Hawaii Five-0


When is Hawaii Five-0 on?

Hawaii Five-0O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First): Desperate times call for desperate measures in this gripping season finale when Grover's daughter is kidnapped. (S4, ep 22) [S]Mon, Jan 27, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0A'ohe kahi e pe'e ai (Nowhere to Hide): Season five gets under way as the team try to prevent a terrorist drone attack. Plus, McGarrett and Danno attend therapy. (S5, ep 1) [S]Tue, Jan 28, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Makuakane (Family Man): The team investigate the kidnapping of a Navy SEAL's daughter. Plus, Danno receives shocking news about his brother. (S5, ep 2) [S]Wed, Jan 29, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kanalu Hope Loa (The Last Break): The Five-0 track down three female thieves behind a robbery gone wrong. Plus, Danno searches for his brother's millions. (S5, ep 3) [S]Thu, Jan 30, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Noe'au (The Painter): Chin puts his entire career on the line to help Danno save his brother's life. The team investigate the murder of a Detroit hitman, too. (S5, ep 4) [S]Fri, Jan 31, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ho'olina (Legacy): Emotions run high when, after crossing paths with a young woman, McGarrett attempts to unravel a mystery from his late father's past. (S5, ep 5) [S]Mon, Feb 3, 7:00 PMPick60 mins


Hawaii Five-0Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas): Catherine receives a dramatic blast from the past, prompting her to make a life-changing decision. (S4, ep 21) [S]Fri, Jan 24, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Aloha. Malama Pono (Farewell And Take Care): The hit US crime drama reaches its third season finale. Kono goes on the run, while McGarrett visits nemesis Wo Fat in prison. (S3, ep 24)Fri, Dec 13, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0He Welo 'Oihana (The Family Business): McGarrett joins forces with his mum for a covert operation to retrieve the microfiche, and Kono closes in on Adam's secret. (S3, ep 23) [S]Thu, Dec 12, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ho'opio (To Take Captive): The team investigate when the body of a teenage girl who disappeared 10 years earlier is discovered in the woods. (S3, ep 22) [S]Wed, Dec 11, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Imi Loko Ka 'Uhane (See Within One's Soul): A US talk show host is thrown into the thick of the action when she's given permission to film the Five-0 for the day. (S3, ep 21) [S]Tue, Dec 10, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Olelo Pa'a (The Promise): McGarrett and Catherine cross into North Korea to retrieve the body of a fallen friend. Guest starring Jimmy Buffet and Terry O'Quinn. (S3, ep 20) [S]Mon, Dec 9, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Hoa Pili (Close Friend): The team investigate a string of arson attacks against a tour company, while Kamekona hopes to secure his pilot's licence. (S3, ep 19) [S]Fri, Dec 6, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Na Ki'i (Dolls): Catherine gets her skates on and goes undercover at a roller derby, while Doris has a run-in with a burglar. Guest starring Duane 'Dog' Chapman. (S3, ep 18)Thu, Dec 5, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pa'ani (The Game): Five-0 need the help of American football star Arian Foster (guesting as himself) to solve the murder of an executive whose drink was spiked. (S3, ep 17) [S]Wed, Dec 4, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kekoa (Warrior): The team investigate the brutal murder of a traditional fighting master. Plus, McGarrett gets more than he bargained for while keeping tabs on his mother. (S3, ep 16) [S]Tue, Dec 3, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Hookman: The team track a sniper targeting the police in a must-see remake of a standout episode from the original series. Peter Weller (Robocop) guest stars and directs. (S3, ep 15) [S]Mon, Dec 2, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Hana I Wa'ia (Scandal): The Governor enlists the services of the team on the eve of an election, before an emotional Danny heads to court to fight for custody of Grace. (S3, ep 14) [S]Fri, Nov 29, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kapu (Forbidden): The gang need extra assistance as they investigate the death of a university professor - in a neat twist, viewers decided the outcome of the case. (S3, ep 12) [S]Thu, Nov 28, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kahu (Guardian): McGarrett and Catherine stumble upon a backwoods moonshine operation during their search for a missing father. Star Trek's George Takei guest stars. (S3, ep 11) [S]Wed, Nov 27, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Huaka'i Kula (Field Trip): A camping trip with Grace and her fellow Aloha Girls takes a turn for the worse, while Kono is introduced to Adam's brother. Tom Arnold guests. (S3, ep 10) [S]Tue, Nov 26, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ha'awe Make Loa (Death Wish): Max's trip to the bank takes a dramatic detour, while Danny makes the most of his assignment. Rumer Willis and Behati Prinsloo guest. (S3, ep 9) [S]Mon, Nov 25, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Wahine'inoloa (Evil Woman): McGarrett is caught up in a game of cat and mouse with a seductive therapist and murder suspect, while Catherine reconnects with Agent Channing. (S3, ep 8)Fri, Nov 22, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ohuna (The Secret): As well as investigating the demise of a gifted computer hacker, McGarrett takes on the tall task of reuniting his mother Doris and sister Mary. (S3, ep 7) [S]Thu, Nov 21, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0I Ka Wa Mamue (In A Time Past): Danno opens up about his toughest case, flashing back to his days as a cop in New Jersey. Oscar nominee Terrence Howard guest stars. (S3, ep 6) [S]Wed, Nov 20, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Mohai (Offering): It's Halloween and the team are thrown a fittingly freaky murder to solve, leading them onto the trail of a ritualistic killer set to strike again. (S3, ep 5) [S]Tue, Nov 19, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Popilikia (Misfortune): Strong stomachs are required as the team investigates the death of a polo player. McGarrett receives an unexpected visit from his mother. (S3, ep 4) [S]Mon, Nov 18, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift): McGarrett and Danno's fishing trip on the open seas takes a turn for the worse when they spot a man who appears to be in distress on a life raft. (S3, ep 3) [S]Fri, Nov 15, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kanalua (Doubt): The team call in a favour with familiar face August March (a returning Ed Asner), while McGarrett asks Catherine to help him track down his mother. (S3, ep 2) [S]Thu, Nov 14, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0La O Na Makuahine (Mother's Day): Season three begins and Mrs McGarrett has got a lot of explaining to do. Chin Ho's gut-wrenching decision, meanwhile, has tragic results. (S3, ep 1) [S]Wed, Nov 13, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ua Hala (Death in the Family): Emotions run high in this game-changing season finale. The Five-0 pursue a shooter who has gunned down one of their own. (S2, ep 23) [S]Tue, Nov 12, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ua Hopu (Caught): McGarrett finally closes in on arch-nemesis Wo Fat after a special ops raid, only to be blindsided by the arrival of the Japanese mafia. (S2, ep 22) [S]Mon, Nov 11, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pa Make Loa (Touch Of Death): NCIS: Los Angeles's Callen and Sam join forces with the Five-0 to track down a suspect threatening to release a deadly virus. (S2, ep 21) [S]Fri, Nov 8, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ha'alele (Abandoned): Emotions run high when Max reveals details about his painful past to convince the team that a serial killer is still on the loose. (S2, ep 20) [S]Thu, Nov 7, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kalele (Faith): When his sister is arrested for trying to smuggle blood diamonds, McGarrett turns to an ex-con for help. Original series star Ed Asner guests. (S2, ep 19) [S]Wed, Nov 6, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Lekio (Radio): The team turn to a retired NYPD bomb expert to solve the murder of a famous talk-show DJ. Guest starring Academy Award nominee James Caan. (S2, ep 18) [S]Tue, Nov 5, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kupale (Defender): The team investigate when a man is found murdered in the jungle. NFL's Shane Victorino and champ speed skater Apolo Ohno guest. (S2, ep 17) [S]Mon, Nov 4, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Wehe 'ana (Prelude): Danny is on red alert when a coma patient and key witness in his last HPD case before joining Five-0 shows signs of waking. (S7, ep 23) [S]Fri, Nov 1, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0I Helu Pu (The Reckoning): While trying to track down a killer, the Five-0 almost trigger an international incident that costs one of them their job. (S2, ep 16) [S]Fri, Nov 1, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Mai Ka Wa Kahico (Out Of The Past): Danno receives an unpleasant blast from the past when he's reunited with an ex-partner and dirty cop he helped put away. (S2, ep 15) [S]Thu, Oct 31, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pu'olo (The Package): Trouble brews when Chin-Ho shares some shocking news with McGarrett about Joe. Meanwhile, Danno plays midwife to his ex-wife. (S2, ep 14) [S]Wed, Oct 30, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Ho'oponopono (The Fix): The Five-0 are stumped by the murder of a teenage girl, until clues suggest she was successfully targeted by a contract killer. (S2, ep 13) [S]Tue, Oct 29, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Alaheo Pau'ole (Gone Forever): Chin Ho finds he can't even catch a break on the night before his big day when a body is discovered in an abandoned bunker. (S2, ep 12) [S]Mon, Oct 28, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Waimaka 'ele'ele (Black Tears): McGarrett probes the death of one of the USS Arizona's last survivors. Adam turns to Jerry when he makes a gruesome discovery. (S7, ep 22) [S]Fri, Oct 25, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Pahele (Trap): The Five-0 launch into action when a busload of schoolchildren are kidnapped, but are puzzled by the ransom: $80 million worth of cocaine. (S2, ep 11)Fri, Oct 25, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ki'ilua (Deceiver): Jenna Kaye resurfaces and she's got a favour to ask of McGarrett, involving a trip to North Korea, rebels and a high-risk rescue mission. (S2, ep 10) [S]Thu, Oct 24, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ike Maka (Identity): The Five-0 investigate when a man is discovered dead in the trunk of a stolen car, a man who went to great lengths not to be easily identified... (S2, ep 9) [S]Wed, Oct 23, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Lapa'au (Healing): The team navigate twists and turns when they investigate a suspicious plane crash and the death of a DEA agent. Heroes' Greg Grunberg guests. (S2, ep 8) [S]Tue, Oct 22, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Iwi Kapu (Sacred Bones): While trying to solve a young couple's murder, Danny is cursed by a homeless man. Robert 'Freddy Krueger' Englund guest stars. (S2, ep 7) [S]Mon, Oct 21, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Ua malo'o ka wai (The Water is Dried Up): McGarrett and the Five-0 team face certain death when they chase a deadly arch-enemy to the Island of Lanai. (S7, ep 21) [S]Fri, Oct 18, 10:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ka Hakaka Maika'i (The Good Fight): Don't miss this special crossover episode as NCIS: Los Angeles' Agent Kensi Blye heads to Hawaii to help out the Five-0. (S2, ep 6) [S]Fri, Oct 18, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Ma'ema'e (Clean): A surprise is in store when the Five-0's latest case appears to confirm their fears that Kono has been corrupted. 24's Reiko Aylesworth guests. (S2, ep 5) [S]Thu, Oct 17, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Mea Makamae (Treasure): The team take to the water to investigate the demise of a deep-sea diver. Oscar winner Patty Duke and nominee Peter Fonda guest star. (S2, ep 4) [S]Wed, Oct 16, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0Kame'e (The Hero): Lt Commander Joe White needs the Five-0's help, and Chin Ho is starting to worry about Kono. Guest starring Terry O'Quinn and William Baldwin. (S2, ep 3) [S]Tue, Oct 15, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Hawaii Five-0UA Lawe Wale (Taken): Governor Denning introduces an unwelcome addition to the team, and Chin Ho's future in the force is decided. Guest starring Tom Sizemore. (S2, ep 2) [S]Mon, Oct 14, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
New: Hawaii Five-0Huikau Na Makau A Ka Lawai'a (The Fishhooks Of The Fishers Become Entangled): Five-0 joins forces with PI Harry Brown when a wealthy woman is kidnapped. (S7, ep 20) [S]Fri, Oct 11, 10:00 PMPick60 mins