Warehouse 13



Warehouse 13Endless: The team get news that will affect their future - and that of the Warehouse - forever. (S5, ep 6) [S]Tue, May 28, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Cangku Shisi: An old enemy returns and attempts to move the Warehouse - and plans to use Claudia's sister to do it. (S5, ep 5) [S]Mon, May 27, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Savage Seduction: Pete, Myka and Artie help Pete's ex-girlfriend track an object which sucks them all into a Telenovela. (S5, ep 4) [S]Fri, May 24, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13What Matters Most: Pete and Myka investigate artefact-related deaths in a gated community. Meanwhile, a homeless boy is experiencing moments of mathematical brilliance. (S4, ep 17) [S]Wed, May 15, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Runaway: At the scene of a prison escape, the wall appears to have been melted by molten lava - and Steve has an awkward connection with another investigator. (S4, ep 16) [S]Tue, May 14, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Instinct: HG Wells needs Pete and Myka's help to deal with an especially unusual artefact. The rest of the team look into mysterious tremors at the warehouse. (S4, ep 15) [S]Mon, May 13, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The Sky's the Limit: Artie meets the new B&B manager, a former psychotherapist who helps address his grief over Leena. Pete and Myka get involved with a feud in Vegas. (S4, ep 14) [S]Fri, May 10, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The Big Snag: Artie, Claudia and Steve pursue a phantom car thief with racing gloves that enable a car to pass through solid matter. (S4, ep 13) [S]Thu, May 9, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Parks and Rehabilitation: Pete and Claudia investigate a radical activist who is killing off each member of a group that disbanded 30 years ago. (S4, ep 12) [S]Wed, May 8, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The Living and the Dead: After Artie infects them with an artefact, the team have 24 hours to reverse the effects of a deadly illness before it becomes a pandemic. (S4, ep 11) [S]Tue, May 7, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13We All Fall Down: Pete, Myka, Claudia and Jinks try to combat the evil that Artie has released into the world and prevent the deaths of thousands of innocent people. (S4, ep 10) [S]Mon, May 6, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The Ones You Love: Artie and Leena stay in the Warehouse to find Brother Adrian, while Pete, Myka and Claudia try to save their loved ones from the cleric's artefacts. (S4, ep 9) [S]Fri, May 3, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Second Chance: Pete and Myka trace two cases of a strange rusting disease to a factory run by a shady character named Siskel, and uncover links to an explosion at a museum. (S4, ep 8) [S]Thu, May 2, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Endless Wonder: Myka and Pete try to stop a company with a drug that can increase people's height, while the others track Brother Adrian's whereabouts. (S4, ep 7)Wed, May 1, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Fractures: The team come together to recover Lewis Carroll's mirror, an artefact that has been stolen from the warehouse. (S4, ep 6) [S]Tue, Apr 30, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13No Pain No Gain: Artie and Steve investigate artefacts that have been stolen from the warehouse, whilst Pete and Myka probe the miraculous recovery of an athlete. (S4, ep 5) [S]Mon, Apr 29, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13There's Always a Downside: While the rest of the team chase an artefact at a school, Myka and Steve are in New Orleans on the trail of another. (S4, ep 4) [S]Fri, Apr 26, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Personal Effects: When a box of artefacts is unleashed, Pete and Myka need the help of the team to prevent a small town from being destroyed. Contains flashing images. (S4, ep 13) [S]Thu, Apr 25, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13An Evil Within: Pete and Myka must investigate an artefact that's causing mysterious mobs of people to riot and hallucinate. (S4, ep 2) [S]Wed, Apr 24, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13A New Hope: The team attempt to track down an obscure artefact they're unsure exists, but which could have deadly consequences if they find and use it. (S4, ep 1) [S]Tue, Apr 23, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The Greatest Gift: When Pete activates an artefact which creates an alternative reality in which he was never born, he must convince the team to help him. (S3, ep 13) [S]Thu, Apr 18, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Stand: As Sykes's diabolical plan nears its fruition, Pete and Myka desperately try to track down a forgotten secret. (S3, ep 12) [S]Wed, Apr 17, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Emily Lake: The theft of a top-secret file leads Pete and Myka to a Wyoming high school, where HG Wells is working as a teacher named Emily Lake. (S3, ep 11) [S]Tue, Apr 16, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Insatiable: Claudia is spooked when a fortune-telling machine tells her that she is about to die. Pete and Myka investigate a zombie outbreak. (S3, ep 10) [S]Mon, Apr 15, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Shadows: Pete decides to enter Jane's memories in order to investigate the Regent murders. Meanwhile, Myka and Claudia focus on some strange disappearances. (S3, ep 9) [S]Fri, Apr 12, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The 40th Floor: After learning that Stukowski was using artefacts to kill agents, Pete and Claudia search for her partner in crime. (S3, ep 8) [S]Thu, Apr 11, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Past Imperfect: Myka hunts for the man who murdered her old partner, and the agents investigate the possibility that the killer is linked to the Secret Service. (S3, ep 7) [S]Wed, Apr 10, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Don't Hate The Player: When Fargo is trapped inside a video game based on Warehouse 13, Pete, Claudia and Myka attempt to rescue him. (S3, ep 6) [S]Tue, Apr 9, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 133..2..1: Pete, Myka and HG Wells attempt to recover Joshua's trumpet, which has been undiscovered for over 300 years. (S3, ep 5) [S]Mon, Apr 8, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Queen for a Day: Claudia and Steve attempt to infiltrate a Civil War re-enactment. Pete's ex-wife inadvertently activates an artefact that turns people into her slave. (S3, ep 4) [S]Fri, Apr 5, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Love Sick: The team tries to locate an artefact which has been turning people into clay. Pete and Myka wake up in bed together with no memory of what happened. (S3, ep 3) [S]Thu, Apr 4, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Trials: Myka and Pete attempt to discover why a pilot is losing his memory. Claudia and Steve try to locate a knife capable of transferring illness. (S3, ep2) [S]Wed, Apr 3, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13The New Guy: Former ATF agent Steven Jinks joins Pete to investigate a string of murders which echo the deaths of characters in Shakespeare's tragedies. (S3, ep 1) [S]Tue, Apr 2, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Secret Santa: Pete and Myka track down an elf haunting a businessman who has abandoned his family, while Claudia gives Artie a memorable Christmas gift. (S2, ep 13) [S]Mon, Apr 1, 7:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Reset: Led from Paris to Wyoming, Pete and Myka learn that Helena has obtained a destructive artifact. Meanwhile, Kelly encounters an artifact for the first time. (S2, ep 12) [S]Fri, Mar 29, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Buried: The agents must search for a cure when Mrs Frederic falls deathly ill, a quest that takes them to Egypt and the long-lost Warehouse 2. (S2, ep 11) [S]Thu, Mar 28, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Where And When: Using HG Wells's time machine, Pete and Myka travel back to 1961 to solve a string of murders. Artie, meanwhile, must adjust to the arrival of the new agent. (S2, ep 10) [S]Wed, Mar 27, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Vendetta: Artie's past comes back to haunt him when his former Russian handler becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. (S2, ep 9) [S]Tue, Mar 26, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Merge With Caution: Pete and Myka get into a pickle thanks to a body-swapping artifact, while Artie and Claudia track down a dangerous seductress. (S2, ep 8) [S]Mon, Mar 25, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13For The Team: Myka takes Claudia on her first full mission, investigating cases of spontaneous combustion. Plus, Helena returns to plague the team. (S2, ep 7) [S]Fri, Mar 22, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Around The Bend: Mrs Frederic chooses Pete for an undercover assignment that brings him into conflict with a former flame and his current teammates. (S2, ep 6) [S]Thu, Mar 21, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 1313.1: Douglas Fargo, a member of Global Dynamics, travels from Eureka to Warehouse 13 to assist Pete and Myka with a troublesome computer system update. (S2, ep 5) [S]Wed, Mar 20, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Age Before Beauty: Myka goes undercover to find out why a group of supermodels are rapidly aging. Meanwhile, Claudia enjoys a non-date with Todd. (S2, ep 4) [S]Tue, Mar 19, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Beyond Our Control: An artifact strikes close to home when a nearby town is overrun by B-movie characters. Mrs Frederick and Valda, meanwhile, undertake a risky procedure. (S2, ep 3) [S]Mon, Mar 18, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Mild Mannered: Myka and Pete are sent to Detroit after a seemingly invulnerable vigilante begins using extraordinary means to thwart criminals. (S2, ep 2) [S]Fri, Mar 15, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Time Will Tell: As season two of the sci-fi drama begins, MacPherson absconds with his prize from the warehouse's bronze sector. Pete and Myka set off for London. (S2, ep 1) [S]Thu, Mar 14, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13MacPherson: Artie, Myka and Pete follow a trail of clues to McPherson, who is masterminding a scheme to sell Warehouse artefacts in secret. (S1, ep 13) [S]Wed, Mar 13, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Nevermore: Myka travels home to see her dying father, only to discover that he's fallen victim to an artifact. (S1, ep 12) [S]Tue, Mar 12, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Breakdown: Pete, Myka and Claudia become trapped in the warehouse, leaving Artie with the unenviable task of answering to his superiors. (S1, ep 11) [S]Mon, Mar 11, 8:00 PMPick60 mins
Warehouse 13Regrets: In a Florida prison, Myka and Pete investigate reports of a number of mysterious suicides. Claudia discovers a new use for one of the artefacts. (S1, ep 10) [S]Fri, Mar 8, 8:00 PMPick60 mins