Stargate SG-1


When is Stargate SG-1 on?

Stargate SG-1The Other Side: SG-1 responds to a plea for help from a civilisation that has traced its roots back to Earth. (S4, ep 2) [S]Mon, Dec 18, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Wormhole X-Treme: To monitor the alien Martin, O'Neill becomes tech advisor to a new TV series whose story line is oddly familiar. (S5, ep 12) [S]Mon, Dec 18, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Upgrades: Anise conducts an experiment on the team members using the Atoneikan armbands which promises enhanced ability. (S4, ep 3) [S]Tue, Dec 19, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Proving Ground: O'Neill's training session with a young Stargate team is cut short by a real mission at Stargate Command. (S5, ep 13) [S]Tue, Dec 19, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Crossroads: An incoming traveller, identified as a Jaffa priestess with whom Teal'C once had a relationship, claims to know how to destroy the Goa'uld. (S4, ep 4) [S]Wed, Dec 20, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-148 Hours: When Teal'c fails to materialise through the Stargate, the other SG-1 members race to save him before time runs out. (S5, ep 14) [S]Wed, Dec 20, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Divide and Conquer: SG-1 fear that they may have fallen victim to an untraceable Goa'uld method of mind control. (S4, ep 5) [S]Thu, Dec 21, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Fail Safe: When Earth is threatened by the approach of a massive asteroid, SG-1 becomes the last line of defence. (S5, ep 15) [S]Thu, Dec 21, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Window of Opportunity: During one of the funniest episodes ever made, Jack O'Neill and Teal'c relive the same day over and over after being exposed to a strange alien device. (S4, ep 6) [S]Fri, Dec 22, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Summit: Daniel Jackson is recruited by the Tok'ra to go undercover at a secret meeting of the Goa'uld System Lords. (S5, ep 16) [S]Fri, Dec 22, 7:00 PMPick60 mins


Stargate SG-1Desperate Measures: When Carter goes missing on Earth, O'Neill must track her down to save her from deadly experiments. (S5, ep 11) [S]Fri, Dec 15, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Small Victories: SG-1 must face and destroy the replicators that have made their way to Earth. (S4, ep 1) [S]Fri, Dec 15, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-12001: In meeting a benign alien race, SG-1 comes into contact with a third species that seems too good to be true. (S5, ep 10) [S]Thu, Dec 14, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Nemesis: SG-1 face their most formidable foe yet, a creature of mass destruction that not even the Asgard can control. (S3, ep 22) [S]Thu, Dec 14, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Between Two Fires: When the Tollans suddenly decide to share weapons technology with SG-1, O'Neill tries to find out why. (S5, ep 9) [S]Wed, Dec 13, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Crystal Skull: When Daniel seemingly vanishes during an exploration, SG-1 must seek out the assistance of his eccentric grandfather. (S3, ep 21) [S]Wed, Dec 13, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Tomb: SG-1 teams up with the Russian Stargate squad in order to track lost soldiers in an alien temple. (S5, ep 8) [S]Tue, Dec 12, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Maternal Instinct: SG-1 races against Apophis to find the Harsesis child. (S3, ep 20) [S]Tue, Dec 12, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Beast Of Burden: Daniel goes into action when his friend Chaka is taken by slave traders. (S5, ep 7) [S]Mon, Dec 11, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1New Ground: SG-1's arrival on a planet makes them pawns in an ideological war. (S3, ep 19) [S]Mon, Dec 11, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Rite Of Passage: Cassandra develops strange new powers that threaten both her future and that of SG-1. (S5, ep 6) [S]Fri, Dec 8, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Shades Of Grey: O'Neill commits an indiscretion which jeopardises Earth's diplomatic relations with its allies. (S3, ep 18) [S]Fri, Dec 8, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Red Sky: SG-1 discover that their wormhole may accidentally cause the extinction of life on a friendly world. (S5, ep 5) [S]Thu, Dec 7, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1A Hundred Days: A freak act of nature leaves Jack O'Neill trapped on a planet with seemingly no hope for return. (S3, ep 17) [S]Thu, Dec 7, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Fifth Man: O'Neill refuses to abandon a new member of SG-1 despite nagging doubts surrounding the true identity of the new recruit. (S5, ep 4) [S]Wed, Dec 6, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Urgo: The minds of SG-1 are invaded by a curious being. (S3, ep 16) [S]Wed, Dec 6, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Ascension: After Carter blacks out in an alien world, she finds she has an unusual new friend. (S5, ep 3) [S]Tue, Dec 5, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Pretense: Skaara and Klorel are put on trial to decide which one of them lives and which one dies. (S3, ep 15) [S]Tue, Dec 5, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Threshold: In order to free his mind, Teal'c must go through a dangerous Jaffa ritual. (S5, ep 2) [S]Mon, Dec 4, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Foothold: The team returns from a mission to find that no one at the Stargate Command is who they appear to be. (S3, ep 14) [S]Mon, Dec 4, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Enemies: This thrilling, action-packed episode sees the Stargate team fighting to stay alive in the face of the advancing Apophis and Replicators. (S5, ep 1)Fri, Dec 1, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Devil You Know - Part II: SG-1 must escape from a prison built to simulate the fires of Hell. (S3, ep 13) [S]Fri, Dec 1, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Exodus: The Tok'ra reunite with SG-1 when the team steals a Goa'uld mother ship. (S4, ep 22) [S]Thu, Nov 30, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Jolinar's Memories - Part I: Major Samantha Carter must access her memories of Jolinar in order to save her father. (S3, ep 12) [S]Thu, Nov 30, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Double Jeopardy: In an episode that marks the directorial debut of Michael Shanks, problems arise for SG-1 when an old acquaintance comes looking for help. (S4, ep 21) [S]Wed, Nov 29, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Past And Present: SG-1 encounters an entire world suffering from amnesia. (S3, ep 11) [S]Wed, Nov 29, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Entity: The SGC finds its computer systems under the control of a mysterious force, which then completely takes over Carter's head. (S4, ep 20) [S]Tue, Nov 28, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Forever In A Day: Daniel Jackson's reunion with Sha're leads to painful consequences. (S3, ep 10) [S]Tue, Nov 28, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Prodigy: Carter tries to motivate a promising young cadet by taking her through the Stargate. But a seemingly routine excursion turns deadly when they are attacked by aliens. (S4, ep 19) [S]Mon, Nov 27, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Rules Of Engagement: The SG-1 team travel to a planet inhabited by young soldiers engaged in deadly war games. (S3, ep 9) [S]Mon, Nov 27, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Light: SG-1 travels to a planet where they find themselves transfixed by a beautiful but deadly device. (S4, ep 18) [S]Fri, Nov 24, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Demons: SG-1 encounters a medieval civilization and are mistaken for demons. (S3, ep 8) [S]Fri, Nov 24, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Absolute Power: SG-1 notice a change in Daniel Jackson after he is reunited with the Harsesis child, Shifu (Lane Gates). (S4, ep 17) [S]Thu, Nov 23, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Dead Man's Switch: While on a routine planet exploration, SG-1 is captured by a seemingly unfeeling alien bounty hunter. (S3, ep 7) [S]Thu, Nov 23, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-12010: Ten years have passed since an alien race known as the Aschen saved Earth and cured cancer but Carter discovers the awful truth behind this seemingly infallible race. (S4, ep 16) [S]Wed, Nov 22, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Point Of View: When an alternate reality of Earth is invaded by the Goa'uld, their version of Dr Samantha Carter, along with Major Kawalsky, seeks refuge with Stargate Command. (S3, ep 6) [S]Wed, Nov 22, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Chain Reaction: All at the SGC are shocked when General Hammond announces his retirement. (S4, ep 15) [S]Tue, Nov 21, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Learning Curve: O'Neill risks a potential court-martial in order to teach a young alien girl the joys of childhood. (S3, ep 5) [S]Tue, Nov 21, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Serpent's Venom: SG-1 undertakes a mission to disrupt a possible alliance between two powerful system lords. (S4, ep 14) [S]Mon, Nov 20, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Legacy: Daniel Jackson is struck down by a mysterious condition and begins suffering from hallucinations. Is the Stargate affecting Jackson's mental balance? (S3, ep 4) [S]Mon, Nov 20, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Curse: After the death of his mentor, Daniel Jackson is reunited with a friend and a foe from his past. (S4, ep 13) [S]Fri, Nov 17, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Fair Game: Rivalries between Go'auld System Lords put Earth's future in jeopardy. (S3, ep 3) [S]Fri, Nov 17, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Tangent: A test flight of a recovered Goa'uld death glider goes awry, sending Teal'c and O'Neill hurtling into space. (S4, ep 12) [S]Thu, Nov 16, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Seth: The SG-1 team pursues an ancient Goa'uld Lord hiding on Earth and posing as the leader of a religious cult. (S3, ep 2) [S]Thu, Nov 16, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Point Of No Return: Colonel O'Neill meets a strange man who inexplicably possesses intimate knowledge of the Stargate programme. (S4, ep 11) [S]Wed, Nov 15, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Into The Fire: Imprisoned on Hathor's planet, the SG-1's only hope is Hammond and Teal'c. (S3, ep 1) [S]Wed, Nov 15, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Beneath the Surface: SG-1 awaken in a mine with no recollection of their former lives. Jonah, Therra, Carlin and Tor - as they are now known - have a new set of memories. (S4, ep 10) [S]Tue, Nov 14, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1Out Of Mind: O'Neill awakens in a futuristic world where an unfamiliar Stargate team tell him he has been frozen for eight decades and the members of SG-1 are long dead. (S2, ep 22) [S]Mon, Nov 13, 11:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Fifth Race: When O'Neill looks into an alien viewer, he becomes a receptacle for ancient knowledge which could unlock some of life's deepest mysteries. (S2, ep 16) [S]Mon, Nov 13, 10:00 AMPick60 mins
Stargate SG-1The Fifth Race: When O'Neill looks into an alien viewer, he becomes a receptacle for ancient knowledge which could unlock some of life's deepest mysteries. (S2, ep 16) [S]Fri, Nov 10, 8:00 PMPick60 mins