New: InstinctWed, Apr 1, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctLive: Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a film student whose death was broadcast for the world to see. (S1, ep 12) [S]Wed, Mar 25, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctBlast from the Past: Dylan and Lizzie are unable to identify a motive when several seemingly average people become suicide bombers. (S1, ep 11) [S]Wed, Mar 18, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctBye Bye Birdie: When Celia Baxter, a successful author, is almost killed in her home, the suspect list includes several people who may hold a grudge. (S1, ep 10) [S]Wed, Mar 11, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctNew & Exclusive. Bad Actors: Dylan and Lizzie work to uncover who would want to murder an acting troupe when two members are killed with poison. (S1, ep 9) [S]Wed, Mar 4, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctLong Shot: With special interest groups breathing down the mayor's neck, Dylan and Lizzie are challenged to solve a woman's shooting in less than 24 hours. (S1, ep 8) [S]Wed, Feb 26, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctFlat Line: Dylan and Julian go undercover in a hospital when they suspect an angel of death is killing people. (S1, ep 6) [S]Wed, Feb 12, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctHeartless: Dylan and Lizzie realise a Jane Doe was killed in a case of mistaken identity, and must find the killer's intended target before it's too late. (S1, ep 5) [S]Wed, Feb 5, 9:00 PMPick60 mins
New: InstinctI Heart New York: Dylan and Lizzie are reassigned when their investigation into a chemical attack is taken over by Dylan's father. (S1, ep 4) [S]Wed, Jan 29, 9:00 PMPick60 mins