Yukon Gold


When is Yukon Gold on?

Yukon GoldOne of Cam's workers suffers a serious head injury while fixing an excavator. Ken fumes at a new worker, and a bear causes chaos in Karl's camp. S2/Ep4Thu, Jun 30, 4:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Yukon GoldBig Al's attempt to improvise with his broken excavator creates a dangerous situation. Ken's wife comes to visit, while Karl goes racing. S2/Ep5Fri, Jul 1, 4:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Yukon GoldKen pushes his workers to the limit, but can this approach save his season? Cam makes a tough decision, and Karl uses a new feeder. S2/Ep6Mon, Jul 4, 4:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Yukon GoldKen risks disaster in his last-ditch plan to find gold. Big Al goes to war with some beavers, and Karl is plagued by machinery problems. S2/Ep7Tue, Jul 5, 4:00 PMDMAX60 mins
Yukon GoldSnowy weather and machinery problems threaten to end Ken's season. Karl struggles to stockpile paydirt, and Cam mines ancient ground. S2/Ep8Wed, Jul 6, 4:00 PMDMAX60 mins


Yukon GoldBernie fumes at his son for continuously making rookie mistakes. Plus, Darwin's reckless behaviour forces Karl to step up and the pressure builds on Ken. S1/Ep6Tue, Jan 11, 7:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Yukon GoldBig Al is left sweating when a rookie worker takes a huge risk with an excavator worth $200,000. And, Karl must act fast to save his most valuable piece of equipment. S1/Ep5Mon, Jan 10, 7:00 PMQUEST60 mins
Yukon GoldBig Al's mining season is immediately thrown into doubt by a faulty excavator. Plus, Bernie rages at his son for breaking an important piece of equipment. S1/Ep1Tue, Jan 4, 7:00 PMQUEST60 mins