When is Overhaulin' on?

Overhaulin'Despite being confined to a wheelchair after an accident Mike has retained his love of muscle cars, so the Overhaulin' team go on a secret mission. S3/Ep6Wed, May 22, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'It's one of the easiest heists in Overhaulin' history as the team prank Ana. She is a Saleen Mustang fanatic and her husband has set up the ultimate makeover for her wheels. S3/Ep7Thu, May 23, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins


Overhaulin'Martin has inherited his Dad's car, but the Impala is a shadow of its former self. The Overhaulin family provide the parental guidance needed for an ambitious re-fit. S3/Ep11Thu, May 16, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The second part of the overhaul of the 1972 Lotus Europe, which was nominated by Jay Leno to be Overhauled for John Niven. S6/Ep12Mon, May 6, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'This 1972 Lotus Europa was nominated by Jay Leno to be Overhauled for John Niven, who delivers soda every weekend to Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage. S6/Ep11Sun, May 5, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'A teacher joins automobile designer Chip Foose. The teacher's first vehicle was a 1965 Malibu, and he uses muscle cars to stimulate the young minds in his classroom. S6/Ep10Sat, May 4, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'A full-time father cannot devote the time necessary to properly maintain his 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Chip Foose steps in to help out. S6/Ep9Fri, May 3, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'A 1964 Plymouth Fury was Rodger's dream car since he was a kid. Now he owns one, but his duties to his family and community have stalled restoration plans. S6/Ep8Thu, May 2, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'While serving his country, Chris' 1970 El Camino laid in disrepair. Now that he is retired, can the Overhaulin' team make his show car dreams come true? S6/Ep7Wed, May 1, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Rick's '67 Mustang desperately needs help. Chip and the A-team take on the challenge as they give this classic car an Overhaul. S6/Ep6Tue, Apr 30, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Chip Foose and the A-Team head to the bright lights of Las Vegas to Overhaul a Chrysler 300, which they will then give away to a SEMA Convention Attendee. S6/Ep5Mon, Apr 29, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The team restores the VW of a mechanic whose bad health has halted his project. He'll get the experience of a lifetime working alongside the crew. S6/Ep4Sun, Apr 28, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The A-Team restore the Camaro of a man who thought he got a great deal on an internet auction - but got a project beyond his budget and expertise. S6/Ep3Sat, Apr 27, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Chip and the A-Team restore a retired teacher's 1954 Pickup Truck that he's put off investing in until his daughters' college tuition has been paid for. S6/Ep2Fri, Apr 26, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Chip Foose and the A-Team restore a Marine Corps veteran's prized Chevy Impala that he's been forced to sell in order to support his young family. S6/Ep1Thu, Apr 25, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Chip and Chris revisit the most memorable builds in Overhaulin' history - including the classic '56 Ford truck. S5/Ep8Wed, Apr 24, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'In the midst of SEMA, the world's biggest car show, Chip and the A-Team turn a mid-50's dog of a car into a 21st century superstar. S5/Ep7Tue, Apr 23, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Like all VW fanatics, Hot Dog Fred has nothing but love for his old Microbus. But after Chip and the team work their magic, he may fall in love all over again. S5/Ep6Mon, Apr 22, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Sandy and Ken's 1967 Camaro is a forgotten family heirloom. After her father's death, Sandy contacted Chip and the team to restore the car's original lustre. S5/Ep5Sun, Apr 21, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The crew's in Vegas to overhaul Daniel's '72 Dodge Challenger and they're dealing out a whole host of pranks. Will all their hard work pay off? S4/Ep16Sun, Apr 14, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Domnick is injured at work and cannot stand for long periods of time without pain and is unable to work on his beloved 1970 Monte Carlo. S4/Ep15Sat, Apr 13, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Hector sacrificed everything to keep his family together. His wife wants Overhaulin' to overhaul his 1970 Mustang, the car of his dreams. S4/Ep14Fri, Apr 12, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The team overhauls the CNN Hummer that brought us the news from Iraq to commemorate the brave soldiers and journalists. S4/Ep13Thu, Apr 11, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Boyband star Nick Lachey wants to have a 1967 Ford F100 pick-up truck overhauled for his brother, new dad Drew, as a 30th birthday present. S4/Ep12Wed, Apr 10, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Vince wants to help Randy fulfill their childhood dreams of fixing up his 1965 Buick so it can blast rock & roll and finds hot chicks. S4/Ep11Tue, Apr 9, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Wade loves his 1967 Chevy Chevelle, but has no time to work on it. His teenage son, Tanner, plots with the Overhaulin' guys to surprise his dad. S4/Ep10Mon, Apr 8, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'For years, Carl's 1957 Corvette has been sitting in his garage, waiting to be fixed. The Overhaulin' team soon gets it roadworthy again. S4/Ep9Sun, Apr 7, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Melissa is a real petrol-head and has always dreamt of owning a muscle car. Chip and the crew surprise her by taking charge of her 1964 Chevy Malibu. S4/Ep8Sat, Apr 6, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Kristine calls in the Overhaulin' team to perform a makeover on her husband Isaias's 1967 Dodge A-100 truck, passed on to him by his late father. S4/Ep7Fri, Apr 5, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Megan's mum Michelle bought her a 1963 Comet for passing her exams, but the car needs to be brought up-to-date. Chip and his team take charge. S4/Ep6Thu, Apr 4, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Marilyn's given up any hope of fixing up her convertible Cadillac and is using it to store Christmas decorations instead. Can the crew make it roadworthy again? S4/Ep4Tue, Apr 2, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Chip Foose and the crew overhaul musician Manuel's beloved Oldsmobile 442. Will they be able to finish the job without him catching on? S4/Ep1Sat, Mar 30, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Overhaulin's very own Chip Foose finds himself targeted by his team as his truck is 'stolen' from under his nose for the ultimate face lift. S3/Ep26Fri, Mar 29, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The Overhaulin' crew take on David's '68 Firebird which has sat in his parents' garage while he served three times in Iraq and Afghanistan. S3/Ep25Thu, Mar 28, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Miles wants to restore the Bronco his late father left him in his will, but with no time to spare, he needs help from the Overhaulin' guys. S3/Ep24Wed, Mar 27, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Noemi saved up to buy an Impala for her husband Cesar. But she can't afford to fix it up and has no idea how to do it herself. Enter the Overhaulin' team. S3/Ep23Tue, Mar 26, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Dayrline's El Camino is in need of a face lift, so her husband Willy arranges for the Overhaulin' boys to swing by and surprise her. S3/Ep22Mon, Mar 25, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'After an accident left him paralysed from the waist down, Richard abandoned his dream of restoring his GTO. But now the Overhaulin' team is on the case. S3/Ep21Sun, Mar 24, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Mark's '72 Cutlass is currently languishing in storage in need of repair. Enter the Overhaulin' guys who soon have the car ready for the road again. S3/Ep20Sat, Mar 23, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Matt adores his Model A Ford but has no time to restore it. His wife Aimee contacts the Overhaulin' guys to give him the ultimate surprise. S3/Ep19Fri, Mar 22, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'When Merrick's dad died he left him his prize possession, a '67 Charger. His mum calls in the Overhaulin' crew to secretly fix it up. S3/Ep18Thu, Mar 21, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Chat show host Jay Leno knows his friend Dave Killackey needs some help with his '56 Norman, but he's no good with cars, so he calls on Chip and the crew to turn it around. S3/Ep17Wed, Mar 20, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Back in 1976 John was dedicated to his van and converted it himself. Now his daughter would like to see it returned to its former glory. Can the Overhaulin' crew help? S3/Ep16Tue, Mar 19, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Dennis has owned his convertible for 15 years, but has never been able to show the car the love that he feels for it. Enter the Overhaulin' crew. S3/Ep15Mon, Mar 18, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'When Geoff and Sharon got married he started working on her GTO, but to give her the ultimate surprise he calls in the Overhaulin' boys. S3/Ep14Sun, Mar 17, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'The team heads out across the States to find and fully reinvent America's biggest beater - the ride that really does need some tough love! S3/Ep13Sat, Mar 16, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Andrew wants to fix up Magnum car for his British wife. The Overhaulin garage proves to be a land of hope and glory as the team provide a restoration fit for royalty. S3/Ep12Fri, Mar 15, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Martin has inherited his Dad's car, but the Impala is a shadow of its former self. The Overhaulin family provide the parental guidance needed for an ambitious re-fit. S3/Ep11Thu, Mar 14, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'When Gabriel works long hours and has no time to restore his beloved Nova, the Overhaulin' guys help his wife to present him with a gift he'll never forget. S3/Ep10Wed, Mar 13, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'Frederick is the target, wife Tania is the insider, his neglected Pontiac Lemans is being revamped, and the pranks are being delivered hard and fast. S3/Ep9Tue, Mar 12, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'In tribute to a late best friend, ex-marine John wants to restore his old truck. The Overhaulin' guys use everything in their infantry to complete the mission. S3/Ep8Mon, Mar 11, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins
Overhaulin'It's one of the easiest heists in Overhaulin' history as the team prank Ana. She is a Saleen Mustang fanatic and her husband has set up the ultimate makeover for her wheels. S3/Ep7Sun, Mar 10, 5:00 AMQUEST60 mins