Hawaii Five-0


When is Hawaii Five-0 on?

Hawaii Five-0Palekaiko (Paradise): When an abducted woman is found with almost no memory of the event, Five-0 investigate and are embroiled in a complex case that keeps them guessing. (S1, ep 11) [S]Mon, Sep 23, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Hana 'A'a Makehewa (Desperate Measures): Buffy's James Marsters returns and makes it a Christmas to remember for the Five-0, replacing holiday spirit with a high-tech bomb. (S1, ep 12) [S]Tue, Sep 24, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ke Kinohi (The Beginning): Emotions run high when Mary Ann is kidnapped. As McGarrett sets out to find his sister, he stumbles upon clues to his mother's murder... (S1, ep 13) [S]Wed, Sep 25, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0He Kane Hewa'ole (An Innocent Man): Five-0 investigate when a high-speed car chase culminates with the grisly discovery of a box containing a severed human head. (S1, ep 14) [S]Thu, Sep 26, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kai E'e (Tidal Wave): A major tsunami is making its way to the island and the timing couldn't be worse: the resident expert has suddenly gone missing. Five-0 investigate... (S1, ep 15) [S]Fri, Sep 27, 7:00 PMPick60 mins


New: Hawaii Five-0Hahai i na pilikua nui (Hunting Monsters): As serial killer Dr Madison Gray returns, McGarrett and Five-0 find themselves sucked into her twisted mind games. (S7, ep 17) [S]Fri, Sep 20, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Heihei (Race): While investigating a heist involving a highly skilled ring of thieves, Danny is forced to call in a favour from his ex-wife to help him crack the case. (S1, ep 10) [S]Fri, Sep 20, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Po'ipu (The Siege): The famous Five (-0) have a moral dilemma on their hands when they're tasked with preventing the assassination of an infamous dictator and his family. (S1, ep 9) [S]Thu, Sep 19, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Mana'o (Belief): Things get personal for Danny when his former partner is murdered. Making matters worse is the fact his friend was being investigated by Internal Affairs... (S1, ep 8) [S]Wed, Sep 18, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ho'apono (Accept): When a former Navy SEAL holds up a group of tourists aboard the USS Missouri memorial battleship, it's up to McGarrett to diffuse the situation... (S1, ep 7) [S]Tue, Sep 17, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ko'olauloa (North Shore Of O'ahu): Kono takes a trip down memory lane when her former surfing mentor is shot dead. Guest starring cult TV icon Kevin Sorbo. (S1, ep 6) [S]Mon, Sep 16, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Poniu I Ke Aloha (Crazy In Love): Valentine's Day turns deadly for one man who's keen to land a date. Plus, McGarrett and Danny spend an awkward day together. (S7, ep 16) [S]Fri, Sep 13, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Nalowale (Forgotten/Missing): The Five-0 investigate when the body of an 18-year-old girl is found off the coast of Waikiki Bay. Masi Oka, of Heroes fame, guest stars. (S1, ep 5) [S]Fri, Sep 13, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Lanakila (Victory): Tag along with the famous Five (-0) as they track down a violent convict who escaped from an island prison. A surprise is in store for McGarrett too. (S1, ep 4)Thu, Sep 12, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Malama Ka Aina (Respect The Land): The Five-0 team investigate when a simmering gang war spills over at a high school football game. Plus, Danny has issues with his ex-wife. (S1, ep 3) [S]Wed, Sep 11, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ohana (Family): More thrills and spills to satisfy the appetites of action junkies. The reassembled Five-0 team investigate the abduction of a cyber-terrorism expert. (S1, ep 2)Tue, Sep 10, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pilot: An adrenaline-fuelled update of one of TV's most iconic shows. In this series opener, Steve McGarrett heads to Hawaii to track down the man who killed his father. (S1, ep 1) [S]Mon, Sep 9, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ka pa'ani nui (Big Game): Five-0 investigate when they hear rumours that a former Nazi war criminal might be hiding out in Hawaii. (S7, ep 15)Fri, Sep 6, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ka laina ma ke one (Line in the Sand): The team are forced to confront an aggressive US marshall when a wanted man escapes capture. (S7, ep 14) [S]Fri, Aug 30, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ua ho'i ka 'opua i Awalua (The Clouds Always Return to Alawua): Murder strikes a police convention on the island, just as Max prepares to bid the team farewell. (S7, ep 13) [S]Fri, Aug 23, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ka 'aelike (The Deal): Five-0 race to save Chin from execution after he is kidnapped by a vengeful drugs cartel. Grover goes undercover to investigate a murder. (S7, ep 12) [S]Fri, Aug 16, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ka'ili aku (Snatchback): The action moves to Mexico, where Chin puts his life on the line to save his niece from kidnappers. (S7, ep 11) [S]Fri, Aug 9, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ka Luhi (The Burden): The team open up a 10-year-old cold case when a boy undergoes hypnosis and realises he may have witnessed a murder. (S7, ep 10) [S]Fri, Aug 2, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Elua la ma Nowemapa (Two Days in November): Five-0 digs into the assassination of JFK when a conspiracy theorist with compelling evidence is found dead. (S7, ep 9) [S]Fri, Jul 26, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0No Ke Ali'i' Wahine A Me Ka Aina (For Queen and Country): Five-0 must work with a rogue MI6 agent to halt a European terrorist plot. (S7, ep 2) [S]Fri, Jun 7, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani? (Ready to Play?): The hit cop drama returns as a vigilante begins murdering serial killers and leaving their bodies on Five-0 property. (S7, ep 1) [S]Fri, May 31, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0O ke ali'I wale no ka'u makemake (My Desire Is Only For The Chief): Danny makes a life-or-death decision when things go wrong undercover. Season finale. (S6, ep 25) [S]Mon, Feb 4, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pa'a Ka 'ipuka I Ka'upena Nananana (The Entrance Is Stopped With A Spider's Web): Five-0 fight to protect a wounded Gabriel when he is targeted by enemy gunmen. (S6, ep 24) [S]Mon, Jan 28, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pilina Koko (Blood Ties): When a woman is found murdered in her home, Five-0 discovers a strong link between the victim and one of their own. (S6, ep 23) [S]Mon, Jan 21, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0I'ike Ke Ao (For The World To Know): Five-0 race to save the life of a kidnapped student. A shipwrecked Max, Kamekona and Flippa fight for their survival. (S6, ep 22) [S]Mon, Jan 14, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Pono Ku'oko'a (The Cost Of Freedom): Five-O launch a manhunt when a chemical spill allows six inmates, including Kono's husband Adam, to break out of jail. (S6, ep 21) [S]Mon, Jan 7, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Haunaele (Rampage): Five-0 investigate the theft of an advanced piece of military technology. Jerry helps his sister with another important mission. (S6, ep 20) [S]Mon, Dec 17, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Malama Ka Po'e (Care For One's People): Grover is forced to take his family on the run when a case from 15 years ago comes back to haunt him. (S6, ep 19) [S]Mon, Dec 10, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter): Five-0 uncover a deadly slave trading operation after a man is found drifting off the coast. (S6, ep 18) [S]Mon, Dec 3, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Waiwai (Assets): McGarrett and Five-0 search for a Russian spy who throws the life of one of their own into jeopardy when he steals NSA secrets. (S6, ep 17) [S]Mon, Nov 26, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a (The Solid Cornerstone): When the task force's long-time informant is accused of murder, McGarrett brings in an old friend to defend him. (S6, ep 16) [S]Mon, Nov 19, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ke Koa Lokomaika'I (The Good Soldier): McGarrett partners with a young man whose only friend has been murdered. Plus, the FBI question Danny's mother. (S6, ep 15) [S]Mon, Nov 12, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ua ola loko i ke aloha (Love Gives Life Within): Five-0 spring into action when unstable WWII bombs are stolen. McGarrett's Aunt Deb pays a visit. (S6, ep 12) [S]Mon, Oct 22, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kuleana (One's Personal Sense of Responsibility): Kamekona's dark past comes back to haunt him. McGarrett and Danny work on their partnership issues. (S6, ep 11) [S]Mon, Oct 15, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ka Makau Kaa Kaua (Sweet Science): Five-O point the finger at an outspoken champion boxer from the mainland, when the brother of a promising local ringster is murdered. (S6, ep 10) [S]Mon, Oct 8, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Hana Keaka (Charade): Danny goes undercover as a teacher as the team investigate the murder of a college professor. (S6, ep 9) [S]Mon, Oct 1, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Piko Pau 'Iole (The Artful Dodger): Five-0 joins forces with a con man to solve a murder case. Chin gets some help as he investigates the deaths of five arms dealers. (S6, ep 8) [S]Mon, Sep 24, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers): McGarrett's first date with Lynn turns deadly when they are targeted by a mob boss. Elsewhere, Chin and co race to prevent a murder. (S6, ep 7) [S]Mon, Sep 17, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Na Pilikua Nui (Monsters): Five-0 join the bloody trail of a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein. Jerry calls the team when an armed gang raid a blood bank. (S6, ep 6) [S]Mon, Sep 10, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka 'Alapahi Nui (Big Lie): Five-0 hunt for a killer who escaped a murder scene by pulling off a daredevil motorbike stunt. They also gear up for a mud run. (S6, ep 5) [S]Mon, Sep 3, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ua 'O'Oloku Ke Anu I Na Mauna (The Chilling Storm Is On The Mountains): The team investigate the death of a diver. McGarrett prepares to propose to Catherine. (S6, ep 3) [S]Mon, Aug 20, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes): A bomb squad falls victim to a deadly attacker who is eager to strike a deal. Adam and Kono realise they are being watched. (S6, ep 2) [S]Mon, Aug 13, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Mai ho'oni i ka wai lana malie (Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil): Danger awaits newlyweds Kono and Adam as the slick crime drama returns. (S6, ep 1) [S]Sat, Aug 11, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Mo'o Olelo Pu (Sharing Traditions): Alarm bells ring when Kono's solo outrigger trip around the Hawaiian islands turns into a dramatic fight for survival. (S5, ep 23) [S]Mon, Jul 16, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday): Three married men must retrace their steps from a wild night on the town to help the Five-0 solve a brutal murder. (S5, ep 22) [S]Mon, Jul 9, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ua helele'i ka hoku (Fallen Star): The team look into the murder of an Elvis impersonator. Contains strong violence from the outset. (S5, ep 21) [S]Mon, Jul 2, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ike Hanau (Instinct): Grover goes with his gut instinct to determine whether the demise of a friend's wife was a tragic accident or murder. (S5, ep 20) [S]Mon, Jun 25, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kahania (Close Shave): A trip to the barbers takes an unexpected turn when McGarrett and Odell are fired at while trying to protect a young man from a gang. (S5, ep 19) [S]Mon, Jun 18, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pono Kaulike (Justice for All): Joe White returns to help out Danny and Chin, whose past transgressions have landed them in a spot of bother. (S5, ep 18) [S]Mon, Jun 11, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kuka'awale (Stakeout): McGarrett and Danno keep tabs on a woman involved in a diamond robbery. Directed by series star Daniel Dae Kim. (S5, ep 17) [S]Mon, Jun 4, 9:00 PMPick60 mins