When is Airline on?

AirlineAn angry Frenchman wants to pay for his flight with a French cheque. Helen puts a rude passenger in his place and helps another who has broken their leg.Sun, Aug 18, 5:00 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineStelios floats EasyJet on the stock market. Meanwhile, Nathalia and James start their training course as passenger service agents.Sun, Aug 18, 5:30 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineA plane leaving for Malaga isn't big enough, meaning some passengers are left behind. A snowboarder who didn't buy insurance is counting the cost.Sun, Aug 18, 6:00 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineFog at Luton airport leaves the flight timetable in tatters. Security arrangements for Bill Clinton's visit to Ireland bring Belfast to a standstill.Sun, Aug 18, 6:30 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineSun, Aug 25, 5:00 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineA family's passports fall under the conveyor belt at the check-in. A passenger's girlfriend saves the day when he forgets his passport for his holiday with his friends.Sun, Aug 25, 5:30 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineAnna and boyfriend Barney turn up at Luton airport in plenty of time for their flight to Barcelona, but a whole day late. Anna is convinced it is not she who has made the mistake.Sun, Aug 25, 6:00 PMCBS Reality30 mins
AirlineMr Ntaki's Amsterdam flight has moves to two hours later but he still misses it. Duty manager Alan Darbyshire tells him he won't be flying that day and Mr Ntaki loses his temper.Sun, Aug 25, 6:30 PMCBS Reality30 mins