When is Supernatural on?

SupernaturalBrand new series - Our Little World: Castiel asks Metatron to help stop the Darkness, but Metatron is reluctant to help out. Crowley is starting to lose his hold over Amara. (S11 Ep6/23)Mon, Jul 22, 11:50 PM4Music60 mins
SupernaturalBrand new series - Plush: Sheriff Donna Hanscum calls Sam and Dean for help after a bizarre murder with supernatural elements occurs in her town. Sam continues to have visions. (S11 Ep7/23)Tue, Jul 23, 11:50 PM4Music60 mins
SupernaturalBrand new series - Just My Imagination: Sam is shocked when Sully, his childhood imaginary friend, makes an unexpected appearance. Even more surprisingly, Dean can see him too. (S11 Ep8/23)Wed, Jul 24, 11:50 PM4Music60 mins
SupernaturalBrand new series - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?: Dean tries to make sense of the hold that Amara has on him, while Sam and Crowley come up with a plan that could be disastrous. (S11 Ep9/23)Thu, Jul 25, 11:50 PM4Music60 mins


SupernaturalSurvival Of The Fittest: The final episode of the sensationally spooky seventh season brings the long-awaited clash between the Winchester brothers and the Leviathans. (S7, ep 23) [S]Thu, Mar 24, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalThere Will Be Blood: Dick Roman's plan falls into place in the season's penultimate episode. Sam and Dean have a plan, but first they need to get two demons on their side. (S7, ep 22) [S]Wed, Mar 23, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalReading Is Fundamental: Sam and Dean provoke Dick Roman's stormy temper when they steal his clay tablet. Castiel regains his memory, but is he well enough to help the boys? (S7, ep 21) [S]Tue, Mar 22, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalThe Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo: Leviathan leader Dick Roman gets his grubby mitts on a hard drive containing compromising information about Sam and Dean. (S7, ep 20) [S]Sat, Mar 19, 1:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalOf Grave Importance: Bobby keeps an otherworldly eye on the Winchester boys and mucks in on their latest investigation when they get on the wrong side of a guileful ghost. (S7, ep 19) [S]Fri, Mar 18, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalParty On, Garth: Sam and Dean are roped in by fellow hunter Garth to investigate an obscure monster whose anarchic antics are killing the teens of the town. (S7, ep 18) [S]Thu, Mar 17, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalThe Born-Again Identity: Lucifer drives Sam into a psychiatric ward and Dean seeks out a healer to cure his brother. The quest reunites him with a familiar face. (S7, ep 17) [S]Wed, Mar 16, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalOut With The Old: The brothers get in a twist when a ballerina is murdered. Things worsen after Dean touches a cursed object and Lucifer turns Sam's suffering up a notch. (S7, ep 16) [S]Tue, Mar 15, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalRepo Man: Sam and Dean have a heap of awkward reunions when they return to an old case. The town has changed a lot but is the same demon back to finish what he started? (S7, ep 15)Sat, Mar 12, 1:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalPlucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie: Childhood fears come to life and result in murders. It's a hard case for Sam and Dean to crack when their phobias become a reality. (S7, ep 14) [S]Fri, Mar 11, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalThe Slice Girls: Dead bodies are found dismembered and brandished with strange signs. While solving the riddle of the markings, Dean has a troublesome one night stand. (S7, ep 13) [S]Thu, Mar 10, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalTime After Time After Time: In the first of a double bill, Dean hitches a ride back to 1944 with Cronos, the Greek God of Time. How will Sam bring him back to the future? (S7, ep 12) [S]Wed, Mar 9, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalAdventures In Babysitting: The boys become obsessed with tracking down Dick Roman, but, in the meantime, they help a teenage girl looking for her missing father. (S7, ep 11) [S]Tue, Mar 8, 12:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalDeath's Door: After slipping into a coma, Bobby starts to relive the most painful experiences of his past. Things go from bad to worse when the Grim Reaper shows up... (S7, ep 10) [S]Sat, Mar 5, 1:00 AMPick60 mins
SupernaturalHow To Win Friends And Influence Monsters: The boys set up camp to track down a creature attacking people in the woods, before stumbling upon some special sandwiches. (S7, ep 9) [S]Fri, Mar 4, 12:00 AMPick60 mins