Charmed is an American TV series centred around 3 good witches that help protect people from evil.

When is Charmed on?

CharmedThe Wedding from Hell: When Piper is hired to do the catering at a wedding, the sisters discover that a powerful demon goddess has replaced the bride-to-be in order to prey upon the groom.Mon, Sep 16, 4:00 PM4Music60 mins
CharmedThe Fourth Sister: A troubled teenage witch comes to the sisters for help and guidance, but it transpires that the girl is an unwitting pawn in the schemes of an evil sorceress.Tue, Sep 17, 4:00 PM4Music60 mins
CharmedThe Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts: Prue casts a truth spell in order to find out how Andy will react to her being a witch, and Phoebe has a premonition of a woman being murderedWed, Sep 18, 4:00 PM4Music60 mins
CharmedThe Witch Is Back: Prue accidentally releases a warlock from the magical prison where he had been trapped for 300 years, and Piper tries to find the courage to ask Leo out.Thu, Sep 19, 4:00 PM4Music60 mins
CharmedWicca Envy: Rex reveals his true colours and uses his warlock abilities to frame Prue for stealing a priceless tiara, intending to blackmail the Halliwells into surrendering their powers.Fri, Sep 20, 4:00 PM4Music60 mins