Sonic Boom



Sonic BoomCow Bot: Tails reprograms one of Dr Eggmans robots, accidentally turning it into a killing machine targeting Eggman. Sonic must protect his enemy. (S1 Ep20)Sun, Aug 30, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomSole Power: When Sonic realises something is wrong with his speed, he's forced to walk everywhere. Help then comes from an unusual source: Dr Eggman. (S1 Ep19)Sun, Aug 30, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomAim Low: When Dr Eggman loses his confidence, he enlists the aid of a motivational speaker and life coach. (S1 Ep18)Sun, Aug 30, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThe Curse of Cross-Eyed Moose: After seeing a cross-eyed moose, Sticks is convinced that the gang is cursed. They set out to get help from a mystical marmoset. (S1 Ep17)Sun, Aug 30, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomSleeping Giant: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles accidentally awaken a sleeping rock giant, who then goes on a destructive rampage. (S1 Ep16)Sun, Aug 30, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFortress of Squalitude: Modern Lair" magazine wants to do a spread on Dr Eggman's evil lair, so he enlists Amy to help spruce up the place. (S1 Ep15)Sun, Aug 30, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomEggman Family Vacation: Sonic challenges Eggman to a game of soccer in order to save the Village's beloved rec centre. (S2 Ep48)Sun, Aug 16, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomChain Letter: Morpho sends Sonic to a dimension where he never existed. Sonic must unite his gang and help take back the alternate dimension village. (S2 Ep47)Sun, Aug 16, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThree Men and My Baby!: Sonic and the gang take on the Lightning Bolts in a high-stakes game of bowling. (S2 Ep46)Sun, Aug 16, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomDon't Make Me Angry: Dr Eggman and Steve turn a family holiday in Roboken into an opportunity for evil. Mighton and Bolts enlist the help of Sonic and friends. (S2 Ep45)Sun, Aug 16, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomYou and I Bee-come One: Sonic agrees to be Dr Eggmans friend on social media - a kindness he will surely regret. (S2 Ep44)Sun, Aug 16, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomWhere Have all the Sonics Gone?: After accidentally triggering lockdown protocol during a battle, the gang gets trapped in Eggman's lair with Eggman, Cubot and Orbot. (S2 Ep43)Sun, Aug 16, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMister Eggman: Amy's hammer is missing and she is lost with out it. Vector the detective is on the case. (S2 Ep42)Sat, Aug 15, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomLair on Lockdown: When Tails, Knuckles and Sonic accidentally cause Lady Walrus injury they agree to take care of her baby, Chumley. (S2 Ep41)Sat, Aug 15, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomLightning Bowler Society: The gang becomes very competitive with one another when they enter an auto race, using cars they've designed themselves. (S2 Ep40)Sat, Aug 15, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThe Haunted Lair: The guys are stoked to find out their band Dude-itude has booked their first road gig, and they hit the road in their new decked-out van. (S2 Ep39)Sat, Aug 15, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomEggman's Anti Gravity Ray: Eggmans anti-gravity ray causes chaos in Hedgehog Village. (S2 Ep38)Sat, Aug 15, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomSticks and Amy's Excellent Staycation: Tails sets out to prove that the mythical creature Muckfoot is real. (S2 Ep37)Sat, Aug 15, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomPlanes, Trains and Dude-Mobiles: Sometimes the fiercest things come in the smallest packages, when Eggman attacks Sonic with his tiniest robot yet. (S2 Ep36)Sun, Aug 9, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomVector Detector: When Tails tests his new teleportation device on himself he accidentally merges with a beebot. Sonic must find a way to reverse the process. (S2 Ep35)Sun, Aug 9, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomReturn of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom: With the guys' band away on a gig, Amy and Sticks have a girls weekend. When Belinda hears half the gang is gone, she decides to attack. (S2 Ep34)Sun, Aug 9, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMuckfoot: Robots all over the planet have turned evil. Sonic and Tails travel to the city in the clouds to get help curing the infected robots. (S2 Ep33)Sun, Aug 9, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFlea-ing From Trouble: An endangered species wanders into Sonic's shack, and he can't move the ugly, smelly animal because of a series of government regulations. (S2 Ep32)Sun, Aug 9, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomIf You Build it They Will Race: When its revealed that Dr Eggman is not actually a doctor, he becomes a joke and goes back to school to finish his PhD in evil. (S2 Ep31)Sun, Aug 9, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomDo Not Disturb: Eggman can't pay a bill for trash pickup. In order to raise the necessary funds, he must turn his evil lair into a luxury resort. (S2 Ep30)Sat, Aug 8, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMombot: Mighton and Bolts, two robots from a city in the clouds, think Sonic and the gang are villains because they destroy robots. (S2 Ep29)Sat, Aug 8, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomGive Bees a Chance: Dr Eggman creates a new line of robot workers for Meh Burger, but there is more to these robot employees than meets the eye. (S2 Ep27)Sat, Aug 8, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThree Minutes or Less: As a result of an experiment gone wrong, Eggman turns into an adorable little creature every time he gets angry. (S2 Ep26)Sat, Aug 8, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomInn Sanity: With the servitude of the Froglodytes, Dr Eggman searches for a crystal that will power his giant Mech Suit. (S2 Ep25)Sat, Aug 8, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 4: Feeling the need for unconditional love, Eggman creates 'Mombot'. But she's overly critical and embarrasses him in front of Sonic. (S2 Ep24)Sun, Aug 2, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 3: Eggmans old enemy, Nominatus, is back. And with the help of his two virus minions he sets out to take over the world once again. (S2 Ep23)Sun, Aug 2, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 2: Amy nurses one of Dr Eggmans beebots back to health and adopts it as a pet. (S2 Ep22)Sun, Aug 2, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobots from the Sky - Part 1: Sonic becomes a delivery boy for Meh Burger, guaranteeing that he'll make all deliveries in three minutes, but Dr Eggman gets in the way. (S2 Ep21)Sun, Aug 2, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomRobot Employees: Steve Eggman comes to town, claiming to be Eggman's long lost brother. He wants to fight for good alongside Sonic and the gang. (S2 Ep20)Sun, Aug 2, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomEggman's Brother: Hypnobot teams up with Dr Eggman to take over the world, while the entire gang is overwhelmed by hordes of hypnotised, evil robots. (S2 Ep19)Sun, Aug 2, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomUnnamed Episode: When the people of the Unnamed Village find out that their village used to named after Sticks' evil ancestor, they turn on her. (S2 Ep18)Sat, Aug 1, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomBlackout: When the Village's power source, the Meroke Chrystal, dies, the gang must retrieve the replacement from a deadly trap built by the ancients. (S2 Ep17)Sat, Aug 1, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomKnine-to-Five Knuckles: Knuckles is upset when he wins a lamp in a raffle and it dawns on him that he doesnt have a home in which to keep it. (S2 Ep16)Sat, Aug 1, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomOg Man Out: The gang is suspicious when Froglodyte Og comes to the surface. Their suspicions may be correct when a Froglodyte army arrives. (S2 Ep15)Sat, Aug 1, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomFiendbot: Eggman builds a giant new robot to defeat Sonic. He programs it to know everything about the Blue Blur, but things dont go as planned. (S2 Ep14)Sat, Aug 1, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMech Suits Me: Sonic stumbles upon an ancient mech suit. It makes him more powerful, but soon Sonic becomes dependent on it, and it starts to change him. (S2 Ep13)Sat, Aug 1, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomKnuck Knuck! Who's Here?: Battling Eggman, Knuckles suffers amnesia. When he discovers that hes the last of his kind, he sets out to find a foster family. (S2 Ep12)Sun, Jul 26, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThe Evil Dr Orbot: When Eggman fails a test to get his license for evil, he uses Orbot as his front, but the Evil Dr Orbot gets a bit out of control himself! (S2 Ep11)Sun, Jul 26, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomStrike!: Orbot and Cubot have had enough of Eggman! Theyre going on strike! (S2 Ep10)Sun, Jul 26, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomMulti-tails: Worried that he isnt smart enough on his own, Tails creates a machine to duplicate himself, forming a 'brain trust' with his duplicates. (S2 Ep9)Sun, Jul 26, 6:30 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomIn the Midnight Hour: Sticks discovers a mysterious figure hypnotising the village in the middle of the night, but the gang thinks its just Sticks paranoia. (S2 Ep8)Sun, Jul 26, 6:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomI Can Sea Sonic's Fear from Here: Eggman concocts a plan to have Sonic fight him underwater. Sonic must overcome his phobia of water in order to defeat Eggman. (S2 Ep7)Sun, Jul 26, 6:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomAnything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er: Eggman challenges Tails to prove he is a genius by capturing Sonic. (S2 Ep6)Sat, Jul 25, 7:15 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomThe Biggest Fan: Mark the Tapir weasels his way into a position as Sonics assistant. Eventually, Mark crosses the line and captures Sonic and his friends. (S2 Ep5)Sat, Jul 25, 7:00 AMPOP15 mins
Sonic BoomAlone Again, Unnaturally: Sonic and Tails test out an invention to make Sonic even faster, but he goes so fast he eventually disappears. Did Tails disintegrate Sonic? (S2 Ep4)Sat, Jul 25, 6:45 AMPOP15 mins