Sonic Boom


When is Sonic Boom on?

Sonic BoomMombot: Mighton and Bolts, two robots from a city in the clouds, think Sonic and the gang are villains because they destroy robots. (S2 Ep29)Sat, Aug 8, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomDo Not Disturb: Eggman can't pay a bill for trash pickup. In order to raise the necessary funds, he must turn his evil lair into a luxury resort. (S2 Ep30)Sat, Aug 8, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomIf You Build it They Will Race: When its revealed that Dr Eggman is not actually a doctor, he becomes a joke and goes back to school to finish his PhD in evil. (S2 Ep31)Sun, Aug 9, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFlea-ing From Trouble: An endangered species wanders into Sonic's shack, and he can't move the ugly, smelly animal because of a series of government regulations. (S2 Ep32)Sun, Aug 9, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMuckfoot: Robots all over the planet have turned evil. Sonic and Tails travel to the city in the clouds to get help curing the infected robots. (S2 Ep33)Sun, Aug 9, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomReturn of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom: With the guys' band away on a gig, Amy and Sticks have a girls weekend. When Belinda hears half the gang is gone, she decides to attack. (S2 Ep34)Sun, Aug 9, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomVector Detector: When Tails tests his new teleportation device on himself he accidentally merges with a beebot. Sonic must find a way to reverse the process. (S2 Ep35)Sun, Aug 9, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomPlanes, Trains and Dude-Mobiles: Sometimes the fiercest things come in the smallest packages, when Eggman attacks Sonic with his tiniest robot yet. (S2 Ep36)Sun, Aug 9, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins


Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 4: Feeling the need for unconditional love, Eggman creates 'Mombot'. But she's overly critical and embarrasses him in front of Sonic. (S2 Ep24)Sun, Aug 2, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 3: Eggmans old enemy, Nominatus, is back. And with the help of his two virus minions he sets out to take over the world once again. (S2 Ep23)Sun, Aug 2, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 2: Amy nurses one of Dr Eggmans beebots back to health and adopts it as a pet. (S2 Ep22)Sun, Aug 2, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 1: Sonic becomes a delivery boy for Meh Burger, guaranteeing that he'll make all deliveries in three minutes, but Dr Eggman gets in the way. (S2 Ep21)Sun, Aug 2, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobot Employees: Steve Eggman comes to town, claiming to be Eggman's long lost brother. He wants to fight for good alongside Sonic and the gang. (S2 Ep20)Sun, Aug 2, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomEggman's Brother: Hypnobot teams up with Dr Eggman to take over the world, while the entire gang is overwhelmed by hordes of hypnotised, evil robots. (S2 Ep19)Sun, Aug 2, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomUnnamed Episode: When the people of the Unnamed Village find out that their village used to named after Sticks' evil ancestor, they turn on her. (S2 Ep18)Sat, Aug 1, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomBlackout: When the Village's power source, the Meroke Chrystal, dies, the gang must retrieve the replacement from a deadly trap built by the ancients. (S2 Ep17)Sat, Aug 1, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomKnine-to-Five Knuckles: Knuckles is upset when he wins a lamp in a raffle and it dawns on him that he doesnt have a home in which to keep it. (S2 Ep16)Sat, Aug 1, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomOg Man Out: The gang is suspicious when Froglodyte Og comes to the surface. Their suspicions may be correct when a Froglodyte army arrives. (S2 Ep15)Sat, Aug 1, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFiendbot: Eggman builds a giant new robot to defeat Sonic. He programs it to know everything about the Blue Blur, but things dont go as planned. (S2 Ep14)Sat, Aug 1, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMech Suits Me: Sonic stumbles upon an ancient mech suit. It makes him more powerful, but soon Sonic becomes dependent on it, and it starts to change him. (S2 Ep13)Sat, Aug 1, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomKnuck Knuck! Who's Here?: Battling Eggman, Knuckles suffers amnesia. When he discovers that hes the last of his kind, he sets out to find a foster family. (S2 Ep12)Sun, Jul 26, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThe Evil Dr Orbot: When Eggman fails a test to get his license for evil, he uses Orbot as his front, but the Evil Dr Orbot gets a bit out of control himself! (S2 Ep11)Sun, Jul 26, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomStrike!: Orbot and Cubot have had enough of Eggman! Theyre going on strike! (S2 Ep10)Sun, Jul 26, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMulti-tails: Worried that he isnt smart enough on his own, Tails creates a machine to duplicate himself, forming a 'brain trust' with his duplicates. (S2 Ep9)Sun, Jul 26, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomIn the Midnight Hour: Sticks discovers a mysterious figure hypnotising the village in the middle of the night, but the gang thinks its just Sticks paranoia. (S2 Ep8)Sun, Jul 26, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomI Can Sea Sonic's Fear from Here: Eggman concocts a plan to have Sonic fight him underwater. Sonic must overcome his phobia of water in order to defeat Eggman. (S2 Ep7)Sun, Jul 26, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomAnything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er: Eggman challenges Tails to prove he is a genius by capturing Sonic. (S2 Ep6)Sat, Jul 25, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThe Biggest Fan: Mark the Tapir weasels his way into a position as Sonics assistant. Eventually, Mark crosses the line and captures Sonic and his friends. (S2 Ep5)Sat, Jul 25, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomAlone Again, Unnaturally: Sonic and Tails test out an invention to make Sonic even faster, but he goes so fast he eventually disappears. Did Tails disintegrate Sonic? (S2 Ep4)Sat, Jul 25, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomNutwork: Sticks is fed up that all the news is fluff, so she creates a podcast to speak truth to power. But things quickly spiral out of her control. (S2 Ep3)Sat, Jul 25, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomSpacemageddonocalypse: Eggman discovers that an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet! It's up to Sonic and his friends to destroy it. (S2 Ep2)Sat, Jul 25, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomTommy Thunder: Method Actor: Sonic lets action movie star Tommy Thunder observe his 'hero process,' but things erupt when Tommy claims credit for the gang's victories. (S2 Ep1)Sat, Jul 25, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomIt Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog: In his most diabolical plan yet, Dr Eggman decides to band together with all of Sonic's enemies. Shadow the Hedgehog joins the fight. (S1 Ep52)Sun, Jul 19, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomDesignated Heroes: The gang accepts a dare from Dr Eggman to fight him not as a group but one at a time. Eggman uses each hero's weakness to his advantage. (S1 Ep51)Sun, Jul 19, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomCounter-Productive: Knuckles tries to make amends for a past misdeed, but he only succeeds at making things worse. (S1 Ep50)Sun, Jul 19, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomNo Robots Allowed: Dr Eggman is in trouble with his homeowners association and will stop at nothing to defeat them, even if it means hosting a fancy dinner. (S1 Ep49)Sun, Jul 19, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomBattle of the Boy Bands: To prove Amy and Sticks are being brainwashed by their pop icon heartthrob, the guys go undercover by forming their own boy band. (S1 Ep48)Sun, Jul 19, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomCabin Fever: The gang decides to ride out a storm at Amy's house. Things spiral out of control when they discover Amy's play, portraying all her friends. (S1 Ep47)Sun, Jul 19, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomTails' Crush: Something is wrong with Tails! It turns out he has a crush. Meanwhile, Dr Eggman has trouble picking up his package from the post office. (S1 Ep46)Sat, Jul 18, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFire in a Crowded Workshop: When Tails' workshop is destroyed by a fire, Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy each have conflicting versions of how it happened. (S1 Ep45)Sat, Jul 18, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomNext Top Villain: All Dave the Intern's attempts at villainy fail, until he inadvertently captures Dr Eggman and hijacks his robots. (S1 Ep44)Sat, Jul 18, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFuzzypuppy Buddies: Amy and Dr Eggman bond over a tabletop figurine game called Fuzzy Puppies. When the gang finds out, they begin to worry about her safety. (S1 Ep43)Sat, Jul 18, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomNew Year's Retribution: At the village's New Year's Eve party, Dr Eggman slows down time in a last-ditch effort to defeat Sonic just once before year's end. (S1 Ep42)Sat, Jul 18, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRole Models: When Sonic and the gang win an award for being role models, it comes with a price that keeps them from doing their jobs as heroes. (S1 Ep41)Sat, Jul 18, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomLate Night Wars: When Knuckles replaces Comedy Chimp on his late night talk show, Comedy Chimp seeks the help of Dr Eggman to steal back the show. (S1 Ep40)Fri, Jul 17, 9:15 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomJust a Guy: Sonic refuses to let Mike, an average guy, watch him battle Dr Eggman, causing the village to turn against him for being insensitive. (S1 Ep39)Fri, Jul 17, 9:00 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomBeyond the Valley of Cubots: Orbot and Cubot discover rejected Cubot prototypes hiding in the jungle. They need Sonic's help to protect the robots from Dr Eggman. (S1 Ep38)Fri, Jul 17, 8:45 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomEggman Unplugged: When Dr Eggman swears off technology for good, the Lightning Bolt Society takes over his evil lair. (S1 Ep37)Fri, Jul 17, 8:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMayor Knuckles: When Knuckles is made mayor for the day, he sends the village spiralling into chaos. (S1 Ep36)Thu, Jul 16, 9:15 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomInto the Wilderness: When Sonic gets cocky about his survival skills, Sticks and Amy challenge Sonic and Knuckles to the ultimate survival skills contest. (S1 Ep35)Thu, Jul 16, 9:00 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomBro Down Showdown: After destroying Amy's couch, Sonic and Knuckles enter a 'best friend' game show in order to win her a new one. (S1 Ep34)Thu, Jul 16, 8:45 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomLate Fees: Sonic has seven minutes to return Amy's library book as he battles chatty senior citizens, burger cravings and an angry Dr Eggman. (S1 Ep33)Thu, Jul 16, 8:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomTwo Good to be True: A second Knuckles from an alternate dimension causes trouble for Sonic and his friends in this dimension. (S1 Ep32)Wed, Jul 15, 9:15 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomChilli Dog Day Afternoon: When Knuckles sets out on a quest to find the perfect ingredients to win the village's annual Chilli Dog Cook-Off, he find much more. (S1 Ep30)Wed, Jul 15, 8:45 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomEggman the Auteur: Dr Eggman is making a movie about his life. Is this an attempt at artistic expression or a diversion for a secret evil plan? (S1 Ep29)Wed, Jul 15, 8:30 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomIt Wasn't Me, it was the One-Armed Hedgehog: Dr Eggman's particle accelerator has been stolen, and all evidence points to Sonic. To clear his name, Sonic must find the real thief. (S1 Ep28)Tue, Jul 14, 9:15 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobot Battle Royale: In order to prove that he's an inventor like Tails, Knuckles challenges Tails to enter the local robot battle. (S1 Ep27)Tue, Jul 14, 9:00 PMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomDr Eggman's Tomato Sauce: Dr Eggman markets his own brand of tomato sauce. Does he have ulterior motives or does he just want to share his recipe with the world? (S1 Ep26)Tue, Jul 14, 8:45 PMPOP15 mins