an amateur botany team to find a magical invisibility plant spotted in Harmony Woods. (S1 Ep9)Thu, Jul 30, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksLunch Potion Number 9: Sadie concocts a love potion that accidentally gets into the tacos in the school cafeteria. (S1 Ep8)Wed, Jul 29, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksHe's Such A Doll: Sadie wants to ask Sam to the school dance, but Val asks first. (S1 Ep7)Tue, Jul 28, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksA Walk On The Nile Side: When Miss Lacey gives the class a history assignment on ancient Egypt, Sadie brings a real pharaoh to school! (S1 Ep6)Mon, Jul 27, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksTuff Luck: Sadie's luck turns when a series of unfortunate events cause her to trip, slip, lose or fall. Val seems to be winning left, right and centre - and Sadie starts to get suspicious. (S1 Ep5)Fri, Jul 24, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksThree's A Crowd: Sadie is nervous about Sams BBQ - today, she just wants to be cool. But when the Wardens demand she rewrite a potions essay, she might not make the BBQ at all! (S1 Ep4)Thu, Jul 23, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksTriple Crossed: The Wardens of Wizardry set a test, pitting Gilbert and Sadie against Blaine and Cornelius in a challenge to create a nocturnal rainbow, from scratch. (S1 Ep3)Wed, Jul 22, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksThe Need For Speed: When Sadie accidentally casts an acceleration spell on Teepee, he sprints round the track. (S1 Ep2)Tue, Jul 21, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sadie SparksSpot On: Sadie and Gilbert are picked to star in the class time capsule film. But on the day of filming, Sadie wakes up with a huge spot. (S1 Ep1)Mon, Jul 20, 4:30 PMPOP15 mins