Dog Patrol


When is Dog Patrol on?

Dog PatrolDeceased Police dog Gazza shows how good he was in action along with a tribute to him, and corrections drug dog Jesse sniffs out drugs at Northland Regional Corrections Facility.Tue, Aug 20, 3:50 AMCBS Reality25 mins
Dog PatrolWellington Delta team Sue and Hades do some serious cross country tracking, and there's a double hit for Customs drug dog Rajax.Tue, Aug 20, 4:15 AMCBS Reality25 mins
Dog PatrolMPI beagle Zane flags a red bag at Christchurch Airport and the worlds only Argentine Ant dog runs checks on Great Barrier Island.Wed, Aug 21, 3:50 AMCBS Reality25 mins
Dog PatrolCorrections dog Jesse plays postmaster at Auckland Prison searching for illegal contraband, and customs drug dog Dirk has it all laid out on the mail belt.Wed, Aug 21, 4:15 AMCBS Reality25 mins
Dog PatrolA big night for a Waikato Delta team Kieran and Gabby; a cross-country pursuit, a rural track and a close encounter and a major find for drug dog Tai at Auckland Prison.Thu, Aug 22, 3:50 AMCBS Reality25 mins
Dog PatrolA visitor to Christchurch Men's Prison is caught with some serious contraband, and there are hits on the mail belt for both MPI detector dog Ella and Customs drug dog Dee.Thu, Aug 22, 4:15 AMCBS Reality25 mins