Iron Resurrection



Iron ResurrectionShag and Amanda find a cool '47 International Milk truck that needs resurrecting' and a customer brings in his '55 Chevy Race car for a killer paint job. S1/Ep6Thu, Aug 15, 10:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Iron ResurrectionJoe and his gang serve up some West Coast cool, resurrecting a 1953 Ford Ranch wagon. But a heart stopping shop accident could turn this dream into a nightmare. S1/Ep2Thu, Aug 8, 10:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Iron ResurrectionJoe has big plans for a '64 Lincoln Continental. But a faulty steering column threatens to turn this quick flip into a never-ending money pit. S1/Ep3Thu, Aug 1, 10:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Iron ResurrectionA black Cadillac, '64 Coupe De Ville Convertible fires up Joe's imagination. New stance, wide wheels and a killer paint job could bring customers running. S1/Ep4Thu, Jul 25, 10:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Iron ResurrectionIt's baptism by fire when Joe and the boys resurrect a scorched '73 Pontiac Firebird. Can Joe, Shag, and Amanda resurrect this barbecued bird? S1/Ep5Thu, Jul 18, 10:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Iron ResurrectionThe Iron Resurrection team tears into a 62 Chevy Truck. Joe Martin wants to create a custom Lowrider so radical it scrapes the ground. S1/Ep1Thu, Jul 11, 10:00 PMQUEST60 mins